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  1. Yeah that’s what I am getting the Mrs got hers a month ago her arm was a bit sore and she was feeling tired for a couple of days
  2. Well it all happens at once got an appointment to go for my vaccine next Tuesday. Phoned the Doc to explain how I was feeling etc he reckons the tiredness and weakness is just the after effects of the virus I had and I should be fine to get it. So out to Letterkenny for 9am next Tuesday for the jab
  3. Getting there Harold my breathing is ok again just feeling very tired and still a bit weak. It’s a bad day when the medicine is the worst thing about it
  4. Counting the hours to my last Penicillin tablet. They always make me feel sick as a dog For years it was thought I was allergic to them until I had my bypass and the anaesthetist laughed and gave me a syringe full. Unfortunately the still make me feel sick but they do the job
  5. Makdee

    What's Allowed?

    No Bishops in the CoS Harold but plenty in the CoE
  6. Makdee

    What's Allowed?

    Each of them stand alone imo personally My take on it Racism No Holocaust Denial No slavery in any form No Transphobia No but they are purely how I feel others feel differently and that is their right.
  7. No one seems to know much about him but anything I have read is goodI know Mark is trying to get an Interview with him. So what time is getting played when he scores next season
  8. Getting the business done early
  9. First part https://www.glasgowlive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/clive-tyldesley-reveals-rangers-fan-20508075 Second part https://www.glasgowlive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/clive-tyldesley-admits-rangers-spfl-20511152 Third part https://www.glasgowlive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/ally-mccoists-co-commentary-good-20514724
  10. Got to say this made me laugh what a big wean Brown is. Morelos going Boohoo is hilarious
  11. If We see a problem I am sure we will if you keep in about another forum I will delete your posts and or closeted thread
  12. Caz don’t start about another forum on here
  13. The ball control from Kent here is tremendous
  14. Seen Dave Allen at the Kings Theatre Glasgow in 1980. As always he was brilliant and got away with a lot more than he did on TV
  15. Look I am fed up listening to all this about another forum if you want to discuss it start a WhatsApp group. No more in here or threads will continually get closed and posts deleted
  16. Watched the game in the early hours of this morning. We dominated and we’re clinical the fact they went down to ten was down to one person that was their McGregor he was stupid thinking he would get away with it and Kennedy and Brown making excuses was truly pathetic. My MotM was Kent thought his play was sublime
  17. Well done Unique I never voted for you but I never voted for anyone.
  18. Test result is in it’s not Covid. I have two separate things going on. I have a virus which will run its course and very bad chest infection. So in penicillin for seven days for the chest hopefully it hits the spot. If there are a no improvement in 48 hours Hospital is a possibility. I am also as weak as as kitten and just want to sleep. Plenty of fluids being taken
  19. Just back after being tested feckin nearly an hour each way wife driving me feeling like shit. Off to my bed now hopefully the result will be in within 24hours
  20. Feckin feeling ill all day have to go for a test in the morning. The Doc reckons it may just be hay fever but feels he can’t take the chance. Swollen glands shortness of breath generally feeling shit
  21. Been out for a long walk this morning. It clears the head after to much alcohol. Good night last night though plenty of laughs. The family will be leaving about 7:30 this evening for the drive to Belfast to get the boat. Been a great two weeks hopefully won’t be two long till we see them next
  22. Well one will be a game called Discovering Ireland. The chances are we may play trivial pursuits or if lots of drink is taken maybe monopoly but that is a last resort. There’s a few others Five second rule. The Chase. Catchphrase Blockbusters and loads more like Harold I am retired but the reason is I hadn’t seen my son or daughter in law properly for a year and a half and I had never met my Wee granddaughter born in January.
  23. Usually have a few laughs and a few disagreements over answers but it’s fun
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