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  1. The Denier Party members.....wouldn't know democracy if it bit them on the arse...Scum & no mistake!
  2. 2 burgers, chips, beans and fried onions....2 slices of bread & butter.
  3. Quest ? Fucking Quest ? I'll tell you about Quest! There is a show on Mon-Fri ......Wheeler Dealers that I like but the last week or so it has been fucked due to Scottish Snooker Championship Cunts!!!
  4. Fucking tube....that is what you call someone who has not a clue as to the real world...Labour at any cost for these cunts! Fuck them.
  5. Link for live scores folks.... https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/scottish-premiership/scores-fixtures
  6. Grant later criticised the electoral system that had failed to return the result he wanted It's not the Messiah....it's a naughty, naughty electoral system. Did you watch the video Norm...Gaun yersel Piers.
  7. Not really....it was quite obvious. Never interested me....most of the CID that I knew were so far up there own arses I wouldn't have enjoyed working with them. I was content working the streets.
  8. Funnily enough as much as the newschannels were reporting all day on the election and I had them on and flicking channels I never once saw or heard anything about him....fantastic.
  9. Used to watch when Annie was on the go....sure it was called Emmerdale Farm in they days.
  10. It isn't supposed to....it's only a forum. Don't you be worrying your little cotton socks mate.
  11. Aye I did....I said 'fairly smoothly'.... Absolutely not.....but there was no hypocrisy in the posts you're on about.
  12. She was on the news last night that will request an agreement next week...she will be politely told BY Boris to fuck off back to getting Scotland in order with the devolved powers they have that they have made such a mess of!
  13. With Diet Coke mate....I have never taken any spirit without a mixer.
  14. Dry day today...yup....on a Friday....had to pick the wife up at the train station then we went for a meal.
  15. Very pleased especially for Soubry (that'll teach her to fuck off her constituents!) and that two faced rat Grieve...fuck them both!
  16. Excellent news...let's see how it pans out though.
  17. Just listening to Mumsnet Swinson on Sky News atm....what a fucking whinging idiot she is.....Nice pair of tits but a whinging idiot. We're all going to die. Oh and like Corbyn, she also is going to reflect.....don't stand in front of the mirror darlin'.............
  18. The wife is away to A Play, a pie & a pint which is a humorous panto held every year in a pub in Glasgow with the Ramblers so I'm taking the opportunity to wrap Christmas presents which I am hopeless at....still, got them done in a fashion. Only one to get and that will be next week. Phew! What I originally posted as an edit here was about Mumsnet Swinson and should have been in the GE19 thread ffs!
  19. In the video....who is that gobby, denier labour cow ?......
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