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  1. Mountain Biking

    I can honestly say i havent ridden a bike in about 15 years, i would probably fall off haha!!
  2. The Longest Thread In MFF History.

    Well its really my basement with a couple of wine stands haha!
  3. The Longest Thread In MFF History.

    Its rare we both get a saturday off together so a few friends around, put some music on, raid my wine cellar and get food is on the cards
  4. The Longest Thread In MFF History.

    Im having a couple ciders now. Just waiting on the missus finishing work, thinking of having a few folk around for a wee shindig
  5. Steaks

    Not a fan of mushrooms but i love my fillet steaks on a bed of boulangarie potatoes!!
  6. Steaks

    For my personal opinion i enjoy most of my steaks medium depending on the cut of it. Rump : MEDIUM (quite a cheap cut and can get abit stringy) Sirloin : MEDIUM (usually very thin and could be quite chewy if not cooked long enough). Fillet : MEDIUM/RARE (quite an expensive cut and needs handled with care). Anyway i wont bore you with the rest of the steaks. Below is a picture if a sirloin, so called cooked MEDIUM .... its safe too say i never ate neither paid for it.
  7. The Movie thread

    Green street ft scott adkins. Such an amazing film, hes an incredible actor. Such a good story and had a little twist the end. Definitely 10/10 and would recommened
  8. Do any of you vape?

    Never smoked in my life so see no reason for me to get one of those things but a few of my smoker friends have them and make more use out of them then ciggarettes
  9. Health problem

    Hope all is well then
  10. Grandparents

    My daughter is only 7 so i wont be becomming a grandpa for atleast another 21 years But congrats mate, better start saving up extra pocket money and brush up in your diaper changing skills!
  11. Health problem

    Have you been too see the doctor yet?
  12. Plans for the weekend?

    Will this be your first grandchild then?
  13. The Drinking Thread 2016

    Its not tickety boos, its the balgay bar :)
  14. Next season scottish predictions.

    Hopefully we get more active members too sign up for the forum. Im looking for 10 members mininum to sign up for the scottish predictions
  15. CL Final. Real Madrid v Juventus

    What an absolutely finish!!!. In for great game now!!