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  1. I thought you joined Fat Fighter's? Have San Marino scored yet?
  2. I will just wear my MAGA hat.
  3. As some who can run a marathon in 2 hours 15 mins I know what a huge feat that sub 2 hour marathon is. Bravo to him.
  4. The Haka is unfair. One team gets themselves all pumped up and the other just get to stand there and watch. Obviously, that is unfair... Would New Zealand be so successful? Would they have dominated teams? I mean, when you stand in front of someone and say I’m going to cut you from stomach to throat, surely it must be intimidating? I mean, if you were in a room with Jack the Ripper, are you not a little worried? Banish it for good and level the playing field.
  5. Watching Rugby League Grand Final now. Work tomorrow. Double bubble!
  6. Well they do advise the jab contains a small dose of flu. I have taken some paracetamol and feel ok now.
  7. I had my flu jab yesterday. Up all night, fevered, aching all over, sneezing. My arm hurts like fuck too! Both!
  8. Forum will be fucked up tomorrow boys.
  9. Who did they play? The Faroe Isles?
  10. Gonna piss down all weekend on The Algarve.
  11. I would never wear a Ceptic top.
  12. Mr Magnificent


    The Magnificent One and his trophy wife have decided to grace Belfast with their presence in the new year. I mainly want friendly people and loads of beer. Trip to The Mountains of Mourne and Giants Causeway too. Tips?
  13. No doubt Jeremy Corbyn will find an excuse for this. I hope all the injured recover and that the suspect gets justice in prison. Had our police been armed then the cunt wouldn't be stealing oxygen any more.
  14. Play Until the final whistle. Holland did. I share your pain.
  15. If we all started fannying around the game wouldn't get played. Ban it!
  16. I would ban the hacka. It is a load of fanny!
  17. My Grandfather was a direct descendant of the original boys from Digbeth. My own father was born in Digbeth. I will see if I can dig some old photos from our family forum out. My Great Grandfather is on one. My Great Grandfather is furthest left on this picture.

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