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  1. I am really wanting UTD to win tonight's Manc derby. Tho i feel they are allowing city too much of the ball, not pressing them enough, City are playing in the Utd half, which is a dangerous game for Utd to play, pressurise them further up the pitch. Utd have the quality, lets hope they perform better second half.
  2. The lyrics they sing tho is not. also i don't see why the oirish national anthem has a place in Glasgow. go on home British soldier go on home, have got no fucking home of your own? The feckin retards sing this from the stands of a football ground in Britain, which they are only able to do so due the the sacrifices of those British soldiers they sing about, those who made the ultimate sacrifice so those scumbags can enjoy the freedom they do today. As for the songs about Lee Rigby, i wont even go there. Palestinian flags, celebrating any act of murder/terrorism against innocent British people, they are freely allowed to get away with it, as it's just having the craic. Seriously @Harold rightly or wrongly i deem your post as almost protectionist for them. Rangers need to be attacking them from every angle at every possible opportunity, then and only then, if enough of a storm is kicked up may the balance be redressed and a level playing field restored. They have had it all their own way for far too long, with nothing being done to counter act it. Thus they are always perceived as victims whilst being allowed to run amok in any way they choose.
  3. Llorente goal was never a handball, even if it did hit his hand (debatable), it wasn’t intentional, his arms were in natural position, he didn’t make himself bigger. Would have been absolutely ridiculous if that was ruled out, he can’t make his arms disappear. Sterling ‘winner’ correctly ruled out, ball hits Bernardo and runs through to Aguero, Aguero was offside when the ball hits Bernardo, a straightforward offside decision, not obvious to the naked eye but obvious once the replay was shown. At the same time, VAR is spoiling goal celebrations in the stadium and in pubs, nobody can be confident a goal will stand. It’s being overused. I hope Spurs go on to win it, lots of England players and I like Poch.
  4. This, tho over a period of decades, Rangers have sat back and let the kind of shite spouted in celtic minded without ever responding, thus allowing celtic to create an image of Irish republicanism being seen as defending an oppressed minority, and any speaking out about it is deemed as extreme racism and bigotry, leaving them free to celebrate the murderous IRA etc, whilst having it viewed as just having the craic, whilst they have also somehow managed, to get any celebrating of the protestant culture as a show of triumphalism,over an oppressed minority. Rangers have missed many an opportunity to speak out, yet have done nothing. Is singing the Billy boys any worse than those cunts singing the soldier song? No it really isn't, yet somehow the mhanky mob have managed to get it portrayed to the media, the the Billy Boys is incredibly bad, whilst the soldier song, and other pro IRA songs they sing is ok. This kind of thinking runs right through the bowels of the Scottish mhedia and the SFA, SPL. The end result of decades of Rangers remaining silent is ceptic literally being allowed to do exactly what they want. Time they went home i reckon, with modern technology even they should be able to grow potatoes. Tho living on an island surrounded by water, i struggle to comprehend the fact that none on them ever had the brains to going fishing for food. They just infested Scotland instead. I hate them so bad.
  5. welcome back negan/vulcan/shelby,etc-etc..
  6. I was gonna post about Tommy in this thread, tho i see some previous posts have gone way off topic, which in such a thread shows such a lack of respect for anything it's shocking. would also be good to see genuine words rather than screenshots off twitter which imo leave little if any room to follow on from. Tommy smith type players go beyond celebrities anyhow in my opinion, they are legends, which puts them a rung above the modern day celebrity types. I feel a bit saddened to hear of Tommy's death, yet if the whole cast of love island died tomorrow i can honestly say i wouldnt notice.
  7. Reptiles with short memories. Just how much did their freedom cost us in WW2?
  8. I'm doing well keeping this idiot thing up. Missed my flight to Faro today. I went to Birmingham airport to meet Mrs SA, she was actually waiting at East Midlands airport where she booked the flights from. Tho in my defence she only ever said, iv'e booked the flights, i just assumed Birmingham airport, so now she is in Portugal, i am in Ashby where it's gonna be minus 3 tonight. Flying out tomorrow now.
  9. Youve not missed anything, most overrated city ever.
  10. My suspicions were raised after his 3rd post. I think i replied with a welcome back negan. Said before he's so easy to suss out.
  11. That verges on insanity, and should be sentenced to the loony bin.
  12. Went to Spurs when Gers played there mid 80's, in a testimonial for some spurs player, in their supporters club, there was a few Rangers pics dotted around the walls, found out that a branch of London Gers supporters ran buses etc, to Ibrox from there. Also i view them as a proper club, good fans etc, not a target for glory hunter plastic type fans, like Arsenal, Man C, and Chelsea.
  13. Yeah Spurs don't need him, they should send him to Ibrox instead. I could go with that tbf.
  14. Never offside, VAR proved that. Is Dele Ali made of glass???
  15. Son gives Spurs the lead, lets hope it's enough to get them through. always liked Spurs.
  16. Me suspects he is back, vinnie being the new name of choice.
  17. Profit and sustainability. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/47667742
  18. So the players haven't been paid for weeks, their matchday hospitality, is off, cos suppliers, have not been paid, yet the EFL, are funding them until the end of the season, whilst just a few weeks ago, we were deducted 9 points for being in breach of the PSP rules. WTF is going on here seriously? So in effect the league help club out financially so they avoid possible points deduction. EFL are a complete joke. I think they're more worried about them not being able to fulfil match obligations. Which means pure hassle for EFL. I am not sure they would even know what to do and thats what they might be worried about. With 40 games gone a team having all their games expunged from the records causes havoc. Last time I think was Aldershot, and that was in 1992 after 36 games
  19. Orange Maid?? anyhow flying out to Portugal on Friday, back Monday,fully intend to start making full use of our place over there going forward. Having a salaried job will make it easier.
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