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  1. Another delightful piece of nonsense! https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1397514/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1
  2. Military bases are deemed to be part of the nation which owns them.
  3. A man should represent the country of his birth.
  4. Trouble is that regardless of which of the major parties in in power, apart from a few minor items, nothing else changes. The UK system of democracy is fucked. What is needed is a party that has no ties to a specific ideology but operates on conscience based policies.
  5. Marnus Labuschagne is a turncoat. He should play for Souff Efrika,
  6. Hairy Scot

    The NEWS Today

    Thing is Harold, it's all down to economics. It costs a lot to keep these miscreants banged up, yet if they are released then they become a drain on the benefit systems. Of course any attempt to have them engage in worthwhile work would have the PLPC up on their hind legs. These bastards should be out mending roads, collecting garbage,, and shovelling shit to give something back to the society that supports them.
  7. Yep. As I have often said, "The EU has done what Hitler could not".
  8. What is really worrying is that 48% of the population of the UK don't see anything wrong with how the EU interferes in their lives.
  9. What's new pussy cat?!!
  10. Mak, I recognize that not all RCs are tarred with the same brush and I'm sure you will know that my concerns are not about you or people like you. It is, as you say, that certain politicians are abusing their powers by aiding and abetting Glasgow Septic in its furtherance of Irish Republicanism since the club was founded in 1888, and in its cover up of the paedophiles who ran its boys club. Apparently there were a number of attempts to shut the club down early in the 20th century, but these were nipped in the bud by some politicians.
  11. Hairy Scot


    Scandalous! But put it in perspective, benefit scams have been going on in the UK since the 1950s.
  12. Man is dog's best friend!
  13. I am so glad that I am where I am!
  14. Like making love in a boat?
  15. Hairy Scot

    Random Videos

    Necessity is.....................................
  16. Been getting lots of coverage in NZ, AUS, and international media. UK media being insular again?
  17. It seems that any fuckwit MP can embark on his or her own little crusade in defiance of the referendum result and the policy of the current government.
  18. With or without Jezza, the labour party is a grave danger to the future of the UK.
  19. The problem is that the responsible authorities fail to recognise what the real problem is. There is a cancer in the East End of Glasgow that must be excised. You'd think that if, as the Dhims claim, The Masons are runing the show then the cancer would have been removed a long time ago. Less than 20% of Scotland's population is RC, so where the hell do they get all the clout that they seem to have?
  20. If he can get a No Confidence motion passed then there will be a general election which, given the degree of division in the country, may well result in the unthinkable happening.
  21. Should that not be "A Vaper dies.................."
  22. Spot on mate. Most sane people cannot get their heads around what place Irish Republicanism and events in 17th century Ireland have in Scottish football. To a lot of people, and I must admit to being one, it is criminal that Septic FC is allowed to fly the republican flag over Septic Park. A flag that was gifted to the club by De Valera in recognition of the support given by the club to the Republican cause.

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