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  1. Harold

    Terrorist attack in France

    and they wonder why we don't want these wanna be (alleged) immigrants kicking about in Calais over here ? Yeah a lot of the terrorists are home grown but a helluva lot are sneaking in posing as asylum seekers.
  2. Harold

    Booked my wedding Venue today

    good lad.
  3. Harold

    Terrorist attack in France

    A small bit of consolation (if any). At least it will save a lot of money putting the swine (used deliberately in a sarcastic manner by me) through the judicial system. Hope he fucking rots...............slowly. https://www.standard.co.uk/news/world/hostages-taken-and-police-officer-shot-at-france-supermarket-a3797461.html
  4. Harold

    Booked my wedding Venue today

    Is this of any use to you ? http://www.sherv.net/horror-emoticons.html
  5. Harold

    Terrorist attack in France

    ISIS bastards at it again. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/03/23/world/europe/france-trebes-attack.html
  6. Harold

    Basic simple food.

    Just had an egg mayo salad roll & savoury cheese salad roll accompanied by a fresh cream fudge donut for brunch bought from a bakers in the town. Bloody tasty they were.
  7. Harold

    Booked my wedding Venue today

    Really ? Must be a tad precarious when you get to the tickly bit mate.....☺️ PS...when you gonna get some decent smileys man.
  8. Harold

    Booked my wedding Venue today

    Lot of saving to be done. Any thoughts about a 'honeymoon' destination ?
  9. Harold

    Another International Break!

    International football simply does not interest me. Plus side for this weekend is that there are League 1 & 2 games on (& NL I believe) with a few on the tv so I'll at least be able to get a coupon on at the bookies.
  10. Harold

    A telephone scam

    If there is anywhere in any post where I have justified people falling for scams outwith the people (they are mentioned previously) who could be at risk in falling for this scam and basically any one that they receive by phone or mail please feel free to point it out. And if you think my sympathy goes out to 'everybody' who is scammed' then you are entirely wrong! Did I call the HMRC number and get a big phone bill for it ?.....Oh, for fucks sake....hahahahha. Actually I did copy & paste.....from an e-mail I personally sent to a chap I know who runs a group which contains a large number of elderly people. It was easier to C & P rather than type the whole thing out again. So your suspicions are askew mate. And as for your comment that it might have been more appropriate to issue a warning about the scam rather than arguing blah, blah, blah ? Eh, what do you think the OP was ? It was yourself & BB that replied to it and due to these replies I responded to them and it developed. It's called debate and here was me thinking you enjoyed a bit of a debate. However if you'd rather not, then that's fine.
  11. Harold

    A telephone scam

    Ah, so it's a case of....I won't answer unless ? Fucking pathetic mate. Yep, everything is in the previous posts so it's there for everyone to see. Back tracking on a grand scale! Your last comment re mentally ill etc is basically an admittance that I was correct in what I previously said. " YOU COME ACROSS AS IF ANYBODY CAN FALL FOR A SCAM" ....I didn't say that, YOU did. A bit Negan like ?.....Jesus wept hahahha. If being 'Negan' like is is arguing a debate and simply not agreeing with you then so be it....I really don't give a fuck...
  12. Harold

    A telephone scam

    Eh? Show me exactly where I said 'anybody' can fall for a scam. FACT is I am well aware that the majority of people in this country should NOT be caught out by these cunts but as I have repeatedly said there is a section of society who can be and are due to the circumstances I mentioned. I'm not talking about daft cunts who think they're getting a deal for cheap designer gear from wherever....You know fine well what I'm on about as I mentioned in the OP. So if you have no sympathy, your prerogative.....on the other hand I do for the section of society who are scammed by low life cunts.
  13. Harold

    A telephone scam

    In what context? There are people out there that live alone who are NOT as astute as you and I. There are some who are elderly who are easily taken in by these cunts, there are younger people (and older) that live alone who are not mentally capable of deciphering what is not right about any form of scam whether it be by telephone or mail , some have relatives some do not. It's very easy to say that everybody has been made aware of such scams as it has widely advertised in some form or another but for some people as I previously mentioned it is the 'retention' of this information that proves fatal. I believe this shows why when you say... i can't see in this day and age, in fact going back a good few years why people would fall for silly scams. As for a scam by phone, that is even more stupid........it shows that your thought on this is flawed to an extent.
  14. Harold

    A telephone scam

    That's correct but you also said......'Nobody and I mean nobody'.