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  1. English Premier League Match Discussion

    I think I must be dreaming cuz we are 4-0 up
  2. Big Sam is new Everton boss

    I welcome big Sam. Hopefully he'll drum the passion back into them. COYB!
  3. The Movie thread

    Watched the latest 'IT' movie last night and thought that it wasn't a patch on the original. Even the bloody clown wasn't scary. Give me the original anytime. I would give it a 4/10. I would only recommend this movie if you haven't seen the original.
  4. Cost Of Football

    You're not wrong there BB
  5. Everton heading out

    I don't think we will go down but I'm realistically expecting at least mid-table. I'm hoping that we can find a goal finisher in January or you may be right there. COYB!
  6. Thanks SA I use buffstream. Not much choice of games there but HD quality all the time.
  7. Cost Of Football

    I think I know why mine is now so high. I got rid of netflix for a few months when I used to pay £6.99, before they changed the price to £9.99 as standard. I'm sure that they gave exisiting customers some kind of loyalty discount. If I'd have known that, I would've stuck it out for the 2 months. Oh Well, I got it again and it's better than ever. I don't mind having to pay for a service that has put the effort in for it's customers. I just wish that they hadn't blocked the VPN login's that a lot of people used to use so they could see and watch lists from other countries. The U.S. Netflix had so much more choice than the UK Netflix library.
  8. Does anyone know if the streams are HD? I find the standard themes horrendous!
  9. Everton heading out

    I've never seen us as anything other than top 8 to be fair and any True Toffee supporter that says top 4 must be living in cuckoo land. I would just be happy with mid table this season. Koeman never really replaced Lukaku. He brought too many midfielders. IMO, we miss Barkeley and no real finishers. Let's hope the powers that be can buy a decent finisher for the loss of Lukaku.
  10. Football Photos - Make up the Captions

    "Do you see this finger?", well it's going up your arse next time you tackle me like that
  11. Nobby Stiles!

    I would like to wish him all the best. A bit before my time but I remember my Dad saying that for a little guy he backed out of no tackles. Any player who played in the 1966 Final for England, should be seen as Legends.
  12. Cost Of Football

    My Netflix is £9.99. How come you get it for £7.50 SA?
  13. Tucker and Dave Vs Evil

    I absolutely pissed myself watching this flick. They are so feckin' stupid, it's unreal.
  14. New Smiles (Emojicons)

    I've always called them Emots or Emoticons but I know where you're coming from BB Thanks for adding some buddy.

    Try This Fix BB. https://www.techsupportall.com/fix-err_spdy_protocol_error-permanently/