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  1. I thought the six second rule had be cast aside, all keepers keep the ball longer and refs don't enforce.
  2. Red Devil

    Walnut Whips

    Hate them.
  3. Depends what you are looking for really, I love to watch creative players. David Silva is phenomenal at the moment as is Luka Modric.
  4. Cup winners cup made sense, the cup winners all go in an individual competition for cup winners only. Europa league 2 is pathetic, it's going to mid table clubs (like United before anyone says it) Which sounds great for clubs like Crystal Palace and Southampton, but in reality, there will be little prize money and little interest for sponsors. It will end up costing clubs more money to compete than they will make through the gates and prize fund.
  5. Red Devil

    Mark Hughes: Southampton sack manager

    I'd say Hughes will need to rebuild his career outside of the Premier league.
  6. Red Devil

    English Premier League Match Discussion

    Worst United side I've seen since 1989. We've got some rebuilding to do, I'd advocate clearing the manager and 95% of the playing squad. Only players I'd keep for the squad and first team. De Gea, Dalot, Rashford, Martial, Lingard. The rest are either too old and need to be moved on or not up to the job of playing for United. In terms of talent Pogba is a disgrace, all the ability in the world but a strutting peacock who thinks he's better than he is, at Juventus he was played in a rigid system with Vidal and Pirlo pulling the strings, if he played the way he does now at United he wouldn't have been in their team. I also believe he's virus in the dressing room, get rid ASAP.
  7. Red Devil

    Why is it that ........

    What about every love story, they are always leaving town to the point they are either leaving by train or plane or bus!! Only for the man to rush as fast as he can to stop whatever mode of transport they are leaving on!
  8. Red Devil

    Tonight' dinner.

    Went out for Sunday dinner with my parents and cousin and family. Had a roast dinner with lamb shank.
  9. Red Devil

    Tonight' dinner.

    Been away in Amsterdam over the last few days so stuffed my face with meals and breakfasts. Tonight the missus made a chicken caesar salad and it was amazing, love a caesar salad.
  10. Red Devil

    Question for BB

    I love @The Realist Very knowledgeable and his posts are always full of facts and substance. Hopefully, he posts more often as it would attract me back more in fairness. I think I've mentioned before I drive an Insignia, I'm aware it's a bog standard car but it doesn't bother me in the slightest. I have a very good job and often my workmates will ask me why I don't invest in a car more befitting the salary me and my wife bring home but the truth is I don't see the point paying 20 to 30 grand more for a car I wouldn't appreciate as I'm not a car enthusiast. Not to mention the cost of repairs and tyres, everything about a more expensive motor seems expensive.
  11. Red Devil

    English Premier League Match Discussion

    I had him as a gonner and a joke a few weeks back. Now I have to say I admire how much he's battled back, he's cleaned himself up, looks happier and looks a lot like the old Jose. If we back him in January then maybe this time he will get it right, if not he will go at the end of the season. What is clear is they didn't back him during the summer.
  12. Red Devil

    English Premier League Match Discussion

    Back from my day at Old Trafford, pissed as a fart, Good result, had 3-1 at 11/1 with a tenner, Martial missed a one on one in the dying minutes. Typical.
  13. Tragic event, thoughts are with Leicester City football club and their fans today. I'm all set to go Old Trafford for the match today but have a feeling the Premier league might cancel today's fixtures.
  14. Red Devil

    Basic simple food.

    I'd have to be starving to eat oven chips in fairness. I would happily eat the chicken burger as a snack.
  15. Red Devil

    Basic simple food.

    In fairness I don't know a single chef (I know a few) who would eat something like that. Let alone take a picture of it lol!!

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