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  1. I must admit that I thought Belgium would win the game but after seeing them play, it's as if they didn't want it at all. Hazzard was MOTM for me because he seemed like the only Belgium player to want to have a go at the French allbeit he was kicked from pillar to post in the process. I really wanted to see an England vs Belgium Final to make up for that training match we had against them in the final group game. Prediction for Tonights England Semi-Final: England 2-0 Croatia
  2. I'm all for people enjoying and celebrating our win but this just goes too far OTT.
  3. Megaboost

    Pub Funnies

  4. Megaboost


    None on me either but considering having the england flag done behind a world cup if we go on to win the Tournament.
  5. Megaboost

    Brazil v Mexico....02/07/2018

    I just saw this on Farcebook and it had me howling. He would still find a way to roll over like he was shot, fucking cheating moron.
  6. Megaboost

    Columbia v England

    Couldn't agree more. It's been a really good WC and very unpredicatble so far. Must admit though, England gave me a few extra Grey Hairs last night. Time now to put the Swedes to bed and march on to the Semi's
  7. Megaboost

    Belgium v Japan.....02/07/2018

    Japan gave it their best shot but unfortunately it wasn't enough. I dunno how the hell that Vertongen goal went in. De Bruyne had the worst game of the tournament yet.
  8. Megaboost

    Spain #ESP v Russia #RUS

    I'm gonna say Spain to win 4-2.
  9. Megaboost

    Croatia (#CRO ) v Denmark (#DEN)

    I'm going 3-0 to Croatia.
  10. Megaboost

    Uruguay v Portugal.....30/06/2018

    I'm also gonna say Uruguay 2-1 cuz I hate that big headed twat Ronaldo
  11. Megaboost

    Pub Funnies

    She looks like His friggin Sister with the size of her Noshers!
  12. Megaboost

    Pub Funnies

    I thought I would start a Topic of Football Funnies. A place where you can post funny pics & Images. I will keep adding them as I find them but please feel free to add your own funnies. Here's one I found amusing.
  13. Megaboost

    Film's You Watch Over and Over!

    I tend to watch these on DVD/BluRay when there is shag all on. Suicide Squad Rio Bravo Watched all the Carry On Movies over and over and over Dirty Harry Police Academy
  14. I've watched most of the games so far and have to say that I can't see any teams to match Spain but I'm not writing off the Krauts either, even though it would be very nice to see them drop at the first hurdle and not reach the knockouts.
  15. Megaboost

    World Cup 2018 Free Excel Spreadsheet

    Does anyone have this excel template downloaded yet? I tried to get it and i never recieved anything in my email

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