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  1. Been CS gassed and coshed by Police for much less when following England abroad.
  2. Strange creatures at times women are. Any creature that can bleed for a week and not die is weird. Seems only the weaker sex can do that.
  3. Yeah absolutely. Such a world renown site you get your info from fella. Tho i'm sure if some Covid infected guy in a room full of people wearing a mask started coughing a lot into his mask, thus as scientifically proven many a time would, drastically reduce the range of his infected projection, thus drastically reducing the risk of infection, the mask would make no difference. I would suggest us Zulus know more than that particular epidemiologist. How many other's around the world say the same thing? There is a lot of them, so you should be able to quote a lot of other's from respectable and
  4. Gotta laugh at those conspiracy theorist's.
  5. Fixed. Tho he wasn't on the pitch for long, I have to say i liked what i saw of Bassey.
  6. Tho i disagree with that as i am actually, the only bluenose on here who regularly attends Blues games and always have done tho hey ho. As for memories/experience of Cambridge, first memory is going there 79/80 season, lost 1-0 tho still got promoted that season. Second visit, can't remember the result, tho we overtook your town, ground, and boozers, a few pitch invasions too. Back in the Zulu days that was.
  7. Who or what the feck are Cambridge UTD?
  8. Best appointment we could have got, so well done to the board. Their biggest challenge now is to back him, let him do his job how he wants and to not fallout with him... I feel this will be the tricky part but we’ll see.
  9. Yeah ok. Danny Brown and Fat Fowler’s book launches being prime example of your might in the City, we wouldn’t allow your 2 most reknown, so for Danny it was the Roebuck in Erdington, and Fowler the Brookvale FFS. All those internet posts you lot get, but still do as you are told, or as we tell you, Yeah the City is yours. Feckin hilarious you are fairy. Great entertainment.
  10. Me too. Coming from a guy who probably only ever ventures out for ice cream, comics or to collect his monthly NF magazine.
  11. For some strange reason you assume you know what I am like then, and have already judged me eh? I am the last person you will find acting hard down my local. In all my years you could count on one hand the amount of fights I’ve had, outside of football or the ring. Most of my altercations have occurred when I have seen bullying,arsehole behaviour or just plain ignorance. The kind of thing that annoys us all, and most tolerate it maybe due to not having the balls to act against it. How many incidents have you ignored eh? If you say none then you are no different from me. Now answer even 1, in
  12. Johnny H, really should write a book.
  13. I do have 3 kids by immaculate conception, tho in what way exactly should i grow up, please elaborate.
  14. Nah mate! They just amuse me. We have landed on them in their boozers in their areas so many times. Not once have they tried it with us.
  15. Don't confuse obsession with hate FFS. Why is the city our's? Well IMO, simply because it is. Greasy Jack recently moving out to Barftn Marina, saying he can't go anywhere in Brum cos of Blues fans, Another of your former arrogant little shites Hendrie, has had a hard time trying to go out in Brum, to the extent he has to hire Blues lads for his own protection. Blues players turn up anywhere in Brum they want, as shown in that vile rag the Mail, after matches etc. If your lad's are are in town and we don't want them there, they have to fuck off simple as. Erdington, Sutton, Tamworth, Lich
  16. Being told off by a fairy, feckin hilarious. Care to remind why -as you sing the city is yours? Would feckin love to hear this.
  17. Takes me around 5 hours if i start at the Square Peg.
  18. How's Aston library doing nowadays?
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