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  1. no E mate.....having to go to dentist shortly and won't be back till after 4pm. hint - could be everlasting but may depend on how friendly she is _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  2. no L mate hint - could be everlasting but may depend on how friendly she is _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  3. hint - could be everlasting but may depend on how friendly she is _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  4. you got it my man and don't spend it all at once....lol
  5. "In addition to the enhanced live coverage, Season Ticket Holders will also receive access to an exclusive match preview show and a ‘Lite’ digital copy of the Match Day programme." It all kicks-off with our home match against St Mirren on Sunday, August 9. With Niko Katic, Neil McCann, Alex Rae, and Emma Dodds presenting the live pre-match, half-time and post-match shows and Clive Tyldesley on commentary duties. Unique access codes have been shared via email to season-ticket holders which are valid for all SPFL home matches. Over 26,000 seas
  6. ..............but only one part
  7. I'm surprised you like any rock music....thought that genre wasn't for you mate.
  8. how did your night in the tent go mate ?
  9. Harold

    Britain Today

    Agree with you Norm but No. My last station had a fucking huge area to cover and , especially during 2pm-11pm & 11pm -07am shifts, we doubled up instead of one cop doing the top half and one doing the bottom. Changed days now mate. Irrespective of what these police mouthpieces say on tv, they have no interest ultimately in officer safety.
  10. Harold

    Britain Today

    not enough cops to double up mate. I maintained ever since I joined back in the day that simply for corroboration cops must be doubled up....and there are situations where one cop simply cannot handle a violent offender....no shame in that but their leaders don't see it that way (you know, the ones that have hardly worked the streets). There were many situations where I was grateful I had a partner or I was a goner!
  11. yeah he was sent off. correct mate. self thought Big men in their wee corner in the stadium when they are allowed free reign....shitebags elsewhere!
  12. was thinking more...Watford mate ?
  13. No....flowing perfectly. I have lost a temporary filling mate and don't want anything that I may have to crunch on.....hopefully get a phone call tomorrow from dentist.
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