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  1. Maestro. Please be better soon.
  2. If you're really in Billericay, I can say I'm close - but not for much longer. Boris, can you really say that fella?
  3. Thanks a lot fella, I appreciate that. I actually have been to Donegal a couple of times and took my youngest to see Fungi the dolphin recently. I will definitely be sending you a PM in the near future, thanks again!
  4. It’s almost like the massive overreaction was met with the same, Boris lad.
  5. Oh come on, ffs. You know that is absolutely bullshit. It’s over within 5 seconds. Whether its liked it or not, the game continues as normal afterwards. I’ve been on a plane to America, does that mean I agree with 9/11?
  6. Cheers fella, if they don’t see this I may send them a PM.
  7. Whether they kneel or not, I will watch. Do I agree with them kneeling? No.
  8. For the Irish lads here, I have a lot of family in Sligo, more so Ballymote. I work remotely and I’ve been tempted to take my family over there for a few years now... any opinions on that at all? FWIW we currently live in Essex, but looking to move away as soon as possible - they can all follow me with no problems.
  9. May have stayed out too late Friday and got in trouble with the Mrs, so took her and the kids out for the day yesterday, cost me a small fortune. Today it's feet up, few bottles of Birra Moretti while watching football and USPGA final round. Beautiful. Hopefully Mickelson can do it. As for Spurs, couldn't give a shite.
  10. Exact same thing happened when they sold them David Villa... Now that was some player as well.
  11. It wouldn’t be a BB update without breaking the forum. It’s his MO.
  12. Finished collecting my dole, few more of these then back home to watch Rory. Happy Friday.
  13. I didn't need too, I directly quoted you... Anyone who mentions him should be removed. Simple. I have a 0% tolerance of that odious cunt. 😉
  14. The world is too political, everyone has an opinion and everyone must be heard. Social media is a cancer.
  15. Pathetic performance, summed our 2021 perfectly. Whichever poor cunt takes the managers job has a lot of work to do.
  16. Stevie Bergwijn first goal of the season, quality. wins it and smashes it top corner.
  17. I don’t eat much chocolate but the Galaxy caramel & sea salt is decent. before going plant based I liked a snickers or boost bar.
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