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  1. The Drinking Thread

    Do you need a Kleenex? A little cheese with your whine? Grow up you big girl! And you reckon you can drop Fowler? FFS.
  2. The Drinking Thread

    It is ok for him to call me a kiddy fiddler first though? @boro_boy Grow up and stop crying you girl. What a pansie you are! Reply below added 1 minute later I'm off to watch Andy Pandy on TV. Lol.
  3. The Drinking Thread

    From what you've heard? From what I've heard your Mrs loves it up the bum.... Don't dish it out if you can't take it. Reply below added 4 minutes later So girls, get me banned by your constant crying... Hardly a step forward is it. I post here every day. RD posts once a week in the hope of getting me banned cos he knows I have a bigger todger. Grow up!
  4. The Drinking Thread

    It shows. You only come on here once a week pissed up. Keyboard warrior you are.
  5. Oh relax you bore.
  6. Racist Labour party.

    I could happily takes cosh to him. Is Galloway worse?
  7. The Drinking Thread

    Oh yeah. Like you was at Rocky Lane and have offered it to the Mighty Fowler in Sutton? Who in their right mind believes this?
  8. The Drinking Thread

    I ain't fat though
  9. The Drinking Thread

    I am just heading out now to drink heavily.
  10. Fulham are beginning to look menacing.
  11. I suffered a similar break in a kick boxing match. I carried on though!
  12. The Moon?!

    Do you even know who Dave Grohl is?
  13. Starter or Dessert.

    Are you BB's parrot?
  14. The Moon?!

    It only follows you around. My life is sunshine and song.
  15. Host Change Complete

    Yeah I had that too.