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  1. MrMacleod


    As you all knew I moved too oban with my lovely girlfriend Rachael a few months ago for a fresh start. I also said that a surprise was in store and was keeping it secret.... The reason we moved was because Rachael was pregnant (think someone called it) and we were expecting a little girl in February, but this morning my world came crashing down. I got a call from work to tell me Rachael collapsed in work and was sent too hospital.... We have lost our little girl :(. So doubt I'll be active for a while.
  2. MrMacleod

    Tonight' dinner.

    Might go down the vegetarian side tonight. Thinking of some Thai sweet noodles with crunchy veg.
  3. MrMacleod


    Oh my lord....
  4. MrMacleod


    I lost all my points many moons ago haha. Think last couple games I bet on. I lost about 50k. Thats me done haha!! Hate betting.
  5. MrMacleod

    Plans for the weekend?

    Quiet weekend for me. Sitting lying in bed with rach watching xmen eating pizza. Back too work tomorrow for myself and her
  6. MrMacleod

    Tonight' dinner.

    My dinner will be of the liquid variety lol. Pints and pints of tennants!
  7. MrMacleod

    Tonight' dinner.

    Love a good pasta bolognaise myself!!
  8. MrMacleod

    Tonight' dinner.

    Chicken goujons in peppercorn sauce with mash potatoes. Lovely.
  9. MrMacleod

    ☀️⛅ ☔ Weather ❄️🌧️🌩️

  10. MrMacleod

    ☀️⛅ ☔ Weather ❄️🌧️🌩️

    Been told he's the parking attendant so there's a fine chance this person had a ticket
  11. MrMacleod

    ☀️⛅ ☔ Weather ❄️🌧️🌩️

    Just abit flooded at the local tesco....
  12. MrMacleod

    Tonight' dinner.

    Simple things for me tonight. Chilli burger and chips.
  13. MrMacleod

    Tonight' dinner.

    Seems like you love your chicken mate. unsure what I'll be having for dinner. Go back too work at 5 so depending on how busy we are tonight, probably make myself a quick snack
  14. MrMacleod

    ☀️⛅ ☔ Weather ❄️🌧️🌩️

    We have severe rain and floods here in oban and Connel, so the weather is quite miserable...
  15. MrMacleod

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