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  1. I didn't ffs (it was so obvious Stevie Wonder seen it mate)....that's why I replied as I did.....
  2. Harold

    The NEWS Today

    Before I comment I'd like to know who made the decision not to allow this ? 9 years.....British Justice eh?
  3. Welcome Phil....we have an introduction thread. Give a bit of info mate....location, team, shoe size etc etc. Anyway.....nice to have you on board....post away & enjoy.
  4. Never heard of used newspapers ffs? Fucks sake Norm, ye'd think ye were on the breadline.
  5. Aye, was there almost 50 years ago when on a school cruise. Being young, inquisitive and very fucking horny we traded Esso World Cup coins for porn mags.........Lovely looking blondes gaun about.
  6. Wasn't aware of this but.....this rocker is a bluenose...
  7. Harold

    The Gender Thread

    This fucking weirdo was a burd who wanted to be a man ? He changed (?) sex to be a man but wanted a baby (men cannot give birth) which he had (only females can give birth irrespective of what any cunt says) and no doubt the poor wee sod emerged via the womb and vagina (which women have & men do not) but the weirdo maintains he wants to be registered as the child's father ? Where the fuck do these cunts emerge from ? Loopylooville ? The reason,imo, that this sad state of affairs has got to this position is because for so long the authorities have listened to, been conned by, accepted without argument that these minorities have a legitimate claim (Don't forget the Human Rights Act introduced in this country in 1998 by Bliar and which has been seriously & serially abused and allowed to be abused but the European Court of Human Rights) and have pathetically failed to challenged this perversion of the law! No doubt there will be an outrage regards the judge's deliberation by the trans/snowflakes....Hey, dry your fucking eyes and get on with it like the rest of us have to!
  8. FFS Norm ye'll have us in tears soon.....ye go tae food banks back in the day ?......
  9. Probably mate...fuck all on STV news about 'Man overboard' so far....
  10. There will be no 'criminal' charges brought against the club mate....just waiting on civil cases being initiated....may take time but it will happen unless there is a complete turn around and out of court settlements are offered, but that would be admitting responsibility.
  11. Apart from the jammies....check oot the walking stick.....
  12. a close up.... cannot recall them making an appearance in my neck of the wood.
  13. This dude was on the ferry to Cairnryan this morning apparently....and if you hit search google it comes up with 'Military Uniform'....couldny make it up....
  14. Is Simon Dean a fucking crack addict ?

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