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  1. All to play for in all fairness. But, it is over.
  2. I used to do huge bike rides. 70 miles in a day was my best. I chunked it down into sections and never thought too far ahead. The heat was my problem being over 90 degrees, but that won't be a problem in England. Eat and hydrate mucker!
  3. They won't need to bottle it. City have this wrapped up.
  4. It is almost like some are jealous of those of us on here every day. Pathetic really. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh I have 5000 posts and Harold is catching me so i best start crying.
  5. I see Liverpool beating Utd as they are a better side than Utd. That is the bottom line really.
  6. Each to their own. I just accept people for what they are instead of getting strung out trying to control others. The word association thread and dinner thread (hypocrite The Realist) started it were fine and if a few of us liked posting there on a regular basis then so what? I will just put that time and effort into threads like that somewhere else where folk don't take things so seriously.
  7. Yeah vulnerable... That is what thick as shite people (as you so politely put it) are. Can't you fathom that or get it past your one brain cell?
  8. Man City have a better squad. It could go down to the last few games though.
  9. Yup. Three points is three points. We concede three goals and still win unlike that shower from the other side of the Expressway in B6.
  10. I don't recall defending anyone mate. I simply said we all react differently under pressure. That doesn't mean I agree with them or anything. Some people are just vulnerable in those sort of situations.
  11. What does that matter when we scored 4 in the first half playing some very attractive football?
  12. Pot, kettle, black. I don't need you telling me what you think I need. You are being personal yet again.
  13. Mr Magnificent


    Luther is better.
  14. What sort of a question is that? Of course I bloody have.
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