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  1. Yup, I got stung once. Never again! Employers are twisting rules for their own agenda. I am now app free. Fuck it!
  2. I have a double dose every morning and afternoon until I expire. 不不不
  3. And getting worse as they get older. A little runt becomes a big cunt! Bert is gonna need some ear muffs. 不不不不不
  4. I am drunk. Gonna have a stroll home and kiss the wife. 弘弘弘
  5. Amen brother. They live in cloud cuckoo land and think there is a magic money tree.
  6. Punishing those who work yet again. You can bet your bottom dollar that those that float over on car bonnets get the full whack.
  7. You assumed wrongly...The girl in your avatar isn't you, she is much more attractive than you if I am honest.
  8. World class....You even said it. 不不不不不 Have you ever had someone looking for you in a boozer while sat 100 miles away laughing your nuts off? 不不不不不不不不
  9. Oh no, I am eating a chippy lunch then going to the pub.
  10. Well I don't like to boast or anything...不不不不不
  11. Just the way I like it... Mates are Overrated!
  12. Don't cry... Show us where? Is that chap your better half?
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