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  1. John Terry to Birmingham?

    Negan, you were literally wetting your pants at the chance of his arrival.
  2. Premier league prediction league

    Week 2 SATURDAY, 19 AUGUST 2017 Swansea 1 vs 3 Man Utd Bournemouth 2 vs 1 Watford Burnley 1 vs 1 West Brom Leicester 3 vs 1 Brighton Liverpool 2 vs 1 Palace Southampton 1 vs 1 West Ham Stoke 2 vs 1 Arsenal SUNDAY, 20 AUGUST 2017 Huddersfield 2 vs 1 Newcastle Tottenham 2 vs 0 Chelsea MONDAY, 21 AUGUST 2017 Man City 3 vs 1 Everton
  3. I know I'm biased but the Rooney overhead kick was pretty special.
  4. About time as well, it's insanity we have to wait three weeks into the season for it to close. Not only is it totally unsettling for clubs, it leaves players in limbo like Van Dijk, Costa and Coutinho. I know they deserve leaving in limbo but it's not good for all parties if you're missing games.
  5. Health problem

    Fingers crossed for you, I'm sure it will be nothing.
  6. Premier league prediction league

  7. I'm surprised as well. Seems highly rated and he's been in a few international squads.
  8. Premier league prediction league

    Week 1 table 1st - Nawoo 13pts (1 correct score) 2nd - Red Devil 11pts (1 correct score) 3rd - Boro boy 10pts 3rd - Negan 10pts 4th - Megaboost 9pts (1 correct score) 4th - Baby cakes 9pts (1 correct score) Reply below added 0 minutes later Week 2 SATURDAY, 19 AUGUST 2017 Swansea 12:30 Man Utd Bournemouth 15:00 Watford Burnley 15:00 West Brom Leicester 15:00 Brighton Liverpool 15:00 Palace Southampton 15:00 West Ham Stoke 17:30 Arsenal SUNDAY, 20 AUGUST 2017 Huddersfield 13:30 Newcastle Tottenham 16:00 Chelsea MONDAY, 21 AUGUST 2017 Man City 20:00 Everton
  9. The Ballboy - Daily football news!

    Whilst I can appreciate the time and effort you put into this project, why would I choose to check your site ahead of skysports or BBC news?
  10. What's the point of little clubs?

    Supporting a club shouldn't be about the league you're in, I know Altrincham fans who are as die hard as I am about United. They don't know who's gonna play for them from one week to another, the player turn around is amazing. Do they stop supporting their club, no they don't.
  11. What's the point of little clubs?

    I honestly can't believe a Cardiff city fan can attack anyone for being a small club!! Surely he's gotta be joking.
  12. Premiership match chat.

    Fantastic result and a clear statement of intent. Matic really does free up Pogba to be more creative and expressive with his game, I just can't believe Chelsea would sell us a player of that quality.
  13. Premiership match chat.

    Who would have predicted that Chelsea score, crazy.
  14. Shittest justice system on the planet!!

    Yes, I agree, but I mean driven insane by solitary confinement.
  15. Premiership match chat.

    Great game. Arsenal with a fantastic comeback. What on earth is Wenger seeing in that Elneny? dreadful player.