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  1. Basic simple food.

    Started a little cheesecake buisness too keep me occupied on my days off. Just another one picked up today.
  2. Plans for the weekend?

    My knowledge of horses is pick a random horse once a year for the grand national. Not a big gambler myself, can't remember the last time i had a bet on.
  3. 28 years ago....

    No I just mean because I'll be drunk I won't remember ?
  4. 28 years ago....

    Off work today and tomorrow. Spending today making cheesecakes and spending tonight forgetting what I was doing this afternoon ??
  5. 28 years ago....

    A LEGEND WAS BORN!! ME!! Let the birthday celebrations begin!! ? ? ? ? ? ?
  6. Still game.

    Watching the new episode of the new series now. Absolutely love it. Seen them live twice, anyone else watch it?
  7. sa does cooking.

    I'm sure you could mate, it's really quite simple
  8. The Drinking Thread

    Only a little bit but have been on the water all day and popping paracetamols all day. In bed already and working all day tomorrow, already dreading it haha.
  9. The Drinking Thread

    Had a good few last night now it's bottles of water for me haha.
  10. Plans for the weekend?

    Ronnie has called me out so might aswell play him ?
  11. Plans for the weekend?

    Off Friday, but have a snooker match with then working the rest of the weekend.
  12. The Drinking Thread

    Nice long weekend for you then :)... Got much planned mate?
  13. The Longest Thread In MFF History.

    I feel like I'm repeating myself here but locke is trying too get online again! What is wrong with this guy, he's desperate too get back
  14. The Drinking Thread

    Off tomorrow so gonna treat myself too a few bottles of wine and get the missus round. So in other words, I'm away get pissed, make Rachael watch masterchef and then fall asleep
  15. sa does cooking.

    Nice little velvet cake made today because I had some free time.