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  1. Red Devil

    Manchester United takeover?

    4 billion is drop in the ocean to someone so rich. Imagine United with that kind of unlimited money behind them, there would be no 10 year catch up period or club growth like the City owner had to do. We'd be insanely rich with unlimited transfer funds, I'd imagine we'd potentially look at a new stadium or updating Old Trafford.
  2. Red Devil

    Luke Shaw

    Can't believe they've given him 195k a week after three good months of football, he's been so unprofessional over the last two seasons. He made Anderson look fit and able. What happens if he slips back into lazy mode now he's got his bumper deal, there is no way he was worthy of a pay rise.
  3. Red Devil


    Peace and love with you and your partner at this time pal, you've experienced a fair bit of heartache over the last few years. Keep your head up and stand tall, support your partner and be the best man you can for her, that would be my advice pal. It's no shame crying and letting it all out but be strong for Rachael. RIP to your baby girl.
  4. Red Devil

    The Drinking Thread

    My mates done that and hammered the gym each day whilst he's been on it, lost nearly a stone in weight already!!
  5. Red Devil

    The Longest Thread In MFF History.

    The realist returns, Locke was all set to ring the police to file a missing persons report.
  6. Red Devil

    Manchester United takeover?

    Dunno what to make of this, I've hated City and PSG for being funded the way they have but then I don't see United in the same way I do them. United are rich anyway, we compete at the top level so if we were bought out and I wasn't a United supporter I'd be less offended or view it as badly as I would a nothing club spending big. Maybe that's a selfish point of view but its the way I see it.
  7. Red Devil

    What a spineless bastard

    Shithouse Paid to defend, decided to defend himself. Imagine the firemen who ran into the world trade centre refused to run up the building to save people.
  8. Neither team wanted to lose so you can't blame them. It's between Chelsea, City and Liverpool..
  9. Red Devil

    McGregor vs Khabib.

    Khabib and his three henchmen should be banned from UFC for good after last nights events, I watched the fight live and was astonished at what I was seeing yet it was the stuff the cameras didn't show that was the most shocking. Three men jumping in the ring to attack a man that had just been beaten for 20 minutes was a cowardly act and I'd be surprised if it wasn't pre planned. It just further proves to me that the Russian's are insane and a very dangerous bunch of individuals. What is certain is I'm pretty certain the Nevada state will ban all involved from fighting in Vegas ever again. UFC won't ban him though, he's easily their biggest star after Mcgregor so it all points to another grudge match fight. Something I'm Conor will no doubt take but lose again.
  10. Red Devil

    Ronaldo dropped.

    He was a lot younger then, I'm pretty certain he'd have had a few drinks.
  11. Red Devil

    Ronaldo dropped.

    I've not fully read into this but given she was all over him and willing to go back to his room for a private party annoys me. She's clearly given him the come on all night and maybe did end up kissing him and getting to a certain point where they were literally at it. At this point is it acceptable to say he may have been confused or caught up in the moment and had sex with the girl even though she wasn't 100%. It annoys me a little because she's put herself in that situation, he's not gone into a club with the mindset of I'm going to rape a women. Why on earth would he, he's Ronaldo for gods sakes, it must be bloody like clicking his fingers he's that bloody high profile. They've more than likely both been drinking and it's fair to say confusion can happen when drunk, there is no way on this planet he's a rapist. He's being taken advantage of by a little slapper, I feel really sorry for the lad. Footballers as a whole a real targets from these type of women, don't go back to the room, don't throw yourself at him and don't accuse him when you realise he used you for sex. 99.9% of men would use the fame as an advantage for sex if they could, these women should realise they are offering themselves on a plate, why would he respect you and keep in touch.
  12. Red Devil

    So when will United sack Mourinho?

    Got two fixtures against Juve and a league fixture against Chelsea coming up. Difficult run for him, actually felt sorry for him during the game though. You can see he's fighting now.
  13. Red Devil

    So when will United sack Mourinho?

    I'm hoping he's gone this week but that could be wishful thinking.
  14. Red Devil

    Man Utd appoint Mourinho

    Can we rewind the clocks and look at other options please...
  15. Red Devil


    Can't be in debt surely, his wife alone must be worth upwards of 100 million. Edit.. Just checked, valued at 350 million.

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