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  1. Watched it last night and tbh I did not think much of it, maybe it will warm up I don't know, the wife and daughter have yet to watch it so I will wait on their comments.
  2. Just chilling out with the wife, daughter & grandsons, will have some wine tonight when the nippers are in bed and watch some films on Netflix, I heard the series 'The Haunting of Hill House' has a 9.0/10 on IMDb so it must be good. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt6763664/
  3. Bloody cold here but I love it, the wife has turned the central heating on full blast and I am sitting/and walking around with just my undies on thinking I am back in Aussie land, summer time. The wife said "Bloody glad the curtains are closed...put some pj's on or something!!", me, "No, turn the central heating down (hint, hint)", the wife passed on that one...
  4. Trying to pick your nose when you are pissed and nearly poke your eye out.
  5. Aye, people started panic buying we were stocked up days before the warning, it was so scenic though as I walked up a footpath called the Old Railway Line which was not anymore and the snow was beautiful to look at as there was snow everywhere and people still walking their dogs. Old Railway Path 'Beast from the East' Winter 2018 Old Railway Path before the 'Beast from the East' hit us.
  6. I love snow as when I was a wee nipper growing at Christmas time with snow in the UK, then we emigrated to Australia in 1960 and Christmas time out there you would wake up to temperatures of 35/40c and I hated it and I suffered from an acute migraine out there if the temp went over 35c and was adviced to move to colder climate, thus, I came back to the UK. Even now across here if the temp goes over 30c I get a migraine but not as bad as Aussie land, I did skiing in the army on exercise in Bavaria and I loved it, when we had the 'Beast from the East' hit in March this year we were more or
  7. Cloudy and breezy here and nice and cold to me at 13c, I hate the heat and snow will do me when it arrives, not the wife's cup of tea though, she hates the cold.
  8. I am a bit wary of ATM machines and if I do use them then I try to use them inside the bank itself, a while back I was using an ATM outside the bank and an old dear was using the ATM machine next to the one I was waiting on, she put her card in then pressed return card and stood there waiting for about 3/4 minutes and nothing happened, she went inside the bank to complain and when she did her card popped out while she was not there. Me being a gentleman that I am, took the card out and was going to go inside the bank and hand it in but she walked out with a member of staff and I handed it
  9. I use to do that but I stopped smoking a year ago so that is knocked on the head. One other thing I hate is when the wife says she has to get a Birthday card etc and there is NO WAY I go inside the shop while she looks for a card, she takes fucking ages picking one, she has to read all the inside writing first before she chooses the right one. She told me once to go to the card shop and pick a baby card for her nieces wee one, which I did and it took me about 1 minute, when I got back home she looked at the card and said "You will have to take it back, you picked a baby boy one, blah
  10. When I said I pay my bills via the internet I don't actually do online banking, all I do is fill out the details on my banking card like long number, sec code on back etc, my daughter does the actual online banking for all her transactions with a Bank of Scotland web page and keeps telling me to do the same but that is one thing I won't do.
  11. Same here, I always have our bedroom window open and the wife does her nut as she hates the cold, the wife maintains I must have been an Eskimo re-incarnated.
  12. Tried that before but it never worked, I am talking about when you 'Edit' a post to correct something like Bald lettering it never worked, it's working ok now though as I cleared my Chrome Browsing Data and Cookies, thank's any way for the reply, appreciated.
  13. Forget what I posted above still trying to get the hang of this, I can't seem to get this off bald!! Lol
  14. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/45904045
  15. It's only the extreme heat that bought me back home as if temperatures out there reached over 30/40c I would suffer from an acute migraine attack and the docs advised me to move to a colder climate. But I went body surfing out there once in 1968, Surfers Paradise on the Gold Coast and I bloody loved it and that was around winter time June/July and it was around 20/25c and just nice and no flies or mosquitoes.
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