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  1. Eh....would you like to reword that BB ? 'You don't think it will be that bad' ? 'it's Just' old people who are dying'....? They will be the ones who have done more over their lifespan for their country than 'young' people. Quite insensitive if you ask me!
  2. Good man....can't beat the home made scran.
  3. Home made I take it Jeff ? And as for the chips....they real ones, sliced from a potato then done in a chip pan ? On a side note...did you see the other day that a survey showed 1 in 20 people in Britain think potatoes grown on trees ? What a bloody indictment on our society.
  4. What the fuck you on about Trav ?
  5. At the moment the missus is making a large pot of scotch broth....couple of large lumps of oxtail has been flung into the mix. Breakfast for tomorrow & Sunday sorted!
  6. When these people entered, legally I may add, there had been NO reports that it had started as far as I am aware/heard/read. I have already said this to you. Can you show anything to say different ? There's no point coming on bumping your gums about this, that or the next thing without anything to back it up mate. If you CAN show info to the contrary I would have to re-evaluate my opinion but until then I stand firm. agreed. If we've all popped our clogs we wouldny be able to say/blame anything mate.....
  7. Don't be coy mate....I would have expected you to do so.
  8. Obviously this is totally ignored by that blowhard Ian Blackford when you listen to his broken record every time he stand up in the Commons....FREE DOOM!!!
  9. You sound like the Terminator ffs Mak.....
  10. So we do not allow ANYONE from any other country into the UK ? These people were coming in legally ffs and there was no report (as far as I am aware/have read/heard) of this coronavirus being on the go at the time. Ipso facto....no knowledge so what could have been done ? And what exactly are we supposed to NOT have put our own citizens first in respect of bearing in mind what I have just said?
  11. Saturday 25th January Celtic 15:00 Ross County...........1 Hamilton Academical 15:00 Livingston............1 Motherwell 15:00 Hibernian...............1 St Johnstone 15:00 Kilmarnock............1 Sunday 26th January St Mirren 12:30 Aberdeen..................1 Heart of Midlothian 15:00 Rangers..................2
  12. Aw man........total total classic. My first Zep album. What an iconic cover also!
  13. Can't get my around that mate....he used the fucking machete to injure the cop. Nonsensical to me. Agreed.....fucking cop out by the prosecution service....shower of cunts!!! However the jury still have the option to ignore!
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