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  1. There are a mixture of opinions on him right now, some firmly in the out camp, some saying he was purely involved so we weren’t left behind. Personally, I’ve wanted him out for a long time. Any sort of footballing “success” we have had are in spite of him, not because of him. We were a traditional cup winning side before ENIC took over, we have since won 2 league cups in 20 years. ENIC need to sell up.
  2. Perhaps, but the best course of action will be to try and smooth things over, punishment isn't the way to go for the Premier League imo...
  3. Nope he should not have done. He isn't wrong, however, and I'm sure the jury have come to the correct decision.
  4. There should be absolutely no praise to any clubs owners backing down tonight, I’m seeing a lot of that, but if it wasn’t for their initial greed we wouldn’t be in this situation to begin with. I can only hope this is the end of Daniel Levy, as much as it was Woodward - although he’s clearly fallen on the sword the Glazers prepared him.
  5. ultimately he was sacked because he was shit and didn’t deserve to be employed - he’d long outstayed his welcome. I highly doubt he did anything but pick up his belongings on Monday, let alone speak to anyone about the super league. Good luck to Ryan Mason, Spurs through and through and now the youngest ever Premier League manager. We should hopefully now see a bit of passion back for the remaining 7 games, win, lose or draw.
  6. Well, no one is currently talking about a Super League... Convenient? Football is dead.
  7. I remember when Friday evenings were peak on this forum.
  8. As I’ve said, Kane is the difference between us and the bottom half. Worrying that he limped off this evening... Didn’t look like a penalty for Everton but who knows anymore.
  9. Whoever wins the PSG v City game you'd imagine will be the cup winners. I'd love to see Pochettino do it, he deserves to win something major.
  10. It was freezing and a few wankers about, but nothing beats a freshly pulled pint... also booked in for early afternoon on Friday, will have a skinful and disappear before the idiots arrive.
  11. I went, now I’m bollocksed.
  12. 18 holes on the local par 3 this morning, had an absolute nightmare. Booked in for 2 hours in the beer garden between 5-7, but may tip it bollocks and just have a few indoors.
  13. Fantastic talent, I hope he gets plenty of time on the pitch during the Euros.
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