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  1. I'll check that out later mate.
  2. Aye, had a day off last Monday. Intended having a day off the day but my car was in for its annual service and its 1st MOT.....thought it was going to be a right few quid but only £125....Reasons to be cheerful part one! Doubt it....can't be arsed with pissheads tbh! Don't mind the cheaper booze mind ye!
  3. Seriously gobsmacked...I mean SERIOUSLY GOBSMACKED.....bint on Tipping Point final was asked.... Q....Which island/s is on the Pacific Ocean Options....Balearics, Fiji or Maldives.. She answered............................The Balearics. Now this was a woman in her 40's ffs. That is fucking atrocious!!!!!!
  4. Btw....in case anyone is wondering....I is on it.
  5. as long as you're no taking the piss then my apologies. Must be a Middlesbrough thing.
  6. different thing mate.....that's a scrappy who are solely metal collectors. You youngsters eh ?....
  7. Harold


    why not ? It a favoured takeaway from the chippy and I lurv them.
  8. Harold


    And I'll wager you don't get King Rib suppers abroad....major FAIL!
  9. Over to Bastion...would you do her....presuming you found the love box ?
  10. On a similar theme...this is the Saudi Arabia team that won the under 16, yes under 16 World Cup in 1989 at Hampden...
  11. But the company will allow utter shite such as the following... https://www.nationalreview.com/2016/08/stop-using-gofundme-things-are-dumb-please/
  12. This picture has been niggling me as I was certain I had seen that cunt before but I couldn't put my finger on it. But today I got it. George Foreman was set up by a troll because the cunt in the picture is/was Raoul Moat who murdered two people then shot a cop but was tracked down and blew his own brains out. This was the cunt that when he was cornered by Police, yopu may recall Gazza arrived on the scene offering to take grub to him & speak to him. https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/news/north-east-news/george-foreman-vows-get-twitter-16469568
  13. Norm....I've just noticed there was another similar thread so they're merged now mate.
  14. when I was about 10 or 11 we went for a caravan holiday to Arbroath. The week before I had had a dose of the runs but I felt I was okay. One day I went to a kind of play area which was about a mile from the caravan park. Started playing on a trampoline but then I felt the bowels start to move. I ran as fast as I could to a nearby public loo but didn't make it. I was scared to tell my mum so I cleaned myself up and dumped the soiled underpants in the cistern (couldn't put them in the outside bin because there was a couple sitting there). Anyway, I didn't let on to my mum but at the end of the week when she was packing she said that there was a pair of my underpants missing. Not a clue what happened to them said I with a look of innocence on my face. Couple of years ago I had a really strong dose of sneezing and one them caused a follow through.....luckily I was near the bathroom.
  15. Aliens do exist. Has no cunt seen that documentary 'ET' ? It was a documentary wasn't it ? As for ghosts....I dunno. Haven't experienced any as yet (apart from Casper) but I wouldn't write them off.
  16. Yep, Leo is still around & is 11 this year. We also took in another stray coming up 3 years ago....Sooty is da name. No more though.
  17. Harold


    Been to Germany once....mid 90's to watch the Gers against Borussia Dortmund (2-2). Coldest I have ever been, well it was December iirc and it was freezing with snaw blasting down most of the day.
  18. Eh ? Not going to be ? ..........belter BB. That's called a 'whapitoffectomy' !
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