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  1. I will take that with a pinch of salt they admitted months ago they had made mistakes. Also they mention the company/Club that’s against their own rules. They shut their official Twitter at 10pm. S all in all it looks as though a wee drunk Declan will be getting his bows kicked today
  2. It’s been known for a long time something was going to come out no one knew what though. Personally I don’t know if it will make any difference but if there’s any truth in this story it has to be looked at closely
  3. This is going to be interesting over billed the club by a minimum of 50 million I believe
  4. You go to Ibrox and you wouldn’t be sitting for 90 mate everytime the ball goes into the last third people start standing so if you want to have a chance of seeing anything you have to stand to 😂
  5. I can understand why certain people want to stand and believe Rangers like Celtic should have a standing section that can be made seared for Euro ties etc. I would probably stand myself if I was fit to for 90 minutes but my back won’t allow that. Don’t know when you were last at a game mate but it is a lot closer sitting than standing for one thing
  6. Mistake in the typing should have been 100 😂
  7. Lol nah there’s a holiday home about 109 yards from us so that’s rented some stay in that some stay with us but basically it’s just for sleeping in. As I said bedlam at times but good fun. Also New Year will be a bit different normally we do it the old Scottish way but this year we are all heading out on New Years Eve to the Viking House hotel ( bastion and Norm) will know so a meal music and dancing till whenever then back here
  8. Christmas is always traditional in this home and this year will be no different. There will be 11 adults and five kids from 11 months to 7 years old. They will all be here from the 23rd December until the 3rd January. It will be total bedlam but great fun lots of walks in the beach filled by drinks in the pub, board games and general good times
  9. Know what you mean I went back to my vinyl few years ago. There’s something above it that just seems right. Right down to taking the album out it’s sleeve and checking it etc
  10. Sitting chilling with a few gins listening to Santana Off to see him in March in Dublin
  11. Saturday 9th November Heart of Midlothian 15:00 St Mirren..........................1 Kilmarnock 15:00 Hamilton Academical.........1 Ross County 15:00 Aberdeen...........................1 St Johnstone 15:00 Hibernian...........................X Sunday 10th November Celtic 15:00 Motherwell............................X Livingston 15:00 Rangers...............................2
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