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  1. We win 9 in a row cause we where a lot better than you lot and had to be to beat 12 men. How did yous win it, with ebts. And don't fuckin call me son
  2. Why should we ware a poppy, I'd it because yous tell us to ? If I buy a poppy it's because I want not because someone else Told me to. Celtic have left it to people to make their own choice. And it's just another thing that should be kept out of football.
  3. I was out, We didn't hide from anything. Although you lot are still hiding from the truth. What about the guy who worked for rangers, got found out & Done away with himself before anything could be done.
  4. https://www.npr.org/2014/05/23/315129859/sex-abuse-allegations-getting-protestant-churches-to-come-clean Right fit for tat. You bring up the point of sexual abuse to children Yous can not hide from it, it was all swept under the carpet so the truth is There if you just look but you won't. Any sexual predator should be Hung Catholic protestants Jews Muslims you name it. It's in all walks of life. My original post was a football thing. That is one thing about 90% of Celtic fans don't agree with. A selection of the fans yes do that. But as I say 90% Celtic fans don't agree with illicit banners sectarian chants.
  5. Anyway this could go on and on talking about an old club. But yeah the newco is as bad as they carry their bigoted Shit over to the usa, still living in the dark ages
  6. Yes that's true. Neil Lennon was attacked in the street be rangers fans, and at tynecastle during a game
  7. They don't need to be when they have the establishment behind them
  8. Paranoia is it. So the referee in it didn't want to be named, I wonder why
  9. Aye that's it in a nutshell. And yet they are still in denial about it. If he is anything like the govan lot up here, he'll say it's a lot of S+++e
  10. It just shows how far it goes back The masons and all its a good watch
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