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  1. Hairy Scot

    Who needs enemies with friends like this

    Attempted murder in my book.
  2. Hairy Scot

    A Ryanair perk?

  3. Hairy Scot

    The Drinking Thread

  4. Hairy Scot

    The Longest Thread In MFF History.

    I agree! It's fucking scandalous.
  5. Hairy Scot

    Another attention seeking has been

  6. Hairy Scot

    How to waste Police time

  7. I see the Scottish Sun has once again given space to some attention seeking unknown from Parkdead who reckons RFC no longer exists.
  8. Hairy Scot

    The Drinking Thread

    Yep. One last trip to the pissoir then off to kip. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
  9. Hairy Scot

    The Drinking Thread

    Just finished off a very nice Villa Maria Shiraz while wallowing in nostalgia with my Neil Diamond collection.
  10. Hairy Scot

    Free Google play £10 credit

    Since I am a Parsimonious Presbyterian you might have to wait a bit.
  11. Hairy Scot

    American Justice?

    IMHO once sentence has been passed it should be carried out within one calendar year. AFAIAC human rights cease at the moment of conviction.
  12. Hairy Scot

    Compare the difference in attitudes

    Unfuckingbelievable! How can these fucking towel heads get away with imposing their medieval beliefs on airline passengers. Especially when the alleged offence occurs on their national airline.
  13. Hairy Scot

    Free Google play £10 credit

    Do you get a kickback if I install it?

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