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  1. Completely agree with the punishment. Its yet another example of young football players using social media and posting comments before engaging the brain. If he gets back into football (I'm sure he will) he wont make this mistake again. If he does, that's the real measure of a idiot.
  2. Has Joey Barton got a point? Most professionals are under paid. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p04knbrl
  3. Thanks for this. Currently have 80ish responses in total - looking for loads more - any ideas on how to get more? Bar codes: I was up at St James yesterday for a meeting in one of the boxes. First time I've ever been in one of those. Spent all of my time looking at the pitch - no idea what the meeting was about!
  4. MMF Legend, thanks for this. Its always good to keep surveys short and allow real opinions to come forward. Thanks again. More responses would be appreciated. bit.ly/2hnkiom Thanks in advance. Kev.
  5. In light of the recent football abuse scandal, I’m interested to see what the thoughts of forum members are towards football cultures. I’ve attached a link to a short survey (6 main questions). If your interested in sharing your thoughts, that would be great. http://bit.ly/2hnkiom I’ll feedback the findings to the group in a week or so, if that’s ok. Thanks in advance
  6. This one from Trundle last night isn't bad. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/38220790
  7. I’ve just stumbled across this old archive footage of Brian Clough tearing into John Motson (fast forward to 2m 40s). Great viewing. I’ve got to say, Clough makes some points that still resonate, in my view. http://bit.ly/1TMGem2
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