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  1. Today another legend of Unaited have birthday and became 44 years - Paul Scholes. I find info for his carrer. Enjoy
  2. English Premier League is the most competitive championship ( In Spain there are only two teams fighting for the title every year! In EPL you can find 6-7 teams with real chances to raise the trophy! Did you forger Leicester ? hehe. I will talk with numbers! In last 5 years RM and Barcelona got total 91 penaties which is almost 3 time more than Atletco M with 32 for this period! For free kikcs, cards,offsides - I didn"t want to speak. So for me Terry is the player. Every man have his vision. Yours is Ramos which is ok.
  3. I think that Terry was ""gentelment" on the pitch while Ramos is very rough when he play. Every time I didn"t talk - i gives evidences.Look at stats:)! Ramos - 0.325 averege yellow cards 0.044 averege red cards in La Liga Terry - 0.14 yellow cards 0.012 averege red cards in Premiere league Ramos have 2.25X and 3.66X more yellow and red cards by Terry! How I mention up in my post I think that If Ramos didn"t play in referees team - Real Madrid his stats will be increase with min 20%. So with everything which I gives I can say only one. Terry is the man! ramos-terry.bmp
  4. I want to compare Terry with Ramos. What are you think abou this? Which defender is more powerfull, stability, creativity and so on?
  5. Yes I think that defender like him born very very rerely.
  6. I want to give you stats for a big Player. I had respect Terry"s carreer. What do you think? If he was one of the best defender for Chelsea?
  7. Yes he was Legend for Unaited. Powerfull footballer and strong career!
  8. I am new for forum and I want to give my answer about which is my football legend. For me one midfield will be stay in my mind forever - Andrea Pirlo. He was strong in both lines attacking and defence. His long shots impressed all goalkeepers. Respect Pirlo.
  9. I agree with all 11 which is in your mind, but what you think for Lampard? I think that he have side in elevens. Midfilder with 299 goals and he is also a one of three footbalers in Premiere league with100+ goals & 100+ assists.

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