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  1. No discrimination from me mate.....
  2. During the Liverpool v Manchester City game last Sunday there was an altercation between Raheem Sterling and Joe Gomez. After the players were at St Georges Park for the build up to the game against Montenegro there was another bust up with Sterling grabbing Gomez by the neck and scratching his face...(ooooh, take that you bitch). Southgate decided to send Sterling home and he will not be considered for the game. He then gave a press conference about the situation. I don't know who was to blame for the incident but by what I've read it was Sterling who instigated it. So in my humble I think Southgate has taken the correct course of action but the decision has, according to some reports, divided the thoughts of the other players. Any thoughts ?
  3. Some people have little to moan about....sad, sad individuals.
  4. Harold

    Racism Thread

    More the fool him for apologising. He wouldn't have given orders that it be only whites that should appear for the photo. Seems to be a crime nowadays if there are too many people with white skin involved in anything.
  5. I hadn't a clue what I was getting for tea last night. The wife was away visiting a friend in Kilsyth & she came back with a couple of Bells bridies....had them with chips and beans. Really tasty!
  6. Harold

    The CUNT Thread

    Easier obtained....always a tescos along the road.
  7. I'm with Sutton....Doctor is hiding behind a screen ffs ? Anyway, best exchange for me was...... Referring to Dr Freeman's claim that the testosterone was to treat Sutton's alleged erectile dysfunction, the Australian said: "My wife wants to come here and testify you're a liar"
  8. That wouldn't bother me as long as the buggers sat down if a chance had passed.
  9. But he's not offside (because, as I understand it, only a part of the body that can be used to score a goal can be considered offside) & he cannot be considered to be 'interfering' with play out on the wing surely ?
  10. I agree mate but my point was (& it really has nothing to do with giving a forward benefit of the doubt although I do agree with that sentiment) that if they are going to use this technology then the image clearly shows that there was no part of the forward's body that could be used to score a goal. How the VAR came to that decision is beyond me.
  11. Harold

    The CUNT Thread

    As I've oft said mate....give some people some form of authority and they will always abuse it! PS...after it was chopped off he should be dipped in Sarsons vinegar!
  12. Please don't tempt fate my man.... Carnage....fucking carnage mate....
  13. exactly what is it you don't like about him ?
  14. I'm presuming that offside was given against the player at the top of the photo? If that was given as offside it is wrong. The only part of his body that is in front of the last defender is his hand and you cannot score with your hand. The entire concept is fucking farcical. I agree...ref's call....end off! Imo it has become far too complicated mate.
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