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  1. The Matt Busby Player of the Year award has been won by which player in four of the five seasons between 2013 and 2018?
  2. Hairy Scot

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    Which country won the most medals in the 2018 Winter Olympics? a) USA b) Austria c) Norway
  3. www.scotsman.com/sport/football/teams/celtic/rumour-mill-non-scots-referees-plan-revealed-rangers-title-hopes-over-celtic-can-shock-valencia-aberdeen-to-bill-gers-for-damage-1-4875913 No surprise that Celtic FC is in favour of foreign refs. Obviously hoping for an increase in left footers.
  4. Her UK citizenship is to be revoked. https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-47299907
  5. I've been in two. One in Ayr, which used to be the West Kirk. The other in Greenock. which used to be the main post office.
  6. Fucking hot on this side of the world.
  7. What pisses me off is the use of the full name when there is no other player with the same surname on the field. eg Roberto Carlos, Sergio Ramos, etc
  8. I laugh out loud at commentators' attempts to pronounce foreign names, especially those with a 'J' or a 'V'. My favourite was "Van Der Vart", which should be pronounced "Fan Der Fart". But the comms obviously thought that might be rude. And of course dear old José who I am sure must have been pissed of with the constant mispronunciation of his name.
  9. This came up on another forum that I use. In Scottish Football we have a woman who works for the legal firm used by Celtic, she is called a compliance officer which means she makes decisions on games that 'she chooses' for retrospective action. Since 2017 14 Rangers players have been cited for incidents the referee didn't see, not a single Celtic player has been cited in that time. This is a good one, in 2016 Scott Brown was cited for an off the ball incident, normally the decision is made a few days after the incident but on this occasion the SFA claimed the compliance officer was 'on holiday' as it was Easter so the incident was not reviewed until after the next game which coincidentally was against Rangers, Scott Brown was banned for the following game after being allowed to play against Rangers. Now Rangers have just had a player 'fast-tracked' so a decision was made less than 48 hours so they could miss this weekends important cup game, thats not the worse of it though, Kenny Miller was also 'fast tracked' during the christmas holiday period so he could be suspended for the next match which was coincidentally against Celtic, I mean wasn't the compliance officer on holiday then or what. It's as blatant as you can get. The compliance officer was set up after Celtic's campaign against the Scottish referees which saw every referee in Scotland go on strike meaning we had refs from Luxembourg reffing our games until Celtic got what they wanted, a compliance officer, Celtic have had less yellow and red cards than any other team since this position started. Ryan Jack 36 league games for Rangers 4 red cards Ryan Jack 189 league games for Aberdeen 2 red cards Alfredo Morelos 58 league games for Rangers 3 red cards Alfredo Morelos 28 league games for Helsinki 0 red cards Scott Brown 111 league games for Hibernian 2 red cards Scott Brown 336 league games for Celtic 2 red cards Any thoughts?
  10. He was certainly world class and could well be the greatest England keeper ever.
  11. Shocking. A deliberate assault. Oliveria should apply for a private prosecution of Mings.
  12. I find resign and resigning to be really confusing words. I wish more people would use the hyphenated version when referring to players signing new contracts.
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