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  1. MrMacleod

    ☀️⛅ ☔ Weather ❄️🌧️🌩️

    Been quite sunny here all week so far, reaching late teems in temperature which is good for Scotland. Supposed too be nice rest of the week which is grand as I'm off till Saturday, so fingers crossed.
  2. MrMacleod

    Mickey Mouse helicopter :(.

    Omg, did anyone hear about poor Mickey mouses helipcopter??? DISNEYLAND!!
  3. MrMacleod

    The Drinking Thread

    You enjoy your bevvy don't you pal?. Got a nice ice cold glass bottle of irn bru by my side. Love the stuff.
  4. MrMacleod

    My Missus is Vegetarian

    I'm a meat lover myself, however there are some vegetarian dishes I like also. If the food taste nice then I'm happy!
  5. MrMacleod

    Tonight' dinner.

    Yeah mate, gonna make some French fries and slaw. Proper pub grub in your own home haha. Just need too buy mince for my chilli and burgers haha.
  6. MrMacleod

    Tonight' dinner.

    Gonna make some chilli burgers tonight. Bloody starving already!!
  7. MrMacleod

    Boozer Recommendations

    The old mill snooker club (my local).. I can only give this a try 10/10, absolutely cracking bar, along with the best pool tables in dundee. My 2 friends who own it, have done for just over a year and the time and effort they have put into it is amazing. Always get a laugh with the regulars and would do anything for you. If ever in dundee and fancy snooker or pool, definitely recommend.
  8. MrMacleod

    Plans for the weekend?

    Got today off, so just waiting till the pub opens haha. Think I'll watch some of the snooker this morning, go for some lunch then have a few beers with the boys and see if anyone fancies a pool match :).
  9. MrMacleod

    The Drinking Thread

    This is my friend tonight, the bottle I got last night, but drinking tonight. Have another bottle in the fridge but this is the coolist.
  10. MrMacleod

    Favourite Actor/Actress.

    The film "catch me if you can" is a very good film. Very smartly put.
  11. MrMacleod

    Favourite Actor/Actress.

    Tbh mate Tom Hardy is a weapon haha!! Warrior is up there with one of my most favourite films. Actually soon as my laptop is charged, I'm watching that next!!
  12. For me, my favourite actor is a toss up between Scott Adkins or Donnie Yen. Watch all their films. Currently watching Greet Street hooligans : Never back down (Scott adkins)...
  13. MrMacleod

    Tonight' dinner.

    You gotta learn how too cook mate lol. Any problems, give me a mail and I'll help you out with some methods and recipes. I'm sure your missus would appreciate a night off from making the dinner, I'm sure it would go in youe favour also ?
  14. I watched some of it.... Seen a question something along the lines or what rnb singer sang or had an album. The guy goes DOLLY PARTON!.. Aye, shes a great rnb singer if I do say so myself.
  15. MrMacleod

    Tonight' dinner.

    I'm gonna be making some chilli and rice washed down with a glass or bottle of wine since I didn't have it last night

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