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  1. I Agree, non story.......
  2. A good Flamethrower would red them up...... But, as Dug said, Its Friday..... It would be a brutal start to the weekend.
  3. My Kills a kill attitude has limitations 🤣😂 But she isn't it, GAB! Seen the film mate.
  4. This is the modern world, these cunts think social media campaigns get them what they want..... Stephen King done a book called Misery, she was seen as off her head, she'd probably fit right in today's society.
  5. Bastion


    About as much as Women's world cup......
  6. A betting man, would probably hit Bet 365.........
  7. Well, That's Boris out of the running......
  8. Fair point Dug, I had actually forgotten about That...... You have possibly swayed me!
  9. The problem I have with Boris, is he didn't take it the last time, pissed me off at the time, he didn't follow through, Likeable guy, but..... I'd prefer Mog.
  10. At one stage 3...... Ice King Killed one, Thon Bint, killed the other by just being an Arse....... You'd have loved, The Hound, one of the best characters ever written.
  11. Maybe not quite as bad, but almost, Lost, lost the plot..... This was like, let's get this finished and onto something else.....
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