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  1. The Longest Thread In MFF History.

    My neighbour's mum got a stair lift installed in her house. Its driving her up the wall!!
  2. Weather

    About fell on my arse taking the 2 minutes walk too the shop.
  3. Basic simple food.

    Me and my friends lunch today, couple hot dogs with chilli, bacon and melted cheese
  4. SPL Match Day Discussion

    Quite a surprising score so far....
  5. Basic simple food.

    Breakfast burrito for my lunch today. Red pepper, avacado, scrambled eggs, salami, chorizo in a spicy tomato relish. Was lovely
  6. Plans for the weekend?

    I thought you were no good at snooker and your highest break is 6? Going on what you said earlier on this year?
  7. Plans for the weekend?

    My highest is 134 but that was when I used too play it seriously and quite alot a while back, nowadays usually 40-60 range. Don't play it a soften as I like
  8. Plans for the weekend?

    Thank God the weekend is done and dusted. Spent most of it in my friends kitchen helping out. Last shift for me tomorrow, doing the breakfast an d lunch shift so up early for me. Then off the next 2 days. Next Saturday having a lads day out, got a snooker match and some beers so it's going too be a messy one. Just another 5 days to go
  9. Basic simple food.

    Homemade buttery muffins, honey bacon, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce
  10. Basic simple food.

    Thick was my breakfast this morning. Delicious
  11. Dundee v Rangers

    Oh dear, that's not a very good result for rangers. Did you see any of the game?
  12. Things that piss you off.

    Nothing worse when your having a night out with the people from work and they insist on talking about it with you. Like "Brian shut your puss, I spend 14 hours a day with you whingeing about soufflés, just wanna have these 47 pints so your chat actually interests me" What about people who try prove their right on a subject they know absolutely nothing about!
  13. The Female Mind!

    No got a clue myself mate, half the time rachael ask me something or tells me something, I forget almost immediately. I swift any beginning or an argument with "fancy a glass of wine and a movie of your choice" World everytime haha.
  14. The Movie thread

    Yeah mate I agree and I think a 4 rating is generous. Absolutely horrendous remake
  15. Basic simple food.

    Just polished off a couple fritter rolls and about too have a chilli roll and some dairy lea dunkers.