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  1. Sonic

    Plans for the weekend?

    I'm off to the Cardiff v Ipswich game this weekend at Portman road Doing a favour for a mate
  2. Sonic

    your favourite possession

    I was asked this today by one of the lads at work Mine is probably my bandit But that is more of a toy So I will have to go with my wedding ring I know corny as feck , but true
  3. Sonic

    Possible swap

    According to the local rag Boro could we after a swap deal for Mcormack from villa in exchange for Rhodes Not convinced that village will be interested as they spent 12 on him
  4. Bottom 3 It's been a bloody long slog to get back up And now we are there, we have a bloody striker that could not score in a brothel with a 50 in his pants We need a goal scorer and to use Rhodes more often
  5. Sonic

    Boro v Hull

    As I know quite well as a long suffering smoggie Boro will always build your hopes up,the smack you in the nuts But at the end of the game No matter what the result , we not all Its my team So Your mate must moan most of the time?
  6. Sonic

    The Christmas Thread.

    This is a very strange Christmas thread you have on here Anyway I'm still not in the Xmas mood yet I will be putting up the decorations on Sunday..so God told me this morning Maybe that will get my in the swing of things
  7. Sonic

    Shift work!!

    I loved 6 till 2 And hated 2 till 10
  8. Sonic

    Boro v Hull

    A solid performance with good displays all over the pitch Fordshaw was outstanding again Gibson is nailed on for a future England call up I'm just worried about the lack off goals

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