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  1. Someone show me proof that my IP address here and my IP address over there as Harold are a match. We will be waiting forever... Strange Harold told RD they were a match too. I asked Harold the other day to follow that up himself and he told me that he couldn't get that info. So, RD is lying and throwing Harold under the bus again. You couldn't make this shit up!
  2. As some of you know from a post I made a couple of days back I said there was a family problem overseas. After gathering information over the past couple of days it has come to light that it is far more serious than we first thought and that my wife's daughter will need considerable support and rehabilitation over the coming months. As you can imagine with the distance involved this has left my wife frustrated and distraught. In that light I have decided to give the forum a break for an unspecified amount of time in order to support my wife (who may need to travel and work overseas) while
  3. I like that kind of thing. Lots of patience needed though.
  4. Not for two days. Hubby is probably home. 👍
  5. A flat horse can go two days on trot if not given a hard race. You couldn't run a horse today then in National tomorrow as it just isn't possible. It would kill it and be cruel.
  6. I do hope you ain't taking the car...The amount of piss you have drunk. 👍
  7. And they shared that info with you did they? Dream on. More like Captain Paranoid told you he thinks it is me yet offers not one shred of evidence. Jog on Declan.
  8. Wife has gone to bed mate. We have done all we can for today. The problem is ongoing. I do hope it doesn't last as long as your paranoia though. Hopefully you are sober soon.
  9. He just has the wrong end of the stick and is to proud to own it and back down. Cooper's are never wrong eh? FFS!
  10. Do fuck off. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
  11. Wife has just gone to bed with Grandson. Toot toot. I might jump on.
  12. Please don't call me mate. Cos I ain't. Paranoid drunks ain't my cuppa! I prefer rational, even tempered people. Now off to bed, sleep it off.
  13. Oh @Bastion Belfast Banter won again today. I was on it. £££££ Won me a tidy bit of money over last few weeks has that hoss!
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