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  1. The Ballboy

    The Ballboy - Daily football news!

    Just thought I'd leave a message here, we also have a Facebook page right over here: https://www.facebook.com/theballboyuk/ Make sure to like it, if you want
  2. The Ballboy

    The Ballboy - Daily football news!

    Haha, thanks a lot for that comment, yeah it is a bit recent so Premiership news will be coming soon! And as for the About page, I'm also working on trying to find something better to put in there. But thanks for the feedback, hope you liked it overall and that you'll pay us a visit every now and then!
  3. The Ballboy

    The Ballboy - Daily football news!

    Oh, I'll be honest; please don't Just see it as another resource, another website that you could check amongst all the other big ones!:)
  4. Hey guys! A couple months ago, I started working on my very own project, which was to start a new football-based news website, similar to the likes of Caught Offside, Marca, Bild, just to name a few. A couple days ago, I finally managed to launch the website after spending quite a hefty amount of money on server hosting, domains, designs and whatnot. However, despite having some articles on the website, it seems like it is much harder than I thought to get anyone to read my news, let alone trust them. That is why I come to you, despite my "new member" status, looking for people to trust this website. I always quote my source, so you know I'm not making anything up If you could just visit the website, bookmark it, go on the website every morning and check/read the news just like you would for any other website, that would MEAN THE WORLD to me Anyways, here is the link: http://theballboy.co.uk/home Thank you so much, and remember to follow us on social media!

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