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  1. Methinks you need to try @sployal Tom Ford's on Mr Magoo. 😁 Okey dokey pokey! Indeed he does. 🀣🀣🀣🀣
  2. Lost to Barnsley on Saturday. Those around us picked up points. I think we are going down.
  3. And so she should be as our future Queen. Meghan has an agenda and Harry is a silly sausage.
  4. Au contraire the forum has been busy, busy, busy. Who are the "mob" you refer to then? Your grammar is poor and posts vague.
  5. If you was to express yourself correctly then maybe we wouldn't have to ask? The only snide person in this chat is indeed you Hairy. I think most would agree that myself and H are pretty straight talking. Now, maybe you should work on clearing any confusion up caused by your vague posts?
  6. You absolutely knew she was going to play that card.
  7. To be honest I couldn't work out whether he was referring to The Royals or the Al Fayad's as a "Mob"
  8. Changing my mind isn't being selfish or getting caught out. Do you think it was ok for those idiots to do what they did yesterday? I am a Rolls Royce, Creme de la crème! It is all about levels you see....😁
  9. I thought they wanted to "step away" from public life and the spotlight? FFS they are having a laugh! No one should pay these pair of fakes any mind. Ignore them. I find them both attention seeking bores and I for one will not insult my intelligence by watching such a cringe worthy interview.
  10. Well....Where to start? Meghan says is about race, Harry feels betrayed. Oh do fuck off the pair of you!
  11. If you want to portray Bond you need to be the rounded article, full package. Unfortunately Connery thinking it ok to slap women came up short. Fine actor with flaws. Bit like Elvis. Great voice, but he liked em young! 14 is pushing it mate!
  12. That is what makes it funny! 😁 I imagined Lennon being forced to listen to it. 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣
  13. I managed to view it. It is funny! 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣
  14. This guy deserves all the good things coming his way!
  15. No mate. He thought it was ok to beat women.
  16. Me too mate. Connery was good and Brosnan but Craig's the best by far.
  17. Nope. It is a car crash. It will all be about the oppressive royal family. Fuck em. Harry is a ginger haired traitor. Meghan can do one. God Save the Queen.
  18. Just you focus on that button mushroom. I bet it looks bigger through them Tom Ford's. 😁😁
  19. Another one for Rangers fans. Birmingham's finest...Awesome live!
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