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  1. Would you like a tissue? Grasser. Fowler awaits!
  2. I know. Twitchy bum time for one side of Manchester. City look like they could clear the lot up this season.
  3. Angel Breath in the first race of the first day will be there or thereabouts.
  4. Top man Harold! Aren't you supposed to be a senior manager big rufty tufty Zulu Warrior? You sound like a ten year old girl with your crying. Don't post in her if you are not comfortable! Simples!
  5. Saw these guys many, many times. Donnington, Milton Keynes, Pittsburgh on a round stage. Fucking Awesome!
  6. Forget anything else....This is just the best ever. Better than porn!
  7. I am all for wooden floors. Sawdust anyone? Oh shut up crying you girl! Like a fricking two year old you are! Don't post here then!
  8. Oh shut up you cry baby. No one likes a grasser! We measured and mine is bigger. You being in the FA Cup means nothing. It has City's name all over it.
  9. What a transphobic statement to make! Enough with your hate speech! She has distanced herself from those comments today.
  10. Why? He is all gob. Fanny he is! Calm down....You will win as much as Aston Villa this year.
  11. Not a roller coaster in the world I won't ride. The previous roller coaster on top of the Stratosphere was worse.
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