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  1. Hairy Scot

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    KIDS!!! Needs sound. Papa.mp4
  2. Isn't hypocrite an synonym for politician?
  3. Saturday 21st September Livingston 15:00 Aberdeen 2 Motherwell 15:00 Ross County 1 St Mirren 15:00 Hamilton Academical X Sunday 22nd September St Johnstone 12:15 Rangers 2 Celtic 13:00 Kilmarnock 1 Hibernian 15:00 Heart of Midlothian X
  4. RIP Fernando. Sympathy and thoughts with his family.
  5. Fucking nonsense. How can the government let this farce continue?
  6. Hairy Scot

    The NEWS Today

    There always has to be a scapegoat.
  7. If facial recognition helps identify miscreants then I'm all for it. Wish we had had it back in the day. If you're not doing wrong then why would you want to avoid it?
  8. One look at that face tells you all you need to know. A stereotypical ICT.
  9. As far as I can remember you were the main cause of the bickering because you took exception to any kind of criticism of Australian cricketers. And that despite the fact that the criticism was and is justified. Using your position as a moderator to suppress comments is an abuse of privilege. If you cannot see that then perhaps you should stand down.
  10. As takedowns go it’s probably of the ‘open goal’ variety but it’s no less satisfying for it. It started when Piers Morgan said this about former Australian cricket captain, Ian Chappell, and the issue of ‘sledging’ – slagging off your opponents – in cricket. Interesting to see Ian Chappell so outraged & offended by Aussies sledging Poms. This is the same Ian Chappell who when I politely said hello to him in Melbourne, responded by calling me a 'dickhead'. https://t.co/iPrtxsyddM — Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) September 15, 2019 Cue Lineker. To be fair to him, that’s not sledging, that’s just an honest observation. https://t.co/tXFGLf2ycZ — Gary Lineker (@GaryLineker) September 15, 2019 Simple but effective. Very effective. Still scoring the tap-ins, Gary….
  11. You are going too far with this issue and are in danger of becoming a laughing stock and a liability. We have been together on a number of forums and as I remember it, you were one of the worst offenders for going off topic. So I find this new holier than thou attitude a bit hard to swallow. OK, so you like the Aussie cricketers, some of us don't. We don't question their ability, merely their attitudes. FFS get a grip and drop the bone Dug.

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