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  1. Reckon time said in my post would read 20-20-20-20-02-2020, or feckin similar.
  2. Happy with that line up, just away off to watch it now, COYG.
  3. So at 20 seconds past 20 minutes past 8pm on the 20th Feb?, well i'll let you work it out @Hairy Scot
  4. Feckin starved, just like the last time i went to Middlesbrough, it was closed.
  5. Welcome aboard fella. Few introductory questions for ya! Same as those for @Winston Ingram, plus 2 extra. Favourite takeaway? Beach or City? Birmingham or Manchester? Mackham or Geordie? Adidas or Puma? Red or Brown sauce? Cheese on sandwich or toast? Shower or bath? Whisky or Rum? Gin or Vodka? Favourite beer? What car do you drive? If you could get as dirty as you like with any woman-who would it be? Do you have a pet? Would you like to hit Jamie Oliver with a bat?- If not why not? Corbyn- Cunt or hero? What would you like to do to Nicola Sturgeon? How much do you hate Villa? How much do you hate Celtic? Is Raheem Sterling any good? Cockles- Prawns-or Mussels? Which EU leader do you hate most?
  6. Too right. The decision to disallow our 2nd goal, has to be one of the worst decisions ever.
  7. Only had a few earlier down the local. got some work stuff to do in the morning before heading off to Boro. Word of warning tho lads. Keep the wife off the Tea.
  8. Waste of time, bringing any logic to this thread fella.
  9. Maybe in your area fella. Private hire regulated by BCC, have to abide by the set standards or lose their licence. Star and TOA,are the two approved taxi firms in Brum for council contracts, IE school's ETC. Uber will never meet that standard. That is why i use Star when in Brum, the higher standards. Still each to their own to save a few pennies i guess eh?
  10. Yeah i know fella, question is tho, have you ever used a dirty Uber in Brum, where the driver's odour forces you to have the windows down, in the most vile of weather,and they will happily squeeze as many bodies as possible into a Ford Focus?
  11. Yeah the amount of member's he drove away,along with his buddy Vulcan is legendary true enough.
  12. Yeah would be pointless really, as most member's are relatively new. That would only leave you and me as the 2.true legend's. Harold is rapidly earning that status tho.
  13. Care to explain who or what you are referring to there fella.
  14. Yes i can read. I was asking about his International and European form tho. Can't be arsed to screenshot, just scroll up a little bit.
  15. Nah fella, i just don't get where @Harold is coming from here. Tho seeing what you just posted he is kind of half right, in relation to yourself. give it a feckin rest FFS.
  16. My dining table has 8 seats so i'm allowed more anyhow.
  17. Like i said on current form. Not that feckin hard too understand really is it? You don't like my opinion, I really don't give a feck. I'm not too sure just how well Mings has performed at International and European level over the last few months, tho i have no doubt you will be able to supply me all the statistics.
  18. Please explain where i made it personal????
  19. What you not understanding here fella? On current form he is, tho if he doesn't continue that form for a prolonged period, will anybody look back and say he was in a few years time? NO. If he continues the way he has been for a long period then people will look back and say yes. I would have thought a blind man could see what i was saying there fella. .
  20. That's my opinion, I don't give a flying feck what you think about it fella.. Tho no doubt some of your comments would give people a feckin good laugh too.
  21. Man who go to bed with sex problem. Wake up with solution in hand. That's all i'm saying.
  22. Simply because i think over the past few months he has been.
  23. Did you tell the driver that curry smell, does not act as deodorant tho?
  24. I voted yes based on his form over the last several months, where he has produced at the highest levels-International & European Tho the true greats produce over a period of years. If he continues playing the way he has over several seasons, the question will be non debatable. Only time can answer that tho. I'm confident enough that none of us on here can accurately predict the future.
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