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  1. Harold

    Tonight' dinner.

    Yep, you really got that healthy eating by the balls mate.....
  2. Locke, the poster who made the quote you replied to has been banned as a spammer. He/she was warned about a week ago to stick to the topic and keep away from the betting angle because it would have grown due to the hints that were in their posts.
  3. Harold

    Tonight' dinner.

    No....I find I struggle if I do that....all plated tonight.
  4. Harold

    Tonight' dinner.

    Tonight....couple of quarter pounders, a pile of fried onion, chips and beans.
  5. as you will be well aware this thread has NOTHING to do with betting. It is to do with the English Championship. If you continue pushing the betting angle you will be banned. If you, even once, post any links to do with betting anywhere you will be banned. There are numerous forums & threads where you can post about football or virtually anything so I'd be obliged if you actually did that. Thank You in anticipation!
  6. Harold

    Jaguar Land Rover

    Imagine how the German and French car manufacturers are feeling thanks to fucking Barnier. If we get fucked I hope these EU cunts get the same in return!
  7. Harold

    Tonight' dinner.

    going into town this afternoon and will be paying M&S food hall a visit so I'll be getting something from there for tonight.
  8. Harold

    Jaguar Land Rover

    We NEED the Realist's input here!!!!!
  9. Harold

    The Drinking Thread

    7% volume ? Pretty strong for a cider.
  10. Harold

    The Drinking Thread

    Having a few celebratory halfs ( I would have anyway haha) as I have had an excellent weekend with my coupons!
  11. Harold

    The Drinking Thread

    thought you meant Neil Young mate.
  12. Harold

    The Drinking Thread

    Mac, if per chance you meet up wi Locke....get a photy & post it in the forum.
  13. Harold

    South African woman thwarts attempted hijack

    Well done that woman.
  14. Harold

    The Drinking Thread

    Did the bottom of your tumbler cover up (partially) the word...'Arsehole' ?

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