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  1. Game of Thrones

    Theon is a bitch and Joffrey....Well he is pure evil. Both need s dreadful death.
  2. Easyjet customer service

    What the fuck? Cunts! I hate all airline companies with a passion. Lob in London Midland Trains too. Dunno what to say mate.... I can mail a load of Cadbury goodies to you if that would help with the kids? Reply below added 1 minute later Do you have Travel Insurance? Just by the way....Reason for cancellation?
  3. Game of Thrones

    Watched three episodes yesterday. Agreed, it just gets better and better.
  4. Plans for the weekend?

    Double fish n chips for BB!
  5. Plans for the weekend?

    Good luck with that! They have a good underground system , but London's is way better.
  6. We will go on and win it now.
  7. Game of Thrones

    Jofrey is an out and out bastard. Just finished season two. It is the best show on TV.
  8. Plans for the weekend?

    The Palace of Versailles is excellent mate. Enjoy! Just try to set up a trip for me and Mrs on our scooters. Gonna ride down to Portsmouth and do Isle of White tour on them.
  9. Plans for the weekend?

    I spent most of the weekend with my grandson.
  10. OLD MFF.

    Unlike me, Darren and SuperAlly.
  11. Next season scottish predictions.

    MacLeod you can always PM me too. I have a wealth of experience in family matters and never judge anyone.
  12. Hello

    That is a fair enough request to be fair.
  13. Boro have signed Darren Randolph for £5 million from West Ham. He is ok but not worth £5 million imo. Saw a good bit of him down Blues as has SuperAlly no doubt Better options out there though. Is he a back up keeper?