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  1. Harold

    Word Association

  2. Harold

    Tonight' dinner.

    It will probably be just be a snack for me tonight. We were out earlier and went to a local Wetherspoons. Wife had a chicken burger with chips and a glass of rose wine....I had battered haddock, chips and mushies and a pint of soda water and lime. Tell you what, we both said it was excellent grub and cost less than £13. Great value...will be back soon.
  3. Harold

    Word Association

  4. Harold

    Word Association

  5. Harold

    Word Association

  6. Harold

    Word Association

  7. Harold

    Tonight' dinner.

    Beef olives with mash, carrots and gravy....something along the following lines but no peas or turnip...very tasty....
  8. Harold

    Football quiz questions

    Bugger. That was my only possibility. I just don't know. Seeing it's been up for a few days any chance of giving the answer seeing nobody has got it ?
  9. Harold

    Word Association

  10. Harold

    What book are you reading ?

    Is it an East Reader ?..............Geddit ?
  11. Harold

    What book are you reading ?

    Been reading all afternoon....almost finished Past Tense by Lee Child (Jack Reacher book). Really enjoyed it.
  12. Harold

    Word Association

  13. Harold

    Word Association

  14. Harold

    Word Association

  15. Holy fuck....hope the search & recovery goes well.

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