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  1. Anton wwfc


    Are you suprised wolves are doing so well ?
  2. Anton wwfc

    So when will United sack Mourinho?

    On Saturday after we beat them
  3. Anton wwfc

    Premier League Predictions

    Just joking but to be realistic we should finish 12th-15th
  4. Anton wwfc

    Premier League Predictions

    1 wolves 2 man city 3 man Utd 4 Liverpool 5 Chelsea 18 Bournemouth 19 Brighton 20 Cardiff
  5. Anton wwfc


    No we've been lucky on the injury front . And got a good large squad.
  6. Anton wwfc


    We fucked up a few years back . Just hope it don't happen again
  7. Anton wwfc


    We are but shouldn't get too excited yet . Hope to see Boro go up to . Keep villa down lol
  8. Anton wwfc


    What month will wolves go up

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