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  1. Hopefully this is okay to post this @boro_boy. If not then just delete To pass in the boredom, ive decided to do what a couple of my friends are doing and Ive started to stream me playing 8ball on miniclip through Facebook. It's a fun way to chat live and make some new friends, you get a good laugh aswell. I would really appreciate even just a follow and a like to the page (it takes 2 seconds). www.facebook.com/Jamesypool
  2. WOW, some clubs will go at any length to try earn money. Clearly putting money ahead of health. Even starting this is selfish and silly.
  3. Cheers mucka. Yeah I'm keeping not too bad thanks. Just trying to keep busy Hope everyone is keeping well here.
  4. Turned the game on for 10 seconds.... This is what it looks like. Nobody is going to watch that
  5. Went right off fizzy juice so that was the next best thing for me
  6. Aww you been missing me here . Yeah I've just had a few things to keep my occupied, haven't had much time to do anything tbh. Now I've got plenty of spare time lol so thought it was the most decent thing to do was to grace you all with my activity again.
  7. I had a glass of prosecco last night, but ive not really been drinking as much. Getting too old for the hangovers, I'm all about the strawberry volvic water now!
  8. This will go ahead for the first weekend of games then all it takes is for 1 player to cough then it'll all be cancelled. It's madness they are starting it back up!
  9. Good afternoon folks. Hope everyone is coping with the isolation :)
  10. Somrthing like this... But hopefully a better attempt than mine.. Somrthing with that text, logo and Scottish themed lol
  11. I don't access too a laptop at the moment so only on my phone. It's for my friend who live streams 8ball pool with 60k followers. Just looking for a logo to go on his merchandise
  12. It doesnt have to be anything fancy mate. Just a couple things on it and an image.
  13. Evening all.... I was wondering if anyone here is good with graphics and has a spare 5/10 minutes to design me a logo? Much love to you all. Looks like I'll have alot more time on my hands if my work closes
  14. That's be back too work after being off for 6 weeks . I better have a look at the menu just incase
  15. Itwill be interesting to see if that hagi comes on and makes an impact. Ill predict 3-1 for rangers
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