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  1. Harold

    The NEWS Today

    ............ You'll wonder where the yellow went When you brush your puss with Pepsodent! (to paraphrase an oldish tv advert)
  2. Harold


    Totally agree Hairy...I'm slightly bemused by this word....never heard of it in my puff. I've got to say though...I wonder why the PC or feminist brigade have been screaming about it.
  3. Harold

    Kay Burley

    Hence why I am over the moon that she's been down graded to an AM shift....won't need to listen to her biased shite any time soon!
  4. Hope the cunt has a few kleenex and a big cock....so he can dry his fucking eyes then go fuck himself! Long live the UK....Fuck the EU!!!
  5. Harold


    the fuck is 'titlist' ? I thought it was gonna be about her tits but fucked up a couple of minutes iof my life opening the link!
  6. Roast beef, roast tatties, carrots, peas drizzled with a lovely gravy......followed by (if I'm able) an apple crumble and ice cream.
  7. 3-0 at halftime. Hoots mon there's a moose loose aboot the hoose......Nanananananananana
  8. 2-0....McGinn with a tap in. Kilties in the stands are going wild.
  9. Just in case anybody is interested & as there is no thread for off the cuff comments. If Scotland cannot win this then there is absolutely no hope.
  10. I've said for long and weary that these remain cunts have no interest in honouring the referendum and the triggering of article 50. Johnson could have the best deal in the world that has been agreed by the EU (I wouldn't take that agreement at face value though) but the remainers have absolutely no interest in leaving.....Now we see it quite blatantly...shower of self serving, lying, hypocritical cunts!!! https://www.msn.com/en-gb/news/brexit/labour-remainers-warn-leave-mps-dont-help-johnson-win-his-brexit-deal/ar-AAII00k?li=BBoPWjQ&ocid=mailsignout
  11. Unlikely mate....doesn't ko till 5pm.
  12. Saturday 19th October Celtic 15:00 Ross County...............1 Hamilton Academical 15:00 Hibernian.............2 Kilmarnock 15:00 Livingston................1 Motherwell 15:00 Aberdeen...................1 St Mirren 15:00 St Johnstone..............1 Sunday 20th October Heart of Midlothian 12:15 Rangers...................2
  13. I do believe around 4pm I shall pour myself a spicey capn & DC & raise a glass to................Sunday! Then at 5pm I'm gonna torture myself......watch Scotland v San Marino before tea arrives.
  14. Why the fuck you even try and kid yourself on (and us) that you are going to stop is quite amusing. You can't because you like it too much...admit it, you are a lush, a vodka induced human hangover......... BB on it.....
  15. Bet ye were actually knocking one off eh ?....... Don't know if you noticed but an anagram of her name is......Huge Cock Here I would presume that you have noticed that I am dyslexic.
  16. Sushi munchers 21 v 7 See you Jimmies
  17. The aforementioned Holly M Barker, as you would expect, appears to be a highly intelligent person so why she feels the need to comment on a fucking cartoon character is quite mystifying ..... https://scholar.google.com/citations?user=wV3so2YAAAAJ&hl=en However, here is an image of her.... and I'm not surprised.
  18. Well here is one ending that certainly goes down pretty damn fine with me but.....the family of the deceased are spitting feathers and have jumped on the moral high horse....fucking ignorant hypocrites....have a read and listen to the video.... https://nationalfile.com/family-of-robber-shot-by-dollar-general-clerk-say-clerk-should-not-have-had-firearm/
  19. the alleged 'academic' author is aptly named.....Professor Holly M Barker........
  20. That would be a sight mate....how about the Scots ?.....
  21. I wasn't aware of any of that Hairy but as I really have no interest in the running I wouldn't have a strong opinion either way.
  22. they don't have to....they could ignore the Haka and loosen up some other way. Perhaps because they have better players within the team unit ? They aren't actually gonna do that..... Only if I was of the opinion that it could actually result in getting my throat cut. Nah....it's good entertainment......
  23. Harold


    That's fair enough Bastion.....I wasn't aware of any such displays and if Doc had mentioned that I'd never have made the post. As I said....no probs.
  24. Harold

    Climate Change

    Thank fuck.....if she had won the entire universe would never had heard the end of it. I'm sick of people pussy footing around this fucking mouthpiece just because she is a 16 year old autistic child. She is being used but accepts it so she should be severely questioned instead of being fawned over.

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