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  1. Harold

    Shamima Begum

    Oh please....fuck off! Anyone seen her new born child yet ? All I've seen is her holding a bundle of cloth.
  2. No worse/better than any other country. I watch a lot of English games and some of the decisions (after replays) are shown to be ludicrous. Every cunt can be wise after the event especially when there are so many replays.
  3. I doubt it. Tbh almost every team has moaned and whined about refs decisions, some justified, some not. It's the done thing nowadays
  4. Wouldn't bother me at all. Will they have better abilities than what we have and be immune from errors ? Doubt it very much.
  5. same as pub quiz. Not got time the now. Problem is so few members come on and it can be hours between appearances.
  6. Harold

    Pub Quiz

    seems to have died a death mate.
  7. Harold

    Shamima Begum

    Good. However cue...legal appeals. Having said that I forlornly hope that NO legal aid is afforded any lawyer acting on her or her family's behalf. And as for that lilly livered Tory MP Freeman and that other spud Lib Dem MP....Fuck off,....she is NOT our responsibility. She can fucking rot where she is!
  8. Hope you get a result but feel you're on to plums mate. This system of putting in your reg no is a fucking con. All it's for is to stop someone passing on their ticket for the time left. If you buy a ticket for 2 hours (which is to occupy the space for that time) but are only there for 30 mins, morally why should any other car not be allowed to utilise the space & remaining time? Low life scum these parking firms!
  9. Harold

    Shamima Begum

    Had a thought. Her and her family having been saying she wants to come here (I try and not say home as she shat on her home country the moment she left to join IS). No doubt about it, she will be allowed to come here. However, give her NO assistance whatsoever & let her make her own way back. She made her own way to Syria so she's used to it. The minute she enters this country she must be arrested and interviewed. She won't be charged or jailed but she must NOT be given ANY benefits, financial or housing, whatsoever. And...no fucking husband should be allowed in because that will be the next demand!
  10. Yep, you certainly know how to treat a lady. I had a dry day yesterday. Few today though.
  11. Harold

    Shamima Begum

    I see her family have been saying the the Government should help to get her here. Aye, very good. Saw her on BBC news earlier....still no remorse!
  12. Harold

    Shamima Begum

    She has shown absolutely no remorse, hasn't been fazed with what she has seen or done, is sorry that she had to leave her comrades, who she describes as brave, to go to some refugee camp. She made the decision to leave and managed to get over there without UK assistance....now she and her family want the UK government to help get her back ? Nup, she made her bed so can rot in it! You know what though ? She will be allowed back in and as for this pish about her potentially being interviewed, charged....utter bollox. Life on benefits is what appeals to the wee bitch....oh & the use of the NHS to deliver her child. Next thing will be her partner/husband wanting to come over & so fucking on!!!
  13. Harold

    The 2nd Day.

    with you 100% on that. I like how you say...you treat them all differently yet you treat them all equally. I can understand that and THAT is what management is about.
  14. Harold

    2019 So far!

    No change. Another year, same old shit. Still loving retirement though.
  15. Harold

    The 2nd Day.

    Is this to do with the 'praying' ?
  16. We've been to Wetherspoons in Cumbernauld a couple of times recently. It had been a lounge bar previously and they just moved in & done it up a bit. Food was excellent and very reasonable.
  17. Merged with Longest thread but still in the Pub.
  18. Probably correct. I actually forgot about that one when I started this.
  19. Not a roof but still....
  20. Cos they know there is a Boro fan who is easy to wind up, sitting getting fucking wound up about it......
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