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  1. I don't believe so Hairy. A bit of advice considering the rise of anti semitic incidents but as was also reported in the article more will have to be done to combat this rather than soundbites.
  2. Harold

    Funny pics

    this wee burdy is waiting for a tweet...
  3. I'd beg to differ tbh
  4. No surprise here tbh....after winning the Scottish Cup, a treble treble you would have thought he would act accordingly befitting the Captain of the Scottish Champions ? But nup, that serial thug, idolised by the MSM, Scott Brown once again shows how seriously lacking in class he is...
  5. what is there to keep separate ? The democratic results in both referendums are not accepted by those whose vote fell on the losing side. Kinda makes my point even more pertinent imo.
  6. That doesn't suit the remainers Hairy. It was not the result they wanted......just like the separatists up here. What they want is to keep having one until they get the result that suits THEM!
  7. How to summit all up in a cartoon.
  8. This is supposed to be topical/humorous ? Sick cunts including the cartoonist. There appears to be no lines on what 'should be' acceptable nowadays....Tell you what though if you replied to these hipsters in 'our' language they'd whinge like the bitches they are. Fuck off you transgender cunt Lineker....PS...where did he buy these fucking ears ?
  9. Aye. Celtic win 1-2. Good news is I had a good few quid on 3 goals or more.
  10. 1-0 to the Jambos...good play by the young lad Hickey and quick thinking by Claire to backheel the ball to Edwards to score. 1-1....debatable penalty.
  11. A fucking abomination of a game. A disgraceful display from both teams. Sideways, backwards, back to goalie....Hearts have on at least three occasions been deep into the Celtic half but within 3 passes it was back to the keeper...Berra is the main culprit for passing back with no cunt within 20 yards of him. Hearts are allowing Celtic to play this shite as they have no interest in closing them down. But Celtic have been guilty of constant sideways and backwards passing also. Scott Brown is a master at this....when nobody closes him down & some folk think he is a class midfielder. As I said...a fucking awful game that really doesn't deserve a winner going by what has been played so far! Armless, waterproof polythene tops I'll have you know! They were bought in bulk mate.....
  12. Actually I'm going to have to eat some humble pie here (but I have an excuse as I explained above). Apparently the programme started at 2pm. The wife has just checked the tv bit of the Saturday magazine and confirmed that. Fuck, I didn't even switch it onto BBC Scotland because of what the TV menu showed!
  13. Just checked channel menu and just noticed that the BBC Scotland Cup final coverage commences at.........3pm, yep at fucking kick off time. What a disgrace! The Cup Final used to have at least a couple of hours build up on the telly showing bits and bobs from the teams involved, highlights of both teams paths to the final, former cup finals and a bit of trivia. But now they're showing a no knob programme called 'Money for Nothing' from 2pm-3pm. Fuck off BBC Scotland. Christ, even the other broadcaster giving live coverage, Premier Sports (a subscription channel) have the build up on at the moment.
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