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  1. Sky Sports

    I've used loads of streams, I find the free ones are shite, don't mind paying a small fee to have a good steam especially for darts on Thursday and master golf next week. For me it's worth while, get all PPV on it also. Whay do u use?
  2. Sky Sports

    I've looked, no streams for game, use a app called live soccer tv, listing all of the channels that's it would be on. Reply below added 3 minutes later I use Vader streams on Kodi, cost me 12 quid a month. For all UK, US, and Canadian channels. Used it now for about 4 months, has only buffered about twice in that time.
  3. Sky Sports

    What's Sky playing at? Not showing the Villa Blues game.
  4. villa park!

    Haha, the one stands are fine, must give the travelling fans the bare basics.
  5. The Roost!

    Haha, quite a few, and my misuses is a nose also. Haha. Never had any trouble in there, I just like football, can't be bothered with drama.
  6. The Roost!

    Just want to say as a vile fan I think this is a disgrace, have been in roost a few times with my blues mates and also found it to be a nice pub. Hope You can sort these knobs out soon.