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  1. But at a 5/6-a-side league it wouldn't be plausible for every team to bring a second shirt with a different colour surely? Unless you have done this yourself?
  2. Yes, should of specified wearing bibs at Football rather than eating/drinking! Although not a bad idea to wear a bib whilst out, especially if you've just bought a nice outfit and don't want to get it messy. Played a kick about game down the park yesterday and we bought some red duck tape that we just stuck on our arms, instead of bibs. Problem solved.
  3. Just wondered if anyone else hates wearing a bib during a 5/6-a-side game like I do? Sometimes you just really want to wear you favourite team's shirt but somehow I always end up on the team wearing the bibs. Plus they smell of fat sweaty men! I say get rid of them.
  4. True, I'd rather see them survive comfortably for the next few seasons and build a new stadium with all the money. Take that all day long.
  5. I've been waiting for Bournemouth to splash the cash a bit but I reckon Howe has a lot to say in who comes in and seems to prefer bringing in Championship to Lower-half Premier League players, rather than foreign players. Respectable and seems to be working, however don't think the club will push on in to a higher position with this current model... Brought in Iturbe on loan a few seasons ago but hardly played.
  6. Is that Steve Bruce in the first picture?
  7. Don't do it Motty. Don't ruin your legacy! Agree Talksport is designed to wind people up, as optimised by Andy Goldstein and Jason Cundy.
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