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  1. Red Devil

    Women Commentators / Hosts

    Actually, think they've been okay, I agree they annoyed me at first but Aluko especially has impressed me with her confidence in the studio. I do wonder how much respect they are actually getting from the men pundits.
  2. Spain for me as well. Ronaldo basically kept his country in that tie alone and it was clear Spain are going to take some stopping. I also feel Belgium have something special happening, if they get Kompany fit they will have the most insane defence to go with the most amazing attacking midfield in the world. Hazard, De Bruyne, Mertens, Kompany, Alderwerled, Vertongen, Witsel, Dembele, Cortious, Lukaku. That group of players with the added players that are sitting on the bench mean if they can get it right, they will win the world cup.
  3. Germany vs Mexico the highlight of the day for me.
  4. Peru was so unlucky, I found the game so entertaining.
  5. Red Devil


    How can you compare boxing with football? In football you can be a superstar but play for an average team. George Best is considered one of the greatest players to play football and he had little chance of world glory with Northern Ireland. Messi has also failed to deliver any success on the International stage but he's considered one of the all time great.
  6. Red Devil


    He's won the Euro's and he's won five European cups.. I really don't think Ronaldo has to win the World cup to be considered the best.
  7. Red Devil

    Tonight' dinner.

    Happy birthday to your grandson.
  8. Red Devil


    Both legends no doubt about it. You are aware Ronaldo is smashing all their records though aren't you?
  9. Red Devil


    Yeah, Spain played some unbelievable football. Gonna take some beating mate.
  10. Red Devil


    Breaks every in the book, wins more European cups than any other player. World player of the year an equal amount of times with Messi. Won international honours as well as breaking all records. I think it's safe to say he's the best goalscorer that's ever lived. The records speak for themselves.
  11. Locke, he most certainly is the greatest goalscorer of all time as he's pretty much destroying every record that's ever been. I'd respect the word of the pundits more than some ******** (words removed by Harold) from Birmingham.
  12. Ronaldo is without doubt the best goalscorer of all time. Whether he's the greatest player is up for debate but I don't think there is a player with the bottle and nerve this man has. He thrives on pressure.
  13. Gotta admit I feel he's embarrassed us there. Fair enough there are bigger crimes but I just can't figure out what he actually did it for. Total prick.
  14. Red Devil


    Done clay pigeon shooting twice, loved it as well. Nothing better than holding a shot gun on your shoulder and letting go of a few shots. In fairness, I was really good at it as well.
  15. Red Devil

    Plans for the weekend?

    I'm beyond the stage of telling people my movements of the weekend, I'm only contributing to threads that actually have substance from now on. This kind of shite is for people like you, so keep talking about your dinner or how many times you scratch your arse a day, and leave the proper stuff to people who wanna talk seriously.

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