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  1. Fantastic disciplined fight by AJ boxed a fighter to win not KO
  2. Gutted and feckin angry. Ref gives no pen against Brown for kicking down Morelos, as for their goal yeah it was marginally offside, looked to me like when the kick was taken there were 3 of them marginally offside. WTF was SG thinking bringing on Barker ffs? Greg stewart all day long, Iv'e also noticed criticism in various places of Aribo and Kamara, yet i failed to notice if Scott Arfield was actually playing today other than seeing his name on the team sheet. For me, no way does Morelos start the next OF game, no way does Defoe miss that amount of chances, and also gift back possession several times to them by giving away silly free kicks when we are up the park in a decent position. I love Alfie i just think the OF game is too big for him just now.
  3. I would love to see him asked that question.
  4. Wasn't on about prices fella, I was on about the general attitude of some clubs towards their followers. for me i probably spend more on beer on a matchday than anything else. Blues Tickets are reasonable, most games it's £20, £15 in the paddocks, where as Leeds away was £37, huddersfield was £30.
  5. Tried clay pigeon shooting once, I was fecking crap, i mean crap,done ok at Archery at Warwick castle tho. Also done well at target shooting in Poland. I had the highest score of everyone there, so they all must have been shite.
  6. To be fair, AJ has had a few on the chin and taken them. That one from Klitcshsko should have knocked a horse out. Let’s hope this time around Joshua comes into the ring more focused and weary of what Ruiz brings to the party because as he showed the world on June 1st he ain’t no mug.
  7. It's the lack of connectivity between fans and clubs which nark's me most. To a lot of clubs the guy going through the turnstile seems more of an inconvenience rather than a paying customer who should be valued. Thankfully it's not as bad in the championship as the prem. (YET)
  8. Sounds about right. Barasic will be a massive boost for Sunday. My son has 2 corporate seats for the game which includes free everything.(He never got them off Jeremy Corbyn btw).
  9. Agree 100%. Ibrox noise is so negative it's shocking. I don't bother with it anymore, it annoys me.
  10. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2019/12/02/exclusive-sheffield-wednesday-chairman-could-banned-football/ If the charges are proven, I think they could be facing a bigger penalty than the 9 points we were deducted last season. I think one of two things is going to happen. Either a) the EFL will win and Sheff Wed will take a kicking for not only breaking the rules but lying through their teeth about doing so - which as we saw doesn't go down well or b) Sheff Wed's defence (The EFL / Shaun Harvey knew and signed it off) will win, and the EFL will take a kicking from everyone else for not only being inept but negligent in enforcing their own rules. Either way, it's going to be spicy.
  11. RIP Bob. Great Bowler, will never forget `81 at Headingley.
  12. Thoughts on Saturday night? Looking forward to the event the Saudis will put on, the arena looks stunning. Can Ruiz Jr do it again or will a better prepared AJ walk over him? I'm going to stick my neck out and say AJ to win by KO in the fourth despite being so comprehensively beaten in the first fight. The first fight was Joshua's worst professional performance and Ruiz fought how he usually does. I expect AJ to be much better, slimmer and faster than the last fight. I do think AJs confidence has took a huge knock though as he doesn't seem the same as he was a year ago in interviews.
  13. I thought Barasic missing was a massive loss tonight. He brings so much balance to the team.
  14. The cost varies from pub to pub apparently. The landlord of my local say's it is based on the rateable value of the pub.
  15. Or maybe on Monday replace with a bigger one of Tav lifting the league cup?
  16. WTF is going on here @boro_boy, i thought they were limited?. By the time i have scrolled half way down an @Harold post, iv'e had enough. Though a great pic, it's way way too big, My own also looks a bit taller than it should too.
  17. That's the style i like, the older ones. rofpmsl thumbup etc etc.
  18. The Realist

    Nana tuck

    Exactly! It's a local dialect thing, nan-nanny-nana-gran-granny-grandma-etc,etc. In Brum it was always nan.
  19. Quote from some Daily Mirror crap. The McCanns have repeatedly said the fake accusations against them have harmed the search for Madeleine. Gerry has been quoted as saying: “I’m sure it’s a very small minority of people who spend their time doing it, but it has totally inhabited what we do.” REALLY GEZZA?????????????????? Didn't inhibit you making 4,5 million quid Didn't stop you writing your crappy book Didn't stop you wasting ten years in a Portuguese Court talking complete codswallop and losing Didn't force you to fail to assist the police in Portugal. Didn't force you to fail to assist the police in the UK Didn't force you to hide vital evidence Didn't force you to stash 500k of your fund as an investment Didn't force you to refuse to take part in several media coverages of these events on the basis there was still an ongoing investigation you refused to assist Didn't force you to Not contact a scientist who could resolve the vital DNA FOR CERTAIN. Didn't force you to employ clowns and criminals as investigators. Oh our little forest of moon howling trolls HAS forced you to do SOMETHING though Gezza. It's forced you to stop spewing out lie after lie after lie without anybody having something to say about it. Good job its only a minority though eh , the way you are talking you would think the majority believed us.
  20. More yankee bullshit. Black Friday is the name given to the shopping day after Thanksgiving. It was originally called Black Friday because the volume of shoppers created traffic accidents and sometimes even violence. ... In the 1950s, people began calling in sick the day after Thanksgiving to give themselves a four-day weekend.
  21. Rotherham got 4 in the last 15 minutes including an added time winner. Sad for the Moors that they couldn't see it out. Blackburn is a shitty draw for us, wanted villa or a big club at home, oh well, I shall be there as always, maybe in the next round we could get a glamour tie if we get through. Best scenario villa away, draw, replay at Stans- night game, WMP will shit themselves at even the thought of that.
  22. Even worse for those with gas cookers. Cold and hungry, not very good.
  23. Just back from Blues. It's been a long cold day, great catching up with a few people i not seen for a while, they all start showing their faces around Xmas time. Fell asleep in the car on the way back, feel great now like i want another session.
  24. He's actually bankrupt, mostly due to most of his preaching being utter bullshit, and him being found out. Using battery hen eggs in his restaurants FFS! Tho gordon Ramsey did say he took no satisfaction out of it. I feckin did.
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