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  1. I'm sorry to destroy Spurs hopes but the league is over, Chelsea will only realistically drop points against Everton. I suspect they have the bit between their teeth now as well.
  2. 1. Where did you grow up and how much has it changed from your childhood? I grew up in a place called Wythenshawe in Manchester, it was once Europe's biggest council estate and has a reputation of being pretty rough. I'm glad to say my mother and father worked their socks off to get themselves into a better area for me and my sister. I still consider Wythenshawe my home as all my friends are from the area and I tend to drink in the pubs but I no longer live there myself, I now live in Trafford which I suppose is making it if you're from Wythenshawe. In terms of the area, my school is now gone, it's been replaced with a swanky new building that calls itself a health academy. There is also the metrolink that runs straight through the area, this has caused havoc for drivers as it's changed all the junctions and movement of cars in the area. All in all the area has hugely improved and is actually seeing a huge increase in house prices. 2. First football match attended and scoreline? My first was a testimonial against City, we hammered them but I can't remember the scoreline just the terraces. 3. Taste in music? Love Oasis, Stone roses and most Manchester bands from that era. 4. What other sports do you enjoy watching? Tennis, Rugby league, Rugby union internationals, the Olympics. 5. Major world event that sticks out in your mind first from your lifetime? 9/11 was huge and I like everyone was watching tv with my mates all day and night. I also remember huge Tsunami's that hit Japan and the Islands Indonesia, they were really shocking events. 6. What would be your dream day? Feet up on holiday with a nice few beers and my kids have fun in the pool. 7. Your top three movies of all time? Goodfellas , Wolf of wall street, Usual suspects 8. Real or Barca? Used to love Barca, I've grown to dislike them with time.
  3. How about "catch" As in 'catch of the day'
  4. RIP Ugo From the generation of footballers from my youth, by all accounts a top bloke. Gutted
  5. I remember you on the old forum now, you created loads of threads about school uniforms and how you would wear them. Have you got some sort of fetish? It's surely been 5 years since I remember your threads and you are still asking the same questions.
  6. I remember this thread coming up on the old forum. I didn't have a tie as school myself but it would no doubt have gone against the school rules.
  7. Hi, how's the cycling going? Tenerife to look forward to in May as well.
  8. Great move for Birmingham, experienced manager with a ton of experience. Redknapp on the other hand, he's getting on a bit, I would have imagined he'd be enjoying the easy life.
  9. Dead now though, Arsenal have killed it.
  10. Obviously, I've never had to experience it and I wouldn't know how it feels, but how does it feel to go from winning every week to knowing your going up a league to lose most weeks? Does it dull the excitement of being a fan? Brighton has had at least five years of decent seasons where their fans have enjoyed win after win. Finally they get promoted to the Premier league and they are left with the possibility of feeling like the Boro fans do currently.
  11. Surely ten games too late, Birmingham could have resurrected their season. Now you face the real possibility of relegation, and I'm afraid your board fully deserve it. Complete farce, from the sacking to the hiring, then the lack of a sacking.
  12. I honestly think you can get something from a deflated Arsenal.
  13. You make a great point, I wouldn't have thought they'd win in fairness. Let's face facts we dropped nine points to let City back in with less games to play, it's a shame they're not facing another top four club.
  14. Ignoring the FA cup semi-final and looking at Chelsea's fixtures, I can only see them dropping points against Everton away. None of the other clubs they are playing look much of a threat to me, you'd give the relegation clubs a chance if they were playing at home but they aren't they have both got to go to the Bridge. Reply below added 4 minutes later I don't think it has in fairness. I also think it's doing United a huge disservice to say that as well, we're no mugs, on our day we should be challenging higher in the table. Chelsea still looked dangerous and with the majority of their remaining fixtures coming against teams that have nothing to play for or are almost down, I don't see them having much of a problem.
  15. We've got too many tricky fixtures to be taken seriously for top four, having said that we were fantastic today. Happy for Spurs, would love them to catch Chelsea. I still think the rent boys will win it but it makes it more interesting. Reply below added 1 minute later Did a number on Chelsea today, the FA Cup game was going similar up until the red card as well. Man mark Hazard and Chelsea look lost for idea's.