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  1. Cost of living

    Stopped reading after where I quoted, Scotland wasn't mentioned. have a nice day.
  2. What Are You Listening To?

    Earlier it was llamas on pave
  3. Do you spoil your pets?

    The cunts are savages when it comes to it but our Leo is the friendliest cunt you' could meet. So friendly in fact he'd piss on you with excitement, if you ever said hello !
  4. Do you spoil your pets?

    Got a wee jack Russell, he spoils his self by the amount of rats he hunts for himself.
  5. Cost of living

    Are you a retard or what? I've never heard such bollocks in my life.
  6. Plans for the weekend?

    Spurs didn't turn up but at least the llamas did.
  7. BBC Four - League of Gentlemen

    New eps in December along with Alan Partridge. Good time for British TV.
  8. BBC Four - League of Gentlemen

    Nah they wouldn't. Too easily offended by anything and everything. Think Papa Lazarou with black face would be allowed on BBC if it was airing for the first time tonight? Would it fuck.
  9. BBC Four - League of Gentlemen

    Yes. It's British comedy at its best.
  10. BBC Four - League of Gentlemen

    Fucking fantastic show, the guys are geniuses. Psychoville and Inside No. 9 are just as good.
  11. Plans for the weekend?

    Yes indeed Sir.Now I have my ST back (thank God) I go to every home game. Mrs still doesn't let me out to play for away games north of Watford though
  12. So long, farewell, goodbye

    Welcome back. Don't mention Saturday, no Kane so result was irrelevant. Reply below added 3 minutes later BB, you fucking shit stirrer.
  13. Just bought a Dryer!

    Not a modern man, just a fanny!
  14. Davinson Sanchez...

    The boy needs to play more. He's missed a single game, lad needs to play more. Pivotal.
  15. Blues V witton 29/10/17. Feeling Positive.

    In the shitter railing some packet, no doubt?