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  1. The Longest Thread In MFF History.

    I'm off to Macload's for a party!!!
  2. Floyd Mayweather Jnr v Conor McGregor

    Conor McGregor knows he's not a better boxer, he's basically accepting the defeat/potential knockout for the vast amount of money he's going to make. Mayweather is playing along as it's an easy days work for 100 million dollars. It wouldn't surprise me if it was all planned out like a WWE wrestling match, surely they've got to allow Conor a moment in the fight which will get the fight fans excited. A lot of people are going to be paying an awful lot of money for a farce otherwise.
  3. The Longest Thread In MFF History.

    Off the beer until Friday, it's actually paining me tonight as it's boiling and I'd love a few beers.
  4. And the Winner Is...

    Well done Negan, that's a fantastic gesture. I really have changed my opinion on you over the years.
  5. Wow this heatwave is hot!

    We all moan like fvck when it's freezing and raining and then we all moan when it's hot! I'm loving it!
  6. 62 Dead In Huge Forest Fire In Portugal

    Read some crazy stuff about this today, basically, it's like an apocalypse with fire burning through towns.
  7. That's the only problem, the reality is even if they agree to let him leave for a reasonable fee it's going to be a world record fee. He's 32 soon, would it really be sensible to pay a world record fee for a player of his age. My heart says bring him back, my brain says it's a stupid idea.
  8. Come home Ronny... Come win European cup number 5 at Old Trafford!!!
  9. John Terry to Birmingham?

    I can't see him dropping down a division.
  10. London Tower Block Fire

    Shocking this case is, I can't believe they've just spruced up an old council tower block with cheap materials just to make it look good.
  11. London Tower Block Fire

    There are few rumours someone's fridge exploded.
  12. London Tower Block Fire

    Horrific, apparently the landlords had been warned of the potential dangers of a fire. The place went up like it was lit with petrol from some reports. Edit. I actually meant it was like it was lit with petrol as in the speed the fire spread, I don't mean someone set it on fire.
  13. The list has been pretty good to us up until Christmas, I haven't checked out the new year as of yet.
  14. Steaks

    Medium/Rare Anything more is a crime.
  15. The Movie thread

    My god Trainspotting is hard hitting, I watched it for the first time in decades a few months back.