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  1. Marcus Maddison was left out of the Peterborough squad today.
  2. I cannot drink beer after a meal. It slaughters me, so I just get drunk first. Home made turkey curry and chips for me tonight.
  3. I had a bacon and sausage sandwich with brown sauce on brown bread. That will keep me going until my turkey curry and chips later on. I might crack open a bottle of wine too!
  4. If there area few of you chipping in then it is by far the cheapest option with most comfort. Buses in Birmingham are just shite. I am just going to leave it at that.
  5. I have found Uber very reliable of late and the cars are clean.
  6. Lose the O. Over TO me suffices Mr One Cell. Innit! Stop trying to trip me up. I am smarter than you. Villa got away with the EFL tapping their door for financial misdemeanors by getting promotion. Comprendhe?
  7. I couldn't possibly eat cockles and banana. The peaNUT butter needs to be included.
  8. What is you preferred ride Chaps?
  9. Over too me? Surely you mean Over to me? I have elaborated....What part of they got away with it by getting promotion did you fail to understand? Clearly I am a Duracell and you are an Ever (not) Ready.
  10. I will give that a try. Do I need to lose the banana though?
  11. And so would you my man for recognising me for what I am.
  12. Can we have a Hall of Fame for MFF Legends?
  13. Cockles as in sea food jarred usually sold in chippy?
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