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  1. Canaries

    Does this place cost much to run

    the former was just curious that is all Now then I will talk about city
  2. Canaries

    Does this place cost much to run

    Is that all it's a case of create domain, web hosting & forum software. Must have set this place up in a day
  3. Canaries

    Does this place cost much to run

    That's pretty good, I've always though running websites was very expensive! The other forum I was signed up to was paying probably double on the domain & hosting and it was barely active.
  4. Canaries

    Slow Internet

    Yes I have fibre Get speeds of around 58mb
  5. Canaries

    Slow Internet

    I once had talktalk and the download speed was an amazing 0.19mb We got rid of it after 2 weeks and went with Virgin, never looked back since
  6. Canaries

    Does this place cost much to run

    How much does it cost to run this place? Is it a case of paying for the domain, web hosting and forum software every month?
  7. Canaries

    Canaries here

    Yeah I thought that when I logged on to sign up It's looks busy
  8. Canaries

    Next Manchester United manager

    I think they will get Guardiola If they were interested in Jose, Van Gaal would have gone by now
  9. Canaries

    Wembley Stadium - London

    The best day supporting City happened here at Wembley last May Stadium is massive, like a giant cereal bowl
  10. Canaries

    Canaries here

    it looks fairly active compared to another forum I was signed up to. Yeah I'd be more than happy to mention it to mates
  11. Canaries

    FIFA 16

    In my 3rd season with Norwich. Have signed a couple of young french players who are turning out to be quite good. Benzia from Lille is a good signing on the cheap.
  12. Canaries

    Get your mates on the site.

    Carravetta recommended this place to me. We use to post on footyaddict I'll make the same recommendation to my friends on social media
  13. Canaries

    FA Cup 4th Round Discussion

    It's healthy for us that some of our relegation rivals are still in it
  14. Canaries

    January Transfer Window

    We signed Naismith for £8 million I think we should have gone in for Afobe as well as our attacking options are still limited
  15. Canaries

    Vidic retires

    A good servant for United over the years. One of the best defenders in Europe over the past 10 years

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