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  1. My weekend coming will be much the same as this one. Though on Saturday we are going to bubble beach or paradise de beach as it’s called
  2. Ah mate hope all goes well with the dog. Got two collies myself down t know what I would do if something happened to any of them
  3. Having a great time mate smashing hotel busy working my way through the cocktail menu. Spending hours in the pool teaching my four year old granddaughter to swim so it’s great fun
  4. Celtic issue saying. It’s the biggest embarrassment in Scottish football. They really don’t do irony
  5. aturday 18/05/2019 Dundee v St Mirren x Hamilton v St Johnstone x Motherwell v Livingston 1 Sunday 19/05/2019 Celtic v Hearts 2 Hibs v Aberdeen 1 Kilmarnock v Rangers 2
  6. Heading to Glasgow lunchtime Friday then flying to Kos on Saturday afternoon heading to Kardamena for two weeks. Canny wait
  7. I know you weren’t mate I meant the system is a joke
  8. Oh I get you feckin joke
  9. But it’s not he has been cited. They changed the rules at the start of the season
  10. Flanagan has a hearing in Thursday looks like a two match ban Statement from rangers A Rangers Club spokesperson has said: “Once again, there seems intent to change the decision of a Referee in a match involving Rangers. There seems to be a steady erosion of respect for Scotland’s Referees and the authority they are meant to enjoy under Rule 5 of the Laws of the Game. “The decisions of Referees regarding facts connected with play are meant to be final but Referees are now routinely invited to change their decisions after a game has finished. “It is particularly shocking that another Rangers player has been singled out for retrospective action and issued with a notice of complaint while Jozo Simunovic, the Celtic player who used an elbow to fell Jermain Defoe, has escaped any kind of censure. “Why did one incident escape punishment while the other is now deemed worthy of a red card? We cannot understand how these two incidents could be studied yet only one be considered worthy of punishment. “It seems as if Rangers’ players are being held to a different code of conduct from players at other clubs. We shall vigorously defend Mr Flanagan and have also asked for full transparency on what matters are brought forward for retrospective action. Are those decisions being made even-handedly?”
  11. R.I.P. Doris Day 97 years of age
  12. Rangers v Celtic RANGERS: Foderingham; Tavernier, Goldson, Katic, Flanagan; Davis, Jack, Kamara; Kent, Arfield, Defoe. SUBS: Firth, Worrall, Halliday, McCrorie, Morelos, Candeias, Barisic.
  13. It’s was horrible watching this ad it was happening. They should never be forgotten I sometimes feel and I know it was awful what happened but every other tragedy at football gets overlooked other than Hillsborough.
  14. Friday, 10/05/2019 Aberdeen v Hearts x Saturday 11/05/2019  Kilmarnock v Hibs x Livingston v Dundee 1 St Johnstone v Motherwell 2 Sunday, 12/05/2019  Rangers v Celtic 1 Monday, 13/05/2019  St Mirren v Hamilton 1
  15. Agreed saw him twice always enjoyed him
  16. R.I.P.Freddie Starr 76 years old now was it the hamster. Sorry he died of a heart attack
  17. Nah my Son was over here so we went to what strictly speaking is my local to watch it
  18. Sorry in the pub got sidetracked 🤣
  19. Saturday, 04/05/2019 Aberdeen v Celtic -------------- X  Dundee v Hamilton ----------- 1 Hearts v Kilmarnock --------- x Motherwell v St Mirren ------ 1  St Johnstone v Livingston - 1 Sunday 05/05/2019  Rangers v Hibs ----------------- 1
  20. Might be seen as soft Dug but if that’s elsewhere in on the park it’s s free kick so it’s s penalty imo don’t think it was s second yellow though
  21. Yeah think he can play further forward but definitely a midfielder as far as I know
  22. He will be by all accounts. He is a better player than we have see at the sheep so hopefully he will work out.
  23. Team RANGERS: McGregor; Tavernier, Katic, Goldson, Flanagan; Davis, Jack, Kamara; Arfield, Kent, Defoe. SUBS: Foderingham, Worrall, Wallace, Halliday, McCrorie, Candeias, Middleton.
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