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  1. Transfer window for managers would be an interesting one, imagine a club in free fall with no option to sack a manager.
  2. Red Devil

    Shamima Begum

  3. Red Devil

    Shamima Begum

    The interview on BBC news is disgusting, the girl has zero remorse.
  4. Red Devil

    Shamima Begum

    There is another idiot from Didsbury claiming she thought she was going on a holiday to Turkey!! Her husband still lives in Didsbury and claims she just upped and left. How stupid does she think the people of the UK are, fuck off and find another country to sponge off!!
  5. Red Devil

    Shamima Begum

    My blood boils that this actually open for debate, if any of you don't know who she is she's the 19 year old girl who ran away with her friends to join ISIS. Now pregnant with baby number 3 (at 19).. she's lost two, she's actually cheeky enough to now want to come home and live back in the country she turned her back on. To make matters worse upon reading the paper this morning I have to feel sorry for her fucking family as their sorry faces are printed all over it looking sad and sorry for themselves. Tough luck, you gave birth to a bastard and I've got zero sympathies for you. She should stay over there with the rest of the wankers who are trying to desperately get back over with their bullshit stories. Again I'm sorry but some may very well have been dragged along for the ride but through assosation, the door is shut in my eyes. Go spout your shite elsewhere cause we don't want them back. They are someone else's problem now in my eyes, why the papers are wasting our time printing the story.. Just fucking ignore them.
  6. It was a bit better than a Wetherspoons in fairness but when it was opened in Manchester it was big news. I went with high expectations and went away livid with the service and standard of the food. My missus meal was an absolute disgrace and I actually complained online, they offered us a free meal but we never took it up as we're not the type to freeload especially when we had a complaint.
  7. Neither up nor down.. Won't really be able to give an opinion until about 4 months in.
  8. Dreadful mate went to the one in Manchester with the wife thinking it would be a treat and it was cold and rushed. The food was bloody average as well and it was wasn't long after it was being slated in the papers. The venue was an old converted bank and it was just weird, it didn't feel like a place you should be eating.
  9. The nonsense that guy speaks. Of course it's not over, Liverpool go top with a win! in their game in hand.
  10. Amazing that structure held up to the weight of all them men. They must have a great view near the top.
  11. Used to be a commentator that could say Scholes and used to say Shholes. Can't remember his name though.
  12. We're going out for a meal and I will get her a card. I will also get my two girls (daughters) a card and some chocolates as well.
  13. That's if this isn't a contract agreed after tax.. And even if it is he's still raking in the best part of 220k a week!!! Like you said, fair fucks to the lad. If I were in their position I'd be looking to maximise my earnings, their careers are short and they have a lifestyle to maintain once the gravy train stalls to halt at 34 years of age. Even the players going to China who've got limited ability, I see no shame in taking what you can get. Obviously the elite players like Ronaldo and Messi don't really need to worry because their commercial deals are earning them close to a million a week anyway and if you believe reports this week they actually think Messi is earning well over the million mark. But the likes of Fellani and Pelle going to China makes total sense.
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