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  1. 215/4 How Bet 365 have both teams at 10/11 in a two horse race is beyond me. Shysters!
  2. They should stick the cunt in a cage with a couple of angry bull terriers for ten minutes and see how he likes it.
  3. I think Hairy summed it up perfectly! Made me LOL. Anyhow, game on today. The new ball is key. If the Aussies use it well they should win, if England can see it past 20 overs then they will go close. Personally, I am not sure England have enough players in form to see the new ball off.
  4. Maybe so, but I have seen nothing to suggest he was born on a military base. It just says West Germany. There isn't really anything German about him though is there? Just the same as Stokes was born in New Zealand. He isn't a Kiwi is he? There are some folk born in Scotland who for some strange reason think they're Irish!
  5. So, John McEnroe was born in West Germany. Is he German?
  6. No, did I say that? I would hardly call TV pundits experts on the pitch. Not one of them could definitely say they would have batted or bowled at the toss on Wednesday. If this game would have ended in three days then trust me the ICC would not have been happy. The sun has come out and baked the pitch and now it is playing differently. Hence, the Aussie bowlers who rolled England for 67 in the first innings struggled today.
  7. Two cheeseburgers, chips and coleslaw.
  8. A lot of the ground are pissed. Fair play. However, let's keep it real. The Aussies get a new ball at 80 overs. That will decide where this game is going. That is because wickets stopped falling. It looks like most of the better players learned a lesson first time round. The pitch looks docile now.
  9. Took Mrs and Grandson to Hanbury Hall and Gardens earlier on. We are in National Trust so never had to pay. Really nice! A few cold ones now watching England muller Ireland at Rugby. Drinks with my Dad tomorrow.
  10. Doesn't seem much wrong with pitch now, so it must have been poor batting and good bowling as the pitch would have only got worse with age.
  11. Yep, to be blunt they are a load of shite! How long has OGS got?
  12. Unfortunately I think this is a very real possibility.
  13. I only had 3 cans of Tyskie last night and I have a headache.
  14. Two different birds mate. Bottom one is Aunt Polly in Peaky Blinders. Don't fuck with the Brummies!
  15. BB was celebrating his birthday in Tesco this evening. I wonder if he took up the offer?
  16. Roy, Buttler, Bairstow are one day specialists, Denly isn't quite good enough and Root is too much of a nice guy to be captain. The single biggest change though for the test side is to bring in an in form opener from county cricket in. Dominic Sibley of Warwickshire is the outstanding candidate. Roy just will get out to accurate bowling every time as he only knows how to play one day cricket.
  17. How the fuck did that happen? Absolutely. 200% cunt by the sounds of it. Some folk are just rotten.
  18. The draw is 100/1. Not happening. I think anything over 300 lead would be impossible to chase. In my opinion Australia have this.
  19. Chicken kebab meat. I scoffed the lot down as it was delicious.
  20. I didn't realise Catholics support Rangers. I wonder if any protestants support Celtic?

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