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  1. I was highly tempted for a bottle of red but will wait until tomorrow now.
  2. To be honest. This is an information thread only. The decision has been made and it doesn't really need debating or used as a flame war. Personally I would just lock it to replies. Job done!
  3. I would say you are probably right, but BB has took the decision for the benefit of the forum. In my opinion it is a good one. I have been called filthy names and bullied over the years. That now is near non existent and it is a huge plus for our community. Look at the big picture mate.
  4. Yup he well and truly did. One rule for them and another for us.
  5. Trust me some posts need deleting as they are based on lies and serve no useful purpose for the well being of the forum. I trust BB on this one. Some folk need moderating for their own good. A reason for deletion will be given. Abide by the rules and you have nothing to fear matey boy.
  6. Exactly BB. I fully support this. It is easy to be a keyboard warrior. I myself have been a victim of such behaviour and it isn't pleasant! Let's all be nice to one another! Ok, back to your Pork Pies BB.
  7. The Tories need to put this to bed and fire Cummings. He was out of order and got caught. Move on...Circus over.
  8. Add a fried egg to the sausage. Man in the Mirror!
  9. No square sausage for Hairy.
  10. Midnight Train to Georgia.
  11. Square sausage for Harold.
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