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  1. I've never seen such shite than against Sunderland!! The 'passing', to use the term loosely shows we hit rock bottom. There were obviously going to be troubles when we lined up Young, Cleverley, Fletcher and Valencia in midfield, I'm surprised we got a point!! All we did was pass sideways or backwards, whether it was fear or lack of ability, or maybe both?! Leicester were unlucky, Nugent should have scored the 1v1. Was also great to hear Barry Davies back on MOTD again, he's a true legend.
  2. I thought it was same slow, laboured play we saw last season. We showed we are much more effective when playing at a high tempo. Yeah, the defending was poor but what do we expect with how things are
  3. Well Denmark didn't qualify by winning games, they were entered into Euro 1992 because of politics of Yugoslavia I think... then went on to win the thing
  4. Man Utd v Swansea (12.45) Leicester v Everton QPR v Hull Stoke v Aston Villa West Brom v Sunderland West Ham v Tottenham Arsenal v Crystal Palace (17.30) Southampton v Southampton (13.30) Newcastle v Man City (16.00) Burnley v Chelsea (20.00) The new season is back! What dramas and controversies will unfold this season?! Those are my predictions. Let the mayhem begin.
  5. 30 hours away from kicking off our season and we're still no closer to replacing Rio and Vidic. Woodward really has some balls by coming out earlier in the window and saying money is no obstacle and to "watch this space" when he's done fuck all since the start of June. Seems like we haven't learned from last summer. At least we have a good manager and easy opening fixtures this time around.
  6. Doesn't look too promising so far if you're getting embarrassed by Legia Warsaw!! Or you secretly hoping to do a Denmark 1992? :cool:
  7. I know most leagues have started but I'm sure you still have your own ideas about this! For me, I'm looking forward to seeing what van Gaal can bring to the table. He oozes class and got us playing some sexy stuff in pre season, which we haven't done for consistently since Ronaldo left. The lack of signings is a tad worrying, but with Netherlands doing well in the World Cup, I guess this was to be expected. We're in for Rojo (Argentina LB/CB), and of course linked to a million players in the media. So, looking forward to what attractive football can be produced with RVP, Rooney, Mata and potential other signings. After the awful 'football' of last season, that's all I ask. If LVG can work his magic and get us winning back the title, that will be a superb bonus!

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