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  1. Harold

    Food Songs.

    No woman no pie......Bob Marley
  2. Agree mate Spot on. We know people from Canaries, Spain, Australia all having returned in past two weeks or less (Canaries was about 3-4 weeks ago) coming back wand being allowed to walk straight out of the airport with absolutely no advice or even temperature checks.
  3. I'm no finance expert mate but imo that can't be done. The Government is spending money hand over fist to try and help workers and businesses see out this crisis along with numerous other things that have to be paid for and when things return to normal (when/if) the economy will have to be revived and trade deals will seriously be required. I understand how you feel all the same.
  4. Harold

    Food Songs.

    Some belters being posted.
  5. well that's going to be difficult in the extreme considering the deal made recently with them for Huawei being involved with part of the 5G network (is that the correct word?). Without checking I don't know what other deals there are.
  6. Harold

    Food Songs.

    Hey Food.....Beatles Life on Mars bars....David Bowie
  7. Harold

    Food Songs.

    Number of the Feast.............Iron Maiden.
  8. My wife is the same....if she sees stuff on offer she will buy it. She does this mainly with loo rolls and kitchen rolls (and coffee) both of which we have a good stock but....................what we have was what we had before this situation started. Since then we have bought two packs of toilet rolls (12 rolls in each) but have given them away to friends.
  9. Our bin collections have been seriously disrupted. Food waste still being done weekly. Blue bin for plastics, tins (emptied every 4 weeks) has been suspended. Burgundy bin for paper, cardboard (emptied every 4 weeks) which was due to be emptied yesterday (ours is chocca) is suspended. Brown bin for garden waste (emptied every 4 weeks) is suspended. Black box for bottles glass jars (emptied every 2 weeks) is suspended. Green bin for general waste (emptied every 4 weeks) is still ongoing. However with this one I have to go to our tip to dump two bags of general waste every month because our bin would be overflowing and not get emptied. But...........the tip has now been closed for the foreseeable future. The council has however said that they will permit TWO extra bags along with your green bin to be put out for emptying (which for us is over two weeks away).
  10. IMMEDIATELY not only for the cruelty they inflict upon animals but also for the filthy conditions in which they operate. It's thought that this current Coronavirus started at one of these markets. Have a read at this if interested. Dirty cunts! https://www.pressreader.com/uk/daily-record/20200327/283708366535542
  11. Harold

    Food Songs.

    Fish, Chips & Rock n Roll......Led Zep Gimme Shellfish....Rolling Stones I am the Walrus supper......The Beatles Chicago Town pizza.....Frank Sinatra
  12. The empty shelves in the below image once contained 'laxative' products They have now been bulk bought by the 'toilet roll' buyers as a form of justification for their earlier despicable actions.
  13. Queues outside Tescos were building up yesterday when we went about 9.40am but they seemed to move fairly quickly. They have hand sanitiser for customer use inside the covered foyer....problem is that people who haven't brought wipes or gloves themselves are having to pick up a trolley before actually getting to the sanitiser.
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