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  1. as in Steptoe ?.....'Arold!!!!!!
  2. Wee story....the wife and me were visiting friends in Perth W. A. and one day we went to Fremantle and its huge market was on. There was t-shirt stall which did printing and I said to her I was going to buy a t-shirt with the words....' 34 & 1/2, Half hearted bastard me'. Suffice to say she was not amused & I never got my saucy worded t-shirt.......................Had an excellent lunch there mind.
  3. think you've mentioned this before Mak....still find it funny mate. Bastion mate.....you'll be bangaloring while I'm snoring my fucking head off......
  4. On it!!! What Friday's are all about.
  5. Naw, one I'm on about is older than that. Sure it was started before you and the rest came over. Threads now merged.
  6. I'm sure the Realist has already started such a thread. I can't find it so far but if/when I do I'll merge this with it.
  7. Harold

    The Gender Thread

    Okay....they apologised....and ?
  8. Well said Andrew Neil. Seems to be the only political reporter that has the balls to tell them like it is. And ger face ? It's like she believes she shouldn't be spoken to like that!
  9. Harold

    The NEWS Today

    What a warped fucker. He obviously believes that anyone but the migrants are to blame for the drownings so he wants to kill Italian children ? It would have been fitting if he had stayed on the bus as it burned.
  10. what does that actually mean ?
  11. do you mean....Gassed (as in pished)?
  12. Harold

    The Gender Thread

    100% mate....said it for long & weary.
  13. Not all mate, not all. Some of us aren't bitter fucks.
  14. we've never opted for automatic.....wouldn't feel comfortable with it. How long is your car going to be off the road ?
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