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  1. I had a nice meal with colleagues yesterday. Today I am getting a quote for some work that needs doing on the house then running Grandson to his other Grandparents. After, I plan to chill watching darts, farting and eating.
  2. Leftovers from last night's Indian feast.
  3. I read somewhere that Labour has closed the gap in polls.
  4. They fit an alarm on people who have bad cases of it.
  5. Hopefully he makes a full recovery.
  6. A little bit like you eh mate? Now off you trot to Poundland!
  7. I read that this usually affects men with micro penis....
  8. I am smashed. Been out on Christmas cocktails with fellow oompa loompa's.
  9. Mr Magnificent


    The only place you are rock hard is in the showers on your ship! Edinburgh is bang on mate. Just expensive and busy though.
  10. This won't happen as our lawmakers would effectively be barring themselves from lying.
  11. Tonight the wife and I had Five Guys for dinner.
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