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  1. Clue Rangers fans are called ???? That should help with the first part
  2. I try not to unless I am working. Even then I have to concentrate
  3. I do every day if I need to destress I go a wee walk to the end of the bay where the waves crash against the rocks and on the other side it’s calm and serene. I am a lucky guy
  4. I like the iddMcDonalds but fuck that. Waiting about like idiots. The one in Robroyston Glasgow had the police out trying to control the crowds
  5. Cheers mate was using a new mirrorless camera. Really happy with it so far
  6. Was out last night taking some dots for a mate. Sun was setting a beautiful colour in the sky. So took a few this is one of them
  7. Be as well with them letting 15 players go. It’s a total sham
  8. Think that comes down to media coverage. Today’s media social media means we get 24 hour walk to wall coverage of everything nowadays. In some ways it’s good because we are now aware of so much that goes on on the other hand unless we are careful where we get and what we do with the information it’s vlbexomes a mess
  9. Don’t see you showed be forcing the issue. Just apply For permits March get the sorted and enjoy your day
  10. The chances are Spanish Flu didn’t there are four major contenders for that honour GB France China and the USA. It’s also worth noting the main amount if casualties came from the second wave
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