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  1. Starter or Dessert.

    Everything I have said is perfectly clear. Very occasionally have a starter usually with Indian food. Now let us move on...
  2. Starter or Dessert.

    I usually very occasionally have a starter. It wasn't difficult to fathom.
  3. Host Change Complete

    I only have two of the square boxes.
  4. Starter or Dessert.

    To be honest that is me too Harold. Very occasionally I might have a starter if it is Indian food.
  5. Manchester United-Transfer

    Chelsea are looking at Sanchez too.
  6. Rowett obviously fancies his chance of getting Derby promoted.
  7. That was all part of Ferguson's agenda. He intimidated refs off field while his players did it on field. It worked to a degree.
  8. I would imagine all of it has taken money to fund mate. Nothing for free in this day and age.
  9. Giggs appointed

    He has no experience. Can't stand the bloke! I dare say Ferguson is only a phone call away though.
  10. Starter or Dessert.

    I tend only to have one beer when I am out having a meal.
  11. Cyril Regis

    I can't believe he only won five England caps.
  12. Starter or Dessert.

    I like them both equally as much. Usually have a starter though.
  13. Hard Sun - BBC Iplayer

    Oh and me. It was epic!
  14. Hard Sun - BBC Iplayer

    Yes, very good. In the same manner as the Night Manager. Gonna start watching Castles.
  15. Celebrity Death Thread 2018!

    Dan Gurney, one of the greatest Formula 1 drivers of the 1960s and a towering figure in motorsport, has died aged 86. Fook me they are all kicking bucket today! Never heard of her to be fair.