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  1. Romania's finest has disembarked here......
  2. I your opinion, Sterling is World Class ffs.... your heads melted Arrive, talk shite, feck aff again.... Love it 🤣
  3. The Judge actually had a go at the Leftist mobs outside the court house threatening to riot if the correct decision isn't made....
  4. I have watched UK News talk about the Floyd Murder Trial.... media needs reigning in regarding court trials
  5. Just playing to the crowd.... the Jury will be oblivious to it, but its what happens to these folk if they come up with a verdict he doesn't want....
  6. Really?.... I'll Google Earth it....lol
  7. Arabs.... or Chinese It would need to be someone with serious money behind them
  8. That's my hope, their cash cow is in tatters.... they still have debt with no revenue and a real possibility of Green and Gold until we're Sold rising its head again.... Hopefully they sell.
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