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  1. away to suck on choccy.....have a good evening you filthy animals....lol
  2. he tried to lie his way out of the situation....he was on the forum all day. He wouldn't admit he was wrong & played to the crowd as per. Pander ?....ffs...lol. Nobody was asking him to pander to any cunt. Go back and read it....it's all there. It's well documented in here...go look. Not alleged didn't need to. No ? you must have missed it. Go back and look.
  3. why ? no speculation....simply fact. correct. yes it has...it involved me!...a member here. it has been fully explained on here.
  4. Mags gave out plenty of abuse himself mate. Not really....you only have to loo back at his shit with regards to the horsey competition and his lies there and also his 'Help, I am being stalked' thread......and his creation of a fake account on TF365 in my name.
  5. piece of piss for the dug......lol I am actively searching the facilities to which I have access and seriously considering banning Bastion from participating in this prestigious competition.................I shall of course engage in such activity with no trace.
  6. Not rocking the boat here and in a very lesser extent this guy was absolutely loved by the patrons of M & S in my home town...Tom MacAleer (53) died last week sudden death. Known by everyone who shopped there, had time for everyone....such a nice, decent gut who was a fantastic employee. RIP Tom....unfuckingbelievable! I was honestly shocked when I read our local rag this morning!
  7. The guy is 100% genuine mate. I know him. The rest of your post is spot on!
  8. you think RD ? I've been to Bruges on quite a few occasions and there are areas which look similar.
  9. Aye, as SP said it's a fucker mate. Got a fairly large electric mower....have to use 3 extensions to get to the top of the green ffs. Used to have a petrol mower but I found it too heavy to handle for the bloody intricate parts around raised beds that have to be mown.
  10. Vienna ? SP....if I'm correct just do another one If I'm more than likely wrong.....I'll be back later....grass cutting awaits.
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