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  1. Tracert....It is a fabulous tool. Reply below added 1 minute later
  2. Really? I have a masters degree in IT. Networking routers and the like. Let's see where it ends...
  3. Look cool it RD (Your the best). He won a couple of the easier ones because he's a brilliant manager. I wish my shite club could actually just win a football match. He is a turd stain but I was desperate for John Terry in the summer so Mourinho would be a dream. United will miss out big time on the Big Uns this year but given the amount you've won I'm sure you can wait a couple of years before winning them again. It's not like you're Spurs and you've never won fuck all and have finally got a half decent team.
  4. Jose is a turd spurt and a trouble maker. He will be doing his best to win it though. He really is a wind up merchant.
  5. A League of their Own

    I'd gathered that... I hate everyone apart from my Mrs and Grandson.
  6. Carabao Cup 4th Round Draw

    Speak English man!
  7. Premiership match chat.

    Will you be up for it? Plan on having a few pints before the game?
  8. A League of their Own

    Is he a Gooner by any chance?
  9. A League of their Own

    It is very funny. Reply below added 0 minutes later You don't like anybody though...
  10. Anyone else watch this? Gotta be honest I don't normally watch these kind of shows, but this is the exception and really good. Love it.
  11. Liar - ITV1

    He found her earring under his bed....He knows!
  12. 2017 Holiday Thread!

    How much was a beer in Prague? I am off the the Old Town in January.
  13. Carabao Cup 4th Round Draw

    Spurs v West Ham will be feisty.
  14. I know. This is just Jose being a turd spurt.
  15. Liar - ITV1

    They want you to believe that