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  1. Manchester United - New Forum / Topic Side bar

    Just wondered if you knew buddy. It's a good addition to the site
  2. Premier league prediction league

    Saturday 19th August Swansea 1-3 Man united Bournemouth 1-1 Watford. Burnley 0-1 West brom Leicester 2-1 Brighton Liverpool 1-1 Palace Southampton 0-1 West ham Stoke 0-3 Arsenal Sunday 20th August Huddersfield 1-1 Newcastle Tottenham 2-0 Chelsea Monday 21st August Man city 1-2 Everton
  3. The Ballboy - Daily football news!

    I've taken a look at your site and apart from the lack of premiership news and the annoying 'About', where every sentence starts with "The Ballboy’s mission", it's not a bad site at all.
  4. What's the point of little clubs?

    He does have a point about these teams never getting into the prem though and as for the fans, I think it's just down to loyalty to their local clubs in the end.
  5. Manchester United - New Forum / Topic Side bar

    @boro_boy Don't you have to pay a subscription for these widgets? I believe you get 15 Days free and £10 a month after that. I wasn't sure if you knew this or not.
  6. Mark Albrighton!

    Google probably have it wrong LoL
  7. Premier league prediction league

    Arsenal vs Leicester Watford 0 vs 2 Liverpool Chelsea 3 vs 0 Burnley C. Palace 2 vs 1 Huddersfield Everton 2 vs 0 Stoke Southampton 2 vs 1 Swansea West Brom 1 vs 0 Bournemouth Brighton 0 vs 3 Man city Newcastle 0 vs 1 Spurs Man United 2 vs 2 West Ham
  8. Game of Thrones

    I'm up to date now but I have heard that someone has hacked and released Episode 4 of Season 7 already. Apparently, someone has posted it on Reddit Today. So far Season 7 is really warming up and I'm enjoying every episode of it. I've been trying to figure out what is going to happen in the end and still can't come to a conclusion.
  9. Holland Ladies v England Ladies

    At least we didn't lose to The Germans in a Semi again. They did outplay us all game and deserved the win. They should go on to win it now because the Danes wasn't anything special.
  10. Football Gone Mad

    FIFA need to start capping players prices and wages before it goes ludicrously out of control (if it hasn't already).
  11. I'm going for Man U. I just think they are due a title of some sort.
  12. I've always used Spotify but the adverts can be a nightmare at times on mobile. You can block it with adblock from the browser though on laptop/pc.
  13. England women smash Scotland women 6-0

    Germany are the strong favourites because of their last 4 Tournament wins on the bounce but they didn't look that good against Italy. They just scraped the win. I'm guessing that the Germans will struggle up against England on what I've seen so far but we all know what happens to English Teams when they come up against The Germans!