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  1. England v Slovakia

    Cheers RD, will do.
  2. England v Slovakia

    In the interest of balance much better 2nd half so far, and good finish from Rashford.
  3. England v Slovakia

    Fair do's - was a good finish but we still look terrible.
  4. England v Slovakia

    Yep same here. Another case in point - fluffed pass within ten yards, and then a shot sailing twenty feet over the bar. There are plenty of teams in tougher groups doing better with lower-level players (e.g. N. Ireland/Wales in the euros) that prove you can still get results with the right team spirit. A player like Bale would help obviously. Reply below added 4 minutes later Almost on cue - N Ireland 1 - 0 up!
  5. England v Slovakia

    Agreed. So sick of watching the same old bollocks, we look clueless going forward unless we're on the break. Ironically it might work in our favour tonight as Slovakia seem happy to commit even being 1-0 up away in a must-win game for them. Shows how little respect the England team have these days!
  6. England v Slovakia

    Slovakia showing England how you punish poor play. Good for the game, but you can see they don't fear us at all, and with good reason. We can't even hide behind the badge anymore these days.