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  1. Harold

    Climate Change

    Seems Emma Thomson thinks it okay for her to use dirty energy to fly but castigates others for not doing enough (in her opinion) to combat (so called) climate change. She wouldn't know the meaning of hypocrisy if it bit her on the arse. Fuck off back to America Emma.
  2. She's a glutton for punishment. In charge of the disasters that are education, NHS, law & order but which are dismissed, she now wants another 'once in a lifetime' separation referendum. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-politics-46905024
  3. you can always pm me mate.
  4. haven't a clue what's going on mate.....that's me & no McCoist.
  5. Of course I see points but I am permitted to disagree with them....that is what debate is about. I originally asked re your link because there was nothing in it that indicated that I was incorrect in my initial comments about headwear....therefore I asked....what your point was ? No need to get personal Hairy....think you're taking it too serious mate.
  6. and with this comment.....point being ?
  7. I believe he is detested for 2 or 3 reasons. He puts USA first above every other country (& rightly so), He says what he means and doesn't dilute his words to appease, he was expected to fail when in fact he is succeeding, the economy is doing well and he doesn't give a fuck for hand wringing left wing liberals. And his refusal to go along with those who have predicted doom unless everyone accepts and embraces climate change (he announced that the USA will withdraw from the Paris agreement on climate change). Basically he is detested because he cannot be manipulated.
  8. I know Norm....I just made it up off the cuff.
  9. your new nickname from now on shall be the Todger.
  10. No letting you away with that mate.....it was...'HE cried out yikes'. You can't just go about changing words to show there was no poofteresque act involved.....
  11. I have a feeling you didn't really need to stick your neck out mate.......
  12. Yesterday on the Chase there was a female (I'm not even going to go on about the fact that the cowardly fucking bitch won £6K but went for only £1K as the lowest offer in her round with the chaser)....who was asked a quite simple question (imo). Her answer was simply hilarious and I was rolling about laughing in disbelief that ANYONE could be so fucking THICK!!! Q - In the United Arab Emirates a beauty pageant is held annually for which 'humped' animal ? Her answer..........an elephant. I despair at some people, I really do!
  13. Please have all predictions in by 12.15pm, Saturday, 27/04/2019 Saturday, 27/04/2019 Celtic v Kilmarnock Hamilton v Livingston Motherwell v Dundee St Mirren v St Johnstone Sunday, 28/04/2019 Hibs v Hearts Rangers v Aberdeen My predictions Saturday, 27/04/2019 Celtic v Kilmarnock 1 Hamilton v Livingston 1 Motherwell v Dundee 1 St Mirren v St Johnstone 1 Sunday, 28/04/2019 Hibs v Hearts 1 Rangers v Aberdeen 1
  14. Harold

    Climate Change

    Yeah....this is really the way to do with those prosecuted over disruption in London... https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/environment/first-climate-activist-successfully-prosecuted-over-latest-extinction-rebellion-protests-escapes-fine/ar-BBWdoWM?li=BBoPWjQ&ocid=mailsignout That'll make them think about doing it again......
  15. Utter madness and grand standing. If religion stops a player/s from drinking it then they simply do not partake. How they (FA) can consider it as offensive to actually have the champagne present in the dressing room simply shows that they are indulging in discrimination.
  16. Don't know what point you're trying to make Hairy. I did have a read at the link btw,
  17. Another appeasing cunt. Don't understand why they 'have to' appease Islam. Telling you mate, they are taking over....and I'm fucking sick to death about all this shite about integration and when anything goes wrong....it's a minority and we should not condemn! I'm at the stage where I am very wary about any muslim! I hate to say that but it's how I feel.
  18. Think we can all agree....a total CUNT!!!!
  19. That slimy wee spunk drip Owen Jones has already been on Sky News (that bitch Burley seems to like him) stating that there will be protests. Serious question....Who is this cunt, what does he do officially, what connection does he have with politics other than being a left wing snowflake cunt ?
  20. On a similar note Norm....we were in Tescos last Thursday morning and there was a very shapely 30 something lady wearing short tight black shorts and a lemon coloured tight t-shirt....had a bra on but her coat hangers were very visible. Unfortunately the wife decided to go the other way down the aisle. If I had have been in myself I'd have been up and down the same aisles as lemon top.
  21. Based upon what I am aware of how authorities behave and believe that they are our masters and not the other way around, the fact that so much has been kept from public ears in the past.....coupled with what you have posted....I am in the deliberate camp.
  22. The daft cunt phoned me back 5 minutes later again asking if I was in front of my computer. This time I told him I was on the roof of my house. Okay he said, I'll phone later when you get down. Don't fucking bather ya daft bastard, I'm taking the piss...now fuck off I politely added.
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