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  1. That's be back too work after being off for 6 weeks . I better have a look at the menu just incase
  2. Itwill be interesting to see if that hagi comes on and makes an impact. Ill predict 3-1 for rangers
  3. Just been dealing with a few problems mate. All is good now so you'll have my shite to put up with
  4. Well hello again members. Guess whos back!! Missed all you crazy guys!!.
  5. I usually check my email daily. came across this email from 888 sport claiming I had a free $5 bet. Didn't even know I was on the website. do claimed the bet and put it on a 4 fold and a 90th minute goal from valencia meant it won. now $100 is £75. So FREE MONEY!!!
  6. It does too me, so I deserve a whisky
  7. Yeah been doing abit of decorating..... Well bought a new a bed, so that counts
  8. Waiting on my takeaway coming then just chilling watching TV. Had a relaxed day off for a change, back tomorrow for a busy weekend.
  9. Having a large glass of rose tonight chilling watching TV . Not in till 12 tomorrow so long lie.
  10. That's crazy! Theres paedophiles who get off Scott free and fraudsters get a heavy sentence. the worlds mad.
  11. I was gonna put Scotland ht/ft. Thank god I didn't!!, saved myself a few quid. 3-0 now! The tvs going off and I'm going back too work. can't watch snymore
  12. First goal was a cracker, second goal Was shocking defending!fucks going on!!
  13. Yeah looks like it can hold alot more than 30,000 aswell
  14. All updates can be found here! Hoping for an easy first game of the campaign. I'll go for a comfortable 3-1 or 3-0 win with forrest and mcginn on the score sheet.
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