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  1. Somrthing like this... But hopefully a better attempt than mine.. Somrthing with that text, logo and Scottish themed lol
  2. I don't access too a laptop at the moment so only on my phone. It's for my friend who live streams 8ball pool with 60k followers. Just looking for a logo to go on his merchandise
  3. It doesnt have to be anything fancy mate. Just a couple things on it and an image.
  4. Evening all.... I was wondering if anyone here is good with graphics and has a spare 5/10 minutes to design me a logo? Much love to you all. Looks like I'll have alot more time on my hands if my work closes
  5. That's be back too work after being off for 6 weeks . I better have a look at the menu just incase
  6. Itwill be interesting to see if that hagi comes on and makes an impact. Ill predict 3-1 for rangers
  7. Just been dealing with a few problems mate. All is good now so you'll have my shite to put up with
  8. Well hello again members. Guess whos back!! Missed all you crazy guys!!.
  9. I usually check my email daily. came across this email from 888 sport claiming I had a free $5 bet. Didn't even know I was on the website. do claimed the bet and put it on a 4 fold and a 90th minute goal from valencia meant it won. now $100 is £75. So FREE MONEY!!!
  10. It does too me, so I deserve a whisky
  11. Yeah been doing abit of decorating..... Well bought a new a bed, so that counts
  12. Waiting on my takeaway coming then just chilling watching TV. Had a relaxed day off for a change, back tomorrow for a busy weekend.
  13. Having a large glass of rose tonight chilling watching TV . Not in till 12 tomorrow so long lie.
  14. That's crazy! Theres paedophiles who get off Scott free and fraudsters get a heavy sentence. the worlds mad.
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