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  1. FA Cup Final

    Arsenal were worthy winners.
  2. Game of Thrones

    I am beginning to see why folk do. Very, very good so far.

    And my political reasons are the amount I earn. The Tories look after folk in my earnings bracket much better than labour who tax the crap out of me then waste it paying Muppets like Corbyn and Abbot. You need to take a chill pill fella.
  4. FA Cup Final

    I reckon Sanchez will score today.

    That is a real valid reasoning against my post! Not! Why are you talking about bans? Forums are everywhere mush. How about giving me a good reason that I should vote labour as I can't think of one. Waiting...
  6. NHL - Ice Hockey

    The Penguins prevailed and will take on the Nashville Predators for the Stanley Cup over a seven game series starting next week.

    Give me one good reason why I should? I earn over £40 grand a year and the Tories look after me just fine. All labour would do is tax the crap out of me and give away our wealth.
  8. Game of Thrones

    Looking quite promising so far. There are some right horrible characters in it.
  9. hail hail 10IAR

    What is the meaning of this?
  10. Weather watch

    Some big thunderstorms on the way.
  11. General Election Called.

    I think you have just come back here to cause trouble. I have already voted conservative via a postal vote. Labour are a disgrace and Corbyn is a terrorist sympathiser. That doesn't make me a troll. It is pretty obvious SA is Banned right now, but i am sure he will be back once he has served his time. I don't live in the North East. I live in an affluent suburb of Birmingham and the conservatives are the only viable option.
  12. General Election Called.

    Yeah vote loony labour. Let's give Adolf Merkel all our money and have other countries decide what is best for us... Jog on H. Brexit is legal and binding and that twat Corbyn will never, ever be PM.
  13. General Election Called.

    Now I know you are on the wind up.
  14. Does anyone watch it? I'm gonna give it a whirl while I'm waiting for The Walking Dead to come back on.

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