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  1. I'm a betting averages man, we've won our last three finals, Chelsea are 100% going to up their game from their league form. Dunno why but I have a bad feeling.
  2. Red Devil

    Jlloyd Samuel Dies

    I'm with @boro_boy on this, how on earth do you hit a vehicle head-on like that. Suspicious if you ask me. In any case RIP Jlloyd Samual.
  3. Red Devil

    Streaming Music

    I use Deezer as well, the same as Locke I use a Bose speaker. I personally can't see how CDs can survive given the rise of music streaming. Why buy a CD for £10 when I can pay a monthly subscription for the same price and have nearly every album ever produced.
  4. Red Devil

    The Drinking Thread

    I never ever drink white wine, but this evening I'm enjoying an ice cold glass of the stuff. Going down very well indeed.
  5. Villa couldn't ask for a worst fixture if you asked me. Pulis will get Boro up into the Premier league.
  6. Red Devil

    Boozer Recommendations

    The Castle Inn (Biddulph) Had a family day out at Biddulph grange today, stunning gardens and lovely day out. So after a nice day out we wanted a quality Sunday roast. We stummbled across the Castle Inn. Sunday roast wise I'd rate this 7/10, it was nice but not worth top star ratings. As for the pub, it had live chickens in the beer garden and it had real ale, so to me it was worth a 9/10 for location.
  7. Red Devil

    Haye v Bellew II

    I agree, his big paydays are over. Trying telling David Haye that though! He's turned a fantastic career into a joke, it's such a shame and one that we've seen over and over with boxers. Like you say he needs to turn to media work, if he can't sustain his lifestyle without fighting he's going to have to forge a career in other ways.
  8. Red Devil

    Haye v Bellew II

    Haye has to retire but I fear the chance of extra coin will drag him back again. I've always thought the British boxing board of control should withdraw a licence of a fighter it no longer feels fit to fight at the level they wish to fight at. Haye isn't going to fight in 6 round fights on small card, he's all about the big pay day and huge money. They should withdraw his licence.
  9. Red Devil

    Sir Alex Ferguson - Brain Operation

    Come on Sir Alex!! Give us some more of that famous Fergie time, you're not done yet!!
  10. Red Devil

    Favourite Actor/Actress.

    Leonardo Di Caprio has done some pretty good movies if you ignore Titanic.
  11. Red Devil

    Nine Years - FFS

    Joke of a justice system.
  12. Red Devil

    Liverpool v Roma

    Think Liverpool will blow them away in the first leg. Roma are a good fighting team but Liverpool at Anfield on a European night can do anyone.
  13. Red Devil

    Who will win the FA Cup?

    Crazy isn't it really, what on earth have I actually done to the guy. All I do is post about my football team on a football forum.
  14. Red Devil

    Amir Khan

    Fancy Brook to stop Khan, like Locke says he's experienced enough to carry Khan's speed and power until he lands himself. Khan on the other hand has no chin.
  15. Red Devil

    Who will win the FA Cup?

    You just know the likes of Fabregas and Hazard will turn up for this fixture. Done next to nothing all season but the opportunity to win themselves a further medal will be too much of a temptation. I just never fancy us against Chelsea.

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