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  1. I think transfer window should be scrapped altogether, as per days of old. Any other business that can only trade during limited periods?
  2. 2 weeks Sunday til the return at St Andrews. If we don't beat them this time, may as well give in. Interestingly WMP are saying vile fans will not be locked in after the game. They normally request it themselves, well the few that dont come on coaches.
  3. Wonder if the compliance officer will look at this??
  4. Yeah, look at the state of all those villa fans. Proper bag of spanners in that photo.
  5. Not a great picture, only one minger there, and he looks like a Boro fan.
  6. Not sure i agree with any of them ideas.
  7. I will exclude celtic, to make it a level playing field. Anybody got a better example of ugliness than this?? Doubt you'd get a full set of teeth out of all of them together.
  8. I don't stream the PL fella, I have no interest in it, as my club are in the championship, and i actually go to their games. I do tho watch Rangers via stream, tho i won't share the reason why with you, as you only asked about the EPL. Fuck Sky anyhow, they have destroyed the game i love.
  9. Saturday night was an eye opener for me, and led me to believe there are still a few decent people left in the world. Mrs SA had her own little business, more as a sideline, as she had a full time job, and had her trusted people working for her. Never a great earner for her, around £15k a year, which aint bad for doing feck all. The reason she got them all together was to hand over the business to them, she alway paid them a decent wage, and they earned more from it, than she did per annum. Well now they have it all between them, 20% each, she put in a few terms and conditions so no party can shit on any other one. Overall i think that is pretty decent of her. Turned out a night of celebration. The food at the place we ate, was also feckin mega.
  10. Yes fella. I respect the fact the they feel the need to pray if that is was they believe. I tho will not make any exceptional circumstances for them, or any other race creed or culture, they are paid a fairly decent wage for the work they do, they are paid the same as the white British bloke working alongside them, the bloke who makes his calls, texts, smokes his cigarettes in his allotted break times, and has absolutely no problem with it. No exceptions!! Tho i treat all my staff differently, i treat them all equally. That will never change. I got a bit annoyed at being called racist for treating everybody equally. If i gave preferential treatment to the 3 Muslims we have working here, I somehow think that could make me racist/bigoted or whatever the term would be, towards the other 157 folks on the shift. The snowflakes would have a field day. working hours-pay per hour-break times, all the same. no compromise.
  11. Somehow Mrs SA has totally managed to change the weekend plans, without informing me. Tonight we went for a meal, that i thought we was supposed to be going for tomorrow night. Tomorrow night, we are again going for something to eat, tho Mrs SA is including 5 people who work for her, and their partners. I am really confused as to why she would do this, but hey ho, she is a woman so no point trying to understand. I kind of got used to the fact over the years that once a month, their fanny's pack up, and it drains all the common sense out of them.
  12. The Realist

    2019 So far!

    How's it been for you so far? Good bad indifferent, or just doing the same old shit? On a personal note, it's been great for me, tho in part that may be due to last year being so bad. Still need my own car tho.
  13. He has to be one of if not my most hated celebrity. Never liked him, he is a total fraud. Remember him spouting and being paid to promote organic stuff, then he was found to be using battery hen eggs in his restaurants. He also has a face only a cosh could love.
  14. The quiet room now is locked, and only open at break times. Anyhow now over 2 months in the job and loving it. I inherited the best PA ever, such a lovely woman been with the company for years, knows all the in's and out's, and genuinely cares. A real diamond. Not sure how the incumbent could fail with her behind him, unless he was a headstrong type prick who could never do wrong, or would never admit it anyhow. (which apparently he was).
  15. Maybe we should move the longest thread here? Seems pointless having 2 same type threads, and the longest thread is a very traditional part of MFF historically.
  16. Would like Jamie Oliver to have commented on a Utd game back then, the lisping stuttering fecker. Sssthsssssthsssthsscholesssssthssthsss, Giggssssssssththth. Still can't believe he was chosen to advertise Sainsburys.
  17. That's pretty much how i think. Man C still have a gear or 2 they can go up.
  18. Only roof i ever been on was at Shrewsbury Towns old Gay meadow ground. I doubt many would be able to get up to the roof, with the height of modern stadia. Another reason to hate modern football i reckon. Were Birmingham City, we'll stand on your roof, they think nah you won't.
  19. Blues game was awful, bolton obviously came for the draw, maybe hoping for something from a set piece which they got. Playing 5 at the back, with 2 holding midfielders don't make for great viewing.
  20. TBH, i hate this new generation of city fans, I remember when they used to be a proper club. Now just living on dirty oil money. Bit like Chelsea.
  21. Care to add something more IE 28 years for what? Stealing a vauxhall mokka, or an attempted murder plot?
  22. So the worst day of the year for blokes is only a few days away. So what are your plans? SA is going out for dinner on the Saturday 16th. Can't do the 14th due to work commitments. Me and Mrs Sa are going for dinner along with my PA and her husband, I am paying (standard). I have been blessed to have such a good woman working for me in my new job, and atm, it is the only way i can think of to show my appreciation. what are your plans? PS i prefer pancake day.
  23. The Realist


    To be fair i might give it a go. Tho i have had a FBO, i am not a serially banned from forums type of guy. No point asking vulcan tho,He has far more banning orders than me.
  24. No transfer fee so all the money goes to the player. It'll cost them around £20m a year. Mahrez (£60m, 5 year deal and 200k a week) works out at roughly £22m a year for example.
  25. Yeah you being Man U, winning everything etc,must be hard. Not that i'm jealous like, i just love being Blues.
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