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  1. Anyhoo.... I'm af to bed....
  2. Wait till the Cats Ma reads this wee introduction thread.....🤣
  3. Yep... he probably will.
  4. Forgot to say.... Love the way ye recognise the Irish border.... Love you now ❤️
  5. Correct, that's the point I made to Harold, he was 100% convinced Gus was Mags.... yet he wasn't.
  6. Mate.... could you just not be arsed Drawing Ireland properly? Look at the loving attention over Scotland..... That's Hectic.... #Huffed
  7. I wasn't impressed by any off that nonsense, it was a poor attempt at.... whatever he was trying to achieve, as what you had posted on the other forum was a totally innocent remark . I know what he is, as I labelled it above quoting Harold, and that is pretty much what I believe, I didn't have the years on here that you had with him, He was mostly fine with me, the odd spat here and there, but hey-ho.... The up side was the pure entertainment value, I loved him for that, the utter nonsense I could talk to him about, with UNIQUE bouncing in too.... sadly, that's gone. We are
  8. I can be seen as being online, yet I'm not, especially in the house. Did you miss his apology? Not sure how standing up for oneself whilst getting dogs abuse is playing to the crowd... to be fair, he didn't retaliate until a fair bit in.... You were asking him to discuss the races in the thread, he explained a family situation, but that wouldn't do,.... maybe he should have Pandered to the crowd? What's there? What you personally have decided is lies, without facts?... as it suits your argument? What thread? 100% alleged... you might be
  9. The abuse he took was ridiculous on it, over the top reaction as he wasn't there to pander. What facts ? What lies did he print on the Horse Thread? Yep.. see how fair I am.... He's an attention seeking, self centered, narcissistic, shit stirring hure. Agreement? What did he do with this fake account ?( if indeed it was him)... what was his crime?.... did he call other racist?, Misogynist?... did he slag aff the whole forum to a man? Basically he is alleged to have opened an account called Harold and got banned, what did he actually do with this
  10. The irony of that statement Speculation Aye, that's what he does, he's an attention seeking hure..... Another forum, nothing to do with on here, what did he allegedly do regards this profile?
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