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  1. Righty ho peeps....I'm offski.....Please keep everything sweet this good evening and not having me get up the morra to be hit with shite......Allo Allo here we come.....lol.
  2. No there aint mate. what you keeping from me ya fucker....lol
  3. I am responsible for deleting various posts mate and as BB has said it is not without good reason. Unless it has been simply spam crap I have informed every member of the reason why I have done this & you know fine well that I would never do this lightly. Okay....I'm telling you and every member on here that absolutely NOTHING has been going on behind any member's back who is involved. Due to certain circumstances there have been certain situations (which normally occur during the evenings when I'm in my kip....surprise surprise) where I have, the following day, had to delete certain comments in order that the thread does not deteriorate further....members involved are informed. A situation arose the other day SP (I'm not going into detail) which resulted in a particular 'word' being deleted and the member being informed of this. This action by me resulted in pms between me, BB & said member.
  4. depends if you stop using doking leaves mate....lol.
  5. Harold


    no you can't you cunt.....lol Hint - Famous England footballer (on BT Sport atm)......a TRUE LEGEND _ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ a _ _ _
  6. Harold


    Hint - Famous England footballer (on BT Sport atm)......a TRUE LEGEND _ _ _ _ _ / _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  7. Harold


    walk like an egyptian......lol
  8. the World Cup win was a great achievement Simon.....as an 11 year old that supported my country at the time I wanted England to lose. Over the years I have matured and realised that it was a great moment in British sporting history.
  9. Kriss Donald....mutilated and set alight if I recall correctly....Paki cunts!!!!
  10. Harold


    sphinx ? If not a T please.
  11. No surprise....I wasn't aware but....no surprise mate. I wonder why ?......'Let's not upset' !!!
  12. Harold


    aye, I noticed....Hovering like a fucking vulture....lol.
  13. and a Ding dong Ding dong for you SP
  14. the first image is of Pat....what is Pat's occupation ? Five word title.....although the first word isn't shown but it's no that important.
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