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  1. I think it's pretty clear he's joking.
  2. Well done Tiger!!
  3. I'm referencing the England match I watched and heard blatant monkey noises from huge area's of the crowd. Worst I've ever heard in my opinion and should really mean they play their home games with an empty stadium. The stuff Troy Deeney posted on social media naming and shaming racist was bad as well, some of these characters are young lads who were spouting vile racist abuse.
  4. No maybe not abandoned the match but make the ref aware what was going on is totally unacceptable. Look I've read some shite before but someone saying sticks and stones regarding attacking someone for the colour of their skin. Sticks and stones is reference to petty playground name calling not monkey chants from a large portion of a 20 thousand crowd. These lads are subjected to daily abuse on social media as well, fair enough some will say don't have a social media account but why should they miss out because of some racist bigot decides to racially abuse them. Fair banter is having a crack about someones team or previous association, not the ethnic background a player is from. I stand by what I said, Southgate should have taken the players to the side of the field and spoken with the officials, put them in a position of decision.
  5. Why do you care so much? The place has got too political for me, it doesn't feel light hearted anymore. Nowt against u lads, all seem fine to me but I'm struggling to find subjects I feel compelled to contribute to. I didn't agree with people's opinion of Rose, I think he's fully entitled to voice his opinion in the face of blatant racism players have been subjected to recently.
  6. Listen were still in the tie, go play without fear. Tonight they played to prevent a second goal, tie would have been over if they hadn't.
  7. I called it first post I seen him make, loves leaving little clues.
  8. Agreed. Fully support Rose, what these lads are having to put up with is insane. Social media is making it worse but the situation for England last week was the worst I've ever heard. Southgate should have walked the players off the field.
  9. Look at it this way. My uncle is a party animal who has drank every day (near enough) since he was 25 years of age (he's 60 this year) at weekends he's none stop. Most nights its a bottle of wine but others it's more but 6 years ago he went for a health check at the doctors and they told him he was absolutely spot on. How is that possible given the health advice from the government. Truth be told some people die early because their body can't handle life and others can live on. I've seen smackheads who are 50-60 and they've abused their bodies for decades. I'm going, to be honest, I drink wine about 5 days a week... am I going to die early?
  10. Don't like Neymar but I'd be lying if I said he wouldn't excite me if he signed. 100% agree on Suarez, complete twat of a man but a fantastic player now on the decline. The other would have to be Hazard, he seems to turn the squad against a manager and he completely downs tools.
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