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  1. Let's make this thread for all match day chat in the champions league game. Apparently a few empty seats at Manchester city's game. Aguero is rested on the bench. I have a 5000 bet on city to win and both teams too score. Let's. Hope for a 2-1 win for City.
  2. MrMacleod

    Tonight' dinner.

    Couple of ham salad sandwiches for myself.
  3. MrMacleod

    The Drinking Thread

    Locke did you even come into oban?
  4. MrMacleod

    The Drinking Thread

    Are you coming into oban?
  5. MrMacleod

    The Drinking Thread

    Cheeky pint of apple juice In oban.
  6. MrMacleod

    The Longest Thread In MFF History.

    Heading into oban now to meet the sister for a couple beers. Didn't bother going out after work, was too tired. Sun's out in oban and I'm off tomorrow so a well needed catch up with sammie is needed.
  7. MrMacleod

    Doing a bit of gardening

    Make them doubles for being such a good joy and doing the garden
  8. MrMacleod

    Doing a bit of gardening

    A few single malts should do the trick!
  9. MrMacleod

    Doing a bit of gardening

    Just do the grass when it's raining... Add abit of spark to your life
  10. MrMacleod

    The Drinking Thread

    Thinking of a few pints tonight after work. It has been a while after all.
  11. MrMacleod

    The Longest Thread In MFF History.

    Quiet breakfast shift for me.. Back in work at 5 till 9pmish. Then might head into oban for a few pints. Thibk after the weekend it's well deserved.
  12. MrMacleod

    Tonight' dinner.

    I'm afraid that'd frowned upon in a hospitality industry.... I have previous
  13. MrMacleod

    Tonight' dinner.

    Think the missus is making lasagne for me coming in tonight after work. Probbaly about the only decent thing she can make (thank god she's not on this forum to see this comment, or I'd be on the sofa tonight.)
  14. MrMacleod

    Scotland vs Albania.

    So basically the same thing then.....
  15. MrMacleod

    ☀️⛅ ☔ Weather ❄️🌧️🌩️

    Fucking pissing down here, usual Scottish weather.

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