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  1. Mandatory here. Doesn’t bother me wearing them in shops don’t need to worry about public transport here as there is very little. Got a mate that lives they Salou area in Spain. They have brought in that masks must be worn in all public places except if you are sitting on the beach or by a pool. That must be really uncomfortable when it’s hot
  2. Me always been a quite soul ask anyone who knows me
  3. Well he will be busy with the new baby
  4. She is a wee smasher she is just another daughter to Mary and I. Hopefully we are coming over for new year so we can meet and wet the baby’s head. What I would give for a round of golf but others allowed because if the wires in my back
  5. I get asked a lot about this the usual how can you go and watch this. My answer is usually along the lines of well I have never seen trouble at Rossnowlough. It’s a very a good day out. I have no problem with people parading and enjoying the day. I have seen trouble at the Glasgow walks and it’s normally fuds with to much alcohol. I remember years ago long before I got married standing watching the walk and the guy next to me started screaming in my face because I was wearing a St Christopher medallion. It wasn’t pretty
  6. No parade in Rossnowlough this year. Usually head up it’s interesting seeing how in the main most of the community enjoy the day out
  7. So here is Ewan with his big sister Orla. One delighted wee girl
  8. You do realise they are talking about the Westminster government. The sNP is only a means to an end when it comes to independence there is a hell of a lot more to it than that. The rubbish I see that anyone who wants hate the English is just comical. I have no doubt there will be a certain amount but the fast majority see them as neighbours
  9. That was a shocking tackle seen reds given for a lot less
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