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  1. Megaboost

    Film's You Watch Over and Over!

    I tend to watch these on DVD/BluRay when there is shag all on. Suicide Squad Rio Bravo Watched all the Carry On Movies over and over and over Dirty Harry Police Academy
  2. I've watched most of the games so far and have to say that I can't see any teams to match Spain but I'm not writing off the Krauts either, even though it would be very nice to see them drop at the first hurdle and not reach the knockouts.
  3. Megaboost

    World Cup 2018 Free Excel Spreadsheet

    Does anyone have this excel template downloaded yet? I tried to get it and i never recieved anything in my email
  4. He was probably high on drugs, the tosser.
  5. Megaboost


    She is as Dumb as that cunt Corbyn
  6. Megaboost

    Who will win the FA Cup?

    I'm gonna say Spurs will beat Chelsea in the final by the odd goal.
  7. Megaboost

    Premier League Relegation Battle

    My vote had to go to Southampton. They seem to be the only Team down the bottom who have no fight left in them at all.
  8. I fully agree with what you're saying SA. Legend of the Mic. That Jonathon Pearce guy sounds like he's gonna have a bloody heart attack when he commentates. I remember hearing his voice when I was younger. A voice that could never be forgotten, Like Attenborough. Legends!
  9. Megaboost

    Sam Allardyce

    He's a decent manager for getting teams out of relegation but has no Idea about making substitutions. Today, for me, the best player (other than the amazing Pickford) was Gylfi Sigurdsson and then he gets subbed in the 2nd half. I'm not sure if he's the Manager for us. The question I wanna ask is 'How Long Does He Have'?
  10. Megaboost

    Red Devil

    Hey! Leave me out of it fella's. I couldn't stand the weasel. I for one am glad you got rid. Especially after reading how the knob was stalking Red. That's just not acceptable and way too personal. The guy needs professional help by the looks of it.
  11. Megaboost

    Mobile phone's Social media etc.

    That Video is SPOT ON! Many Thanks for sharing it.
  12. Megaboost

    The Longest Thread In MFF History.

    If you hover over it, it shows 'Poor'. Maybe it's because his reputation is on a minus.
  13. Megaboost

    Liverpool Echo Arena Fire

    I have to admit that I thought the same as Locke at first and then I thought about how close cars are parked to each other these days, that the car must have exploded and set off a chain of events.
  14. I saw this on YTube the other Night and automatically thought of SA & The member with multiple user syndrome (So many names I've forgotten now). Anyways I hope you see the funny side of this Vid. Well it made me laugh my ass off anyway I can just see SA stomping around the room with content at watching this LoL!

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