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  1. Red Devil

    Getting logged out

    I'm getting logged out and it's not showing the latest posts in each thread.
  2. Red Devil

    Ant McPartlin pissed up behind the wheel of a car

    I can never understand why they don't just use a bloody taxi!! It's not alcohol that is his major vice from I've been told, he's a major coke head. As for not having money, he's filthy rich, the rented house is because he's split from his wife.
  3. Red Devil

    Basic simple food.

    It's almost a Samurai-style skill if you spread on a Jacob's cracker you're a black belt, but if you can spread peanut butter on toast, you're a master.
  4. Red Devil

    Booked my wedding Venue today

    I get married in 10 weeks!! Can't wait to get it done. Nervous as feck about all my family staying in the same hotel, hope it goes well and everyone gets along.
  5. Red Devil

    28 years ago....

    Happy birthday
  6. You'd hope so wouldn't you. Tyson Fury is constantly filming himself at the wheel of his car as well, I often wondered how he's not be questioned by the police for endangering lives. Often he will be on a motorway whilst messing about with his phone.
  7. West Brom - They are gone, no point even debating it. Southampton - They're in free fall, they can't buy a win and it's West Ham next. Basically a 6 pointer for both teams. Stoke - Can't buy a win, Lambert was a bad bad move, he doesn't inspire confidence in anyone.
  8. Totally disgusting if you ask me. Whether he meant to spit on the child or not, he still attempted to spit in someone's face through his window. Why couldn't he just tell them to 'F' off like most people would do. In the words of Vinny Jones, Job centre for me.
  9. Red Devil

    Mother's Day!

    Sorry to hear about your mother pal, I know it was a few years ago but having seen my missus mum pass away you never really get over losing your mother. I took my mum and missus out for a meal, a nice Lebanese restaurant in Altrincham called Yara.
  10. Red Devil

    Getting the snip tomorrow

    Couldn't do it,
  11. Red Devil

    Poor Poor Chelsea

    Insanity. Pure shite, hope he enjoys the pay off he's clearly after.
  12. Red Devil

    Return of the devil

    I'm gonna go back to Red Devil.
  13. Red Devil

    Classic United

    2-0 down 3-2 win It was like the old days with one of the best saves I've ever seen thrown in!!! I love being a United fan at times, tonight was one of them.
  14. Red Devil

    So has negan/locke/vulcan

    Locke!! Hi!!! Hahaha!
  15. Red Devil

    Return of the devil

    I'm happy to start again, everyone knows me and I'm really glad to be back. Missed this crazy little place.