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  1. Yes the memories of those days 😁
  2. RANGERS: McGregor; Tavernier, Goldson, Edmundson, Barisic; Jack, Davis, Aribo; Candeias, Jones, Morelos. SUBS: Foderingham, Polster, Mayo, Katic, Halliday, Docherty, Kamara, Ojo, Defoe, Murphy. REFEREE: Mr Bobby Madden
  3. Personally I am happy about it we have now four Centre backs who can dominate I reckon Edmundson while wanting to push for a starting place will be one for the future at 21 he has time
  4. BT Only have it from the group stages mate
  5. Team RANGERS: McGregor; Tavernier, Goldson, Katic, Barisic; Jack, Davis, Kamara; Ojo, Defoe, Jones. SUBS: Foderingham, Edmundson, Aribo, Stewart, Docherty, Halliday, Morelos.
  6. To be fair I have doubts about Stewart Robertson also won’t have been the first time the club how shall I put it have been economical with certain facts. After the last debacle I will never fully trust any of them
  7. Makdee

    The Twelfth

    Saying hi n the new they took eighteen hundred tyres out of that bonfire I mean WTF 😳
  8. Squad for this round no Candeias probably to go be Ojo game time https://www.uefa.com/uefaeuropaleague/season=2020/clubs/club=50121/squad/
  9. From information I have received it was originally in the deal and the club pulled it due to the reaction of the fans and SG. They still have first option to buy if we decide to sell at any point
  10. Well it finished 5-0 and overall I reckon SG will be happy with what he saw yes improvements will be have to be made but it’s plain what SG wants. All the new players seemed to settle right away. Stewart was a revelation his running and overall play was good to watch. Aribo not scared to get stuck in willing to drive forward with the ball. Hastie looked comfortable on the ball and will improve Ojo strong player scored a good goal lots of movement off the ball Edmundson big unit of a defender not scared to make a pass looks comfortable the American boy Polster fitted in neatly didn’t do anything wrong the stalwarts ie Tav Davis Candeias etc all looked fit snd raring to go yes it’s only preseason but the signs are good
  11. Will do mate Lovely passing play and Defoe is on the end of it with a Tap in 5-0
  12. Ojo makes of four with a nice run and finish
  13. Young Lewis Mayo bundles the ball over the line to make it three 8 minutes into the second half
  14. Stewart makes it two with a nice left foot finish

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