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  1. The guy is an arsehole. Though trying to explain to people he is happy to take the sterling he should go home by explaining if he did go home he would still be taking sterling is hard work
  2. Our Taoiseach actually used a quote from The Terminator tonight There's no fate but what we make for ourselves
  3. And we are in lockdown. No travel more than 2k unless it’s deemed essential
  4. https://www.thejournal.ie/an-post-services-5057083-Mar2020/?amp=1 so it seems the posties over here are starting to call on elderly etc seeing if they can get shopping for them or pick up medication and bring it to them next day
  5. That’s good to hear mate. Fingers crossed all goes well with you
  6. Not good mate hope all turns out well for you. Not been in physical touching distance of mine for four weeks it’s hard but hopefully short term loss for long term gain
  7. Yeah at one time mars bars etc seemed to be the go to but it’s all changed. It’s the same as this diabetic chocolate that’s out. Most diabetic consultants will say take a bit of ordinary chocolate instead of the so-called diabetic one.
  8. A digestive biscuit is better if a diabetic goes really low. Also a lot of diabetics carry glucose tablets or drinks with them. Also a drink of coke or similar can do the trick. My wife is diabetic type 1
  9. Fortunately we can go for walks and meet nothing except some sheep. So that’s good. We also started getting any shopping delivered Life is going on what I am missing is spending time with my grandchildren FaceTime etc is all well and good but you can’t cuddle a phone. We had 11 confirmed cases in Donegal last night so fairly low numbers so far
  10. It wasn’t just shortness of breath though and when they spoke to those qualified they told them what to do
  11. Two of my sons. Youngest boy is recovering well and my oldest is getting through it slowly. Neither has been tested but the shortness of breath etc seems to be the give away. The youngest lives in his own and is in Quarantine and my oldest is married with two young kids he is quarantining in the spare bedroom. Both have been in touch with the NHS and this is what they have been told to do. Thankfully the symptoms for them have been mild
  12. Your situation I understand mate not sports direct next or WH Smith. They in my book certainly are not essential. The way the self employed are getting treated is a disgrace. I was self employed most of my working life
  13. There’s a problem though certain company’s are saying they are essential or so I am hearing. If that is the case he is really going to have to jump on it quickly. Rumours are next SD and WH Smith are trying it on
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