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  1. Personal favourites are both yanks, Dave Chappelle and Bill Burr. Have tickets to see Chappelle next month in Hammersmith, hoping Bill comes to the UK soon. Also Jim Jefferies. Another who I hope comes to the UK soon.
  2. All perfectly acceptable. They're jokes - it's the whole point.
  3. Massive problem and deeply concerning. This world is becoming an ever increasingly fucked up place to inhabit. God bless those poor souls in Afghanistan.
  4. I can see the talent is there, problem is the cunt seems to enjoy lying down more than playing football - and the ref always seems to be gasping to give him the foul. Pull your socks up and play you fleabag looking cunt.
  5. HIs side is yet to score a goal at our new gaff in 4 visits, 4 defeats. Another billion might do it next year Pep.
  6. One hundred million English pounds. 😂
  7. Starting price. If Jackie Grealish is 100m, Kane is worth at least double.
  8. but how much are they paying for a pint?
  9. Any sort of mess Rita Ora is in, I'm willing to see
  10. Never thought about nuclear warfare that way previously, very profound.
  11. £3.65 for a Stella. It's 2.99 next door, but the additional payment could be a black eye.
  12. Premier League Golden Boot - 23 goals (3rd time) Premier League Playmaker - 14 assists. Give that head a fucking wobble, fella.
  13. Grealish being 100m means the asking price for Kane should start at 200m.
  14. Maestro. Please be better soon.
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