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  1. Point one I cannot agree with, but point two, yup she really does!
  2. There are some folk who like to fight their corner though. I have read this too. Apparently she has a new master plan...
  3. 8 GB of RAM is decent as long as the motherboard can cope. A lot of new pcs have so much memory power that info is actually bottle necked on the motherboard because it can't get round fast enough. Chromebooks are good so I doubt you will have that problem. Especially with that processor too.
  4. Good processor on board there. How much RAM does it have? Is 128 GB the hard drive size?
  5. Clashes in London tonight reported between remainers and leavers. These undemocratic cunts just won't let it go.
  6. I just had this from the local Chinese. Very tasty too!
  7. Agreed mate, she started it tho if you read back. I will take the high road tho for the sake of the thread.
  8. Oh and you have the proof Trevor Francis was being 100 % honest in his books do you? Have a day off will ya! The sale money enabled us to be a very good side. There is proof of that!
  9. Boris is pretty stubborn. I don't see him doing a u turn for Sturgeon and her cronies.
  10. Apparently, you are still into drugs. Drugs don't work, they just make things worse mate.
  11. Sheila Mercier AKA Annie Sugden from Emmerdale died today aged 100.
  12. Oh the irony eh? That is a top, top post Normski.
  13. Fucking wind. Took one of my fence panels out the other day.
  14. Oh for the Love of God knock it off! This is the Christmas thread. We are supposed to be celebrating Jesus's birthday not bitching left, right and centre!
  15. It is their legal right to peacefully protest. They have nothing better to do.
  16. Lily Allen is an attention whore! Do one Lily. Move somewhere else if you don't like it here. Jog on...
  17. Then don't reply! You are a lifer just like me. Happy Christmas mate!
  18. I voted conservative. I thought that might happen to be fair.
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