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  1. SPL Match Day Discussion

    3 points are 3 points but my God, performances like that are NOT good for the old ticker.
  2. Chris Froome - Another Cycling Cheat

    Innocent until proven guilty remember. The medications athletes take nowadays always seem to have some substance in them that can take them over the acceptable legal limit. This is simply from my 'layman's' point of view as it's quite complicated.
  3. Man Flu!

    Shower o' pussies . Only had the cold once in the past four years. Only thing untowards with me (apart from the dentists) in the past few years was a few months ago when I had to go to the hossie due to a kidney stone - by fuck that was painful. So, man the fuck up men!
  4. I was talking about different houses. The post didn't say they all resided in the same house.
  5. Gotcha but perhaps it is different people watching it for these 18 days.
  6. Must be my age I haven't a fucking clue what this is about
  7. Glitches

    Why have I been getting 'complete your profile' message when trying to change threads all of a sudden?
  8. Poland!

    As I said in other threads....EU=a totalitarian institution which accepts NO dissent.
  9. Weather

    and an impatient, hungry bastard
  10. Basic simple food.

    You dead yet ?
  11. Deal agreed in Brexit talks - Juncker

    Of course they have an awful lot to lose. They'll realise that when it hits home - IF the UK doesn't agree to what the EU wants but tbh I believe the UK will concede again. May is weaker than watered down cats piss. Remember she was a 'remainer'! You'll have to explain your reasoning about Polish burds though, you got a notion there or what ?
  12. Deal agreed in Brexit talks - Juncker

    I agree it's a point to be considered strongly but do the EU suits actually give a fuck about the 'working man' in the individual countries ? I don't believe so as it has always appeared that their main (only) concern is the survival of the institution. As you previously mentioned elsewhere...we import more from the EU than the other way about.
  13. Basic simple food.

    Ah, right. Our chips are from real tatties, then put in the chip pan.
  14. Basic simple food.

    SW chips ?