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  1. Only if there is a beer garden or a restaurant?
  2. Once again the Daily Record displays its abysmal editing standards:- Now Rangers, who are cruising to victory against St Joseph's in their own first qualifying tie, will get the chance to exercise the ghosts of 2017 and that infamous result https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/progres-niederkorn-secure-rangers-rematch-18336450 Just taking the ghosts for a walk dear!
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  4. You may remember that on SFF any mention of the paedophilia was taken badly by the likes of Hoopz, GoM, Johnarob, etc etc. As were my various posts about the Celtic's Republican connection. From 1890 and for decades thereafter, despite there being evidence of funds being channelled from Celtic FC and other organisations to the Irish Republican cause via Catholic clergy (mainly on the Stranraer to Larne ferry), no action was taken by The City of Glasgow Police, Special Branch, or any establishment body. The reasons for this are unclear and, given the supposed "masonic bias" of the establishment. somewhat surprising. It would seem that despite only forming 15% of the population there was sufficient catholic influence in the Scottish establishment to enable this evidence to be ignored. Either that or there was some other agenda which was allowed to take precedence over the rule of law. Apparently there are (or were) documents in which Special Branch advocated the closure of Celtic FC but no such action was ever attempted, just as calls for the banning of the republican flag flown at Parkhead were apparently ignored by Glasgow City Council and the UK government. I do not expect much to change. Although one could hope that there would be sufficient civil suits to excise the cancer of Celtic FC from Scottish football.
  5. Best bet is to join a Windows Forum. Assuming you're on Windows 10 the best is https://www.tenforums.com/ They have a very good system to help solve BSOD issues. You could also try "Who Crashed" which will give you more info on the problem. https://www.resplendence.com/whocrashed_help.htm You also need to make sure that you have set the correct options in "System and Recovery"
  6. I was buying air freshener. The shop assistant got annoyed when I said I did not want Pot Pourri.
  7. Are these mobile phone contract deals economically sound? Is it worth tying yourself to something like a 24 month contract and paying over the odds just to get the latest and greatest? Why not buy a reasonable phone and use Pay as you Go? Works out cheaper.
  8. Given the puritan attitude shown in the past toward players and managers by the SFA and the SPFL you have to question why neither body has taken action on this matter.
  9. 1 Interesting list. Item 5 is especially interesting. 2 Television licences around the world 2.1 Albania 2.2 Austria 2.3 Bosnia and Herzegovina 2.4 Croatia 2.5 Czech Republic 2.6 Denmark 2.7 France 2.8 Germany 2.9 Ghana 2.10 Greece 2.11 Ireland 2.12 Italy 2.13 Japan 2.14 Mauritius 2.15 Montenegro 2.16 Namibia 2.17 Norway 2.18 Pakistan 2.19 Poland 2.20 Serbia 2.21 Slovakia 2.22 Slovenia 2.23 South Africa 2.24 South Korea 2.25 Switzerland 2.25.1 Currently 2.25.2 From 2019 2.26 Turkey 2.27 United Kingdom 3 Countries where the TV licence has been abolished 3.1 Australia 3.2 Belgium 3.2.1 Flemish region and Brussels 3.2.2 Walloon region 3.3 Bulgaria 3.4 Cyprus 3.5 Finland 3.6 Gibraltar 3.7 Hungary 3.8 Hong Kong 3.9 Iceland 3.10 India 3.11 Israel 3.12 Liechtenstein 3.13 Macedonia 3.14 Malaysia 3.15 Malta 3.16 Netherlands 3.17 New Zealand 3.18 Portugal 3.19 Romania 3.20 Singapore 3.21 Soviet Union 3.22 Sweden 4 Countries that have never had a television or broadcasting licence 4.1 Andorra 4.2 Brazil 4.3 Canada 4.4 China 4.5 Estonia 4.6 Iran 4.7 Luxembourg 4.8 Monaco 4.9 Nigeria 4.10 Spain 4.11 United States 4.12 Vietnam 5 Detection of evasion of television licences 5.1 United Kingdom
  10. How do they know it was sectarian?
  11. My point is that Turing made a vital contribution to the war against the Nazis. And that to me supersedes all other considerations.
  12. True. But all too often the findings are skewed to reflect badly on the forces of good.
  13. Are policies a requirement? Tories and Labour have got by for decades without them. Well, without implementing them. Policies:- Appropriate jail sentences. Deportation of immigrants who break the law. Only third generation descendants of immigrants permitted to hold public office. Castration of convicted paedophiles and rapists. Two fingers to EU. Abandonment of the Eurovision Song Contest. Restructure of European Football competitions to advance smaller nations.
  14. OK If I returned to the UK and set up a Peoples Justice Party how many votes do you think I'd get?

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