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  1. City when we beat them to qualify for the champions League, definitely up there. The 4-4 against Arse, was nearly out of the stadium when Jenas pulled one back and managed to get back in before Lennon equalised. Don't get to too many aways now unless they're around London. Shame.
  2. Ran the East London half marathon today, my first ever half, which is a part of my training plan for the Brighton full marathon in April. Managed to break sub 2 hours and got round in 1.58, which was pretty good considering the conditions. Fuck me was it cold.
  3. Grinding those results. Not pretty but we're winning - even if Michael Oliver tried his utmost to help Leicester today. Cunt.
  4. Same shit, different season.
  5. Levy out. Up the fucking Spurs
  6. YIDDO

    Smart Watch

    Garmin Forerunner, training for a marathon and very handy.
  7. You should eat your greens, it will help delay your impending heart disease. Why?
  8. https://youtu.be/BrlBSuuy50Y
  9. Fuck him, French kid fiddling nonce.
  10. YIDDO

    jon venables

    Should have been snuffed on his 18th birthday, as should’ve Thompson.
  11. Today is the day. Up the fucking yids. Vloggers need to be eradicated.
  12. Newport at Wembley tonight - must be buzzing. I’m turning up as I’m Club Wembley.
  13. No outcry from Liverpool fans after Adam Lallana grabs a youngster by the throat in a reserve game the other night - disgusting thing to do. No extended ban either. Always the victims, it’s never your fault.
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