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  1. I expect it at Ibrox Mak but at home ? Pathetic. Having said that I still believe our build up is far too slow in midfield and when we get to and around the 18 yard box trying to pass the ball through just doesn't work with so many defenders....two options imo....have a pop or get the ball wide & stick in cross after cross.
  2. 253 for 6....this will be close methinks.
  3. 0-1 Gers & would you believe it....a brilliant freekick from.....yep, Barisic. Might do his confidence a bit of good!
  4. What the hell is going on....such a slow pitty patty build up....one clear chance 2 minutes in....trying to pass the ball through a 10 man defence. Once again Barisic has been given a chance & once again (so far) has failed. 90% of the time he gets a pass & immediately it goes back the way....a lack of confidence maybe but....need to hook him. Kamara isn't doing much for me either. Overall it is much to slow allowing St Mirren to get men back. A lot of socks will have to be pulled up 2nd half.
  5. Aye...should be a decent bit of viewing....could go either way imo.
  6. Harold

    The NEWS Today

    Surely nobody should be surprised by this considering..... Councillors on Glasgow City Council’s public processions committee decided not to ban the band. They are being probed by police following a Facebook post apparently showing "overt" support for a terrorist organisation.
  7. .............but...........
  8. Fully expect Rangers to do the business in this early kick off. Hopefully plenty goals. Unfortunately all eyes will be on our support after the UEFA action. I really hope that those in attendance take it on board and cut out the offensive songs/chants....somehow I feel the club will be let down due to the attitudes of some of the posts I've read on FF....hope I'm wrong though.
  9. I didn't know that. Was his dad in the services ?
  10. he has just had a slice of 'No Deal' pie.
  11. Nup....but I didn't say you did. It was a question based upon the numerous adverse comments you made about the pitch. Well, with all due respect, they are all former professional players and I would say that they would have more insight than your good self. I would call it....ups & downs. You have to take the good with the bad. I agree Hairy but this has been taking place for many many years.
  12. Quite simply Mr Tusk....go and fuck yourself....we don't want you or your totalitarian institution. Have a word with the Hamburg authorities and workers how they will do after No Deal you smug cunt! https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/uknews/tusk-boris-johnson-must-not-become-known-as-mr-no-deal/ar-AAGgGCk?li=BBoPWjQ&ocid=mailsignout
  13. Aldis BBQ ribs and M&S oven chips.....
  14. So you know better than the experts ? 145 for 3.
  15. Don't disagree with investigations into his behaviour....but for parity's sake why don't we have investigations into EVERY politician? Doesn't matter whether it is a sexual complaint or a financial one or any any kind of inappropriate behaviour....the cunts should be outed!!!
  16. you are in deep trouble mate....seriously, deep trouble.
  17. Tbh I haven't heard any of the pundits/commentators ie: Hussein, Gower, Warner, Holding et al make any comment about a bad wicket.
  18. England doing not too bad...now 87 for 2.
  19. Just for info....the Celtic v Hearts game isn't played until tomorrow.
  20. bad one by Cummins .....caught Denly on the helmet. Thankfully he's ok.
  21. Harold

    The Nature Thread

    didn't need one....they had Bells.
  22. England 15 for 1. 15 for 2....Roy, bowled Cummins.

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