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  1. She sounds like She's been on the Wacky Tobaccy
  2. Megaboost

    The CUNT Thread

    Cut their fucking Hands off because that's what they deserve. Thieving from a Charity has to be the lowest of the low.
  3. I think you 2 need to go out more and try to find a sense of humour FFS!
  4. I Feckin' hope not, we'll never hear the end of it
  5. It was needed against a very poor Southampton and to be honest it should have been all over by Half-Time but we lack a real finisher. We need to buy a finisher in January that's for sure. The rumour around the fans is that we will be targeting Giroud again but personally I don't think his wife will let him cuz She loves it in London and that's why he never moved to us last time out. Some of our fans lately have been a joke, wanting the managers head even when we win, FFS what's that all about? I'll never understand these young fans Today. They do like to talk out of their arse a lot. It's just not the Everton way for me, you stick with your Team through thick and thin and even if we go down, which I don't think we will, no matter what.
  6. Megaboost

    Random Videos

    Have It! you dumb fuck
  7. Megaboost

    The CUNT Thread

    Someone should put that cunt in a mincer. Fucking Prick!
  8. That's very achievable, especially how we are playing of late
  9. Most of the World is laughing at us because of the Brexit fiasco so let's show the world and especially Iran that when it comes to our property, we're not so pussified. I wouldn't use Nukes but I would certainly find the Bastards that are doing it and make sure Iran knows that you can't touch our Ships. We should sink the fuckers. They will think twice in future.
  10. Megaboost

    Sadiq Khan

    Khan must be living in a different World to the rest of us. He's a complete and total Tit
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