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  1. Marco_W


    Thanks to all who have taken their time so far. I had no idea that it is so difficult to reach some british football fans without getting insulted in other forums. Survey is running a few more days to improve the amount of answers. Afterwards I will delete it immediately.
  2. Marco_W


    92 views but almost nobody is willing to support my survey? Come on, it takes only 5 minutes and I need at least 100 answers. Please do me a favor - it's not a big thing.
  3. Marco_W


    I'm a scientist from Germany. I do know, that this kind of posts often compared to spam. But our target group for this survey are football fans in online communities. So this way is the only way to reach our target group. To me personally, it is absolutely mandatory to get at least 100 test persons. I really do hope that everybody of you is able to invest a few minutes of time to support this research. It doesn't hurt ;) I will delete this topic in a few days on my own, as soon as I got a few answers.
  4. Marco_W


    Dear football-fans, "football - it's all about money" that's why we execute a study on the the topic of "fan-funding”. We are especially interested in Great Britain as one of the most important football markets in Europe because of its unique structure where a variety of clubs went public in the past, fans organised themself in supporters' trusts, etc. We would be pleased if you support our investigation and fill out the following questionnaire completely. The survey will take about 5-8 minutes to complete. Of course, the survey is anonymous. All information and data will be kept strictly confidential and will only be used for academic purposes. Thank you! Take part HERE>>

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