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  1. My Resignation

    After a lot of thought I have decided to hang my boots up. I have a busy life with my new Grandson and other activities so I am moving on. I only seem to annoy other members with my posts anyway. It all seems rather pointless. Sorry to those I offended or annoyed. It has been a blast and I have enjoyed my time here. Peace and success to you all. Ps: I really do mean it this time. I won't be back. Cheerio.
  2. Sunderland V Millwall!

    No. Blues will win 3-1.
  3. Children In Need!

    It is called Children in Need not Only Help UK Children. A child in need is a child in need regardless of their geographic location. I guess you struggle with that though due to your tiny IQ.
  4. Is There A Need ?

    Forms to fill in at JLR? Get with it. All applications for everything are done electronically these days. I can't even remember the last time I filled a form in. No one as yet has come up with a genuinely good reason to keep teaching handwriting.
  5. Peaky Blinders!

    I doubt they went to the match, but you probably did.
  6. Plans for the weekend?

    Control your life Mucker.
  7. Is There A Need ?

    Not a reason ... Reply below added 3 minutes later You don't need to know how to handwrite to know how to spell. It can all be taught electronically.
  8. Is There A Need ?

    Children are taught on tablets now and keyboards. Give me a reason why it should be taught Reply below added 1 minute later You are punch drunk from Fowler's left and right.
  9. Everton heading out

    Everton will go down in my opinion.
  10. Is There A Need ?

    Is there a need to teach handwriting in schools anymore? I don't think there is.
  11. Cost Of Football

    Well still dirt cheap compared to football.
  12. Plans for the weekend?

    I am in Digbeth mate if you fancy it?
  13. Cost Of Football

    Don't tarnish me with SA he is a bullshitter. Mrs got it at that price negotiating Sky.
  14. Cost Of Football

    I no longer think football offers good value for money. Netflix is £7:50 a month. I rest my case.
  15. Plans for the weekend?

    Bad planning. I will be there.