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  1. Basic simple food.

    Gordon Ramsey eat your heart out lol!! They look, good pal, not top end restaurant stuff but defo decent scran.
  2. The Longest Thread In MFF History.

    Quick question, how would anyone respond to the following incident that happened with a long time friend a few weeks ago. Anyhow, my mate who I've been friends with since nursery contacts me on Instagram asking to go out for a few pints. So being the good friend and having not seen him for about five years I go along and enjoy the day drinking and having a laugh. Now we were really close right through school up until we were 16 when we parted ways and made new friends, but since then we've always got together every four or five years for a catch-up. This is where it gets weird, he'd recently split with his fiancee and he was a little bit upset about it. He started saying how great my life was and how lucky I was, too which I said he could have it as well if he kept at it and found the right girl. Now I've no idea what went through his mind but he said you're so lucky cause you missus is fit, which I laugh off and said thanks. He then follows this up with 'don't take that the wrong way, I would definitely bang her if she was single but I'd never dream of doing it whilst she was with you!!!' Well, I nearly fell off my chair, I had a rush of blood and thought about smashing my pint across his head. Then the years of friendship came into my head and I just told him he was out of order and he should be more respectful. Now all the years of friendship mean nothing, I can't ever speak to him again, how sad is that. How on earth would you react to that?
  3. Negan has left the building

    Sent you a PM @The Realist They just opened another one up in Manchester city centre called http://www.mackiemayor.co.uk/ I've not been to the Mackie Mayor yet but it's supposed to be good. Give me a shout if you come down mate, I will defo drop by and have a pint if you choose Alty. My missus loves the cocktail bars so I will tie it into a night out.
  4. Championship Match Discussion Thread

    100% brutal. Never ever bet on a Championship game, it's so unpredictable.
  5. Championship Match Discussion Thread

    Hull manager finally given the chop, I know he had a good record in Russia but he was never going to work in the English Championship was he.
  6. World Cup draw!

    If we don't qualify from that group we're shit.
  7. Next Rangers Manager!

    I'm not 100% sure about that, the league is weak and Celtic are pretty average as well. I'd say good management and good transfer dealings and they could challenge with a few seasons. The problem was they didn't build on promotion with a convincing manager, then they brought in the Portugues fella and he bought a load of over the hill average players. The board at Rangers should hang their heads in shame, how they allowed some of those players to get a contract I will never know.
  8. Negan has left the building

    He will be back under another username, I know from my time away from the forum last month it's very tempting to poke your head in to have a look. Then the temptation to post kicks in. What I will say is the dislike and lack of respect towards him maybe got too much in the end.
  9. Big Sam is new Everton boss

    So Sam is the man who needs to figure out why Everton bought so many number 10's in the summer.
  10. Things that piss you off.

    Shut up.
  11. The Drinking Thread 2016

    Of course, the markets in each town go into storage somewhere in the town. The theme is German but the actual stalls are rented to all kinds, there is certainly a very German feel to the whole affair though. I love the markets.
  12. Christmas decorations

    This Saturday will be decoration day at our house.
  13. English Premier League Match Discussion

    Really happy with the result, shame about the two goals conceded.
  14. Things that piss you off.

    People who stop with the shopping trolly without checking behind them first!! You wouldn't do it with a car so why would you expect no one to hit you from behind with a trolly.
  15. Plans for the weekend?

    Whatever fatty.