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  1. Premiership match chat.

    Man United looked good and West Ham looked terrible. Hart is a terrible keeper now.
  2. Premiership match chat.

    Solid win in the end, absolutely ridiculous from Shelvey, what a melt. Wouldve loved an August Kane goal, but the post and Son being offside put an end to that. Onto Wembley and the rent boys.
  3. How to Become a Vegetarian

    Yes, just not as often as I used too.
  4. Premiership match chat.

    Very poor first half from Spurs. Think Kane is lucky to be on the pitch, not a great tackle at all.
  5. How to Become a Vegetarian

    Meat itself didn't make me ill, bad lifestyle choices did - which included eating meats. I have heart disease, which a plant based diet helps prevent.
  6. How to Become a Vegetarian

    That's fair enough. When I started out on a plant-based diet I felt a similar way and still allowed myself to eat either chicken or fish on weekends, but now I'm completely plant-based and I've never felt better. I only made the switch originally due to health problems, but I wish I'd researched into and made the change years ago to prevent me ever becoming ill. I'm even training to do a half marathon! Something that would probably have killed me 3 years ago!
  7. Premiership match chat.

    Good start to the season, plenty of goals and some surprises - Huddersfield with a brilliant win in particular. Come on you Spurs.
  8. How to Become a Vegetarian

    That's how. Why become a vegetarian? Watch "What the Health" on Netflix. Essential viewing.
  9. Danny Rose...

    We can't just off him like that, he's a 50m asset that we won't want to let go of who's got 4 years on his contract. He'll be here this season, Walker was the line in the sand.
  10. Danny Rose...

    Yes that's the one. Signed a new contract September 2016, injured 10 games later - hasn't played since and now these quotes. Tit.
  11. Danny Rose...

    Less than ideal scenario two days before the season starts, absolute arse clown. Cant post the quotes as it's from the s*n, could someone else do it? Ta.
  12. New Tottenham Ground

    We will have a tunnel restaurant with one-sided glass and a cheese bar. It's going to be an unbelievable stadium.
  13. Summer transfer talk (Premier League)

    Money has ALWAYS brought success. The only difference now is the amount of money in the game. Leicester were an an anomaly which will never happen again.
  14. This guy is an absolute cunt.