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  1. jon venables

    Should have been snuffed on his 18th birthday, as should’ve Thompson.
  2. Quorn - Anyone eat it

    No, I don’t eat it.
  3. Plans for the weekend?

    Today is the day. Up the fucking yids. Vloggers need to be eradicated.
  4. FA Cup 4th Round Match Chat

    Llorente needs to retire.
  5. FA Cup 4th Round Match Chat

  6. FA Cup 4th Round Match Chat

    Newport at Wembley tonight - must be buzzing. I’m turning up as I’m Club Wembley.
  7. No outcry from Liverpool fans after Adam Lallana grabs a youngster by the throat in a reserve game the other night - disgusting thing to do. No extended ban either. Always the victims, it’s never your fault.
  8. The goalkeeper himself said he caught him, does he need to go to specsavers as well?
  9. It’s a clear penalty.
  10. The Liverpool tears this evening are fucking fantastic. Hate these victim cunts - just a shame we didn't beat them like we deserved too.
  11. Yids. How did we not score 5 or 6....?
  12. FA Cup 4th Round Match Chat

    Avoided the upset, beat them at Wembley then it could be Millwall away. We can dream.