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  1. This Big Girl is trouble...... VID-20210727-WA0004.mp4
  2. Turn the apps off and get on with life
  3. Shite..... took the day off, up at 2pm No football tonight, a game he was really looking forward too
  4. Boris has made a complete cunt of this..... it's a fucking shambles Paying folk to boost the numbers
  5. Unique is now sleeping while Mags has been up early producing chocolate for him.....
  6. Two years ago, not even going to look back at my post......
  7. He thought, He Caz and UNIQUE would cause bother.... Other two didn't take him up on it.
  8. Well, apparently he's not as irresponsible as Chubs, who's way worse than him......
  9. Eldest asked me to take him to a beach in Bangor earlier, Bout 1pm..... Just bounced in pished as fuck in a pair of flip flops and a pair of Shorts..... Fuck knows where the rest of his stuff is...... See how chirpy he is tomorrow back at work....
  10. Can I assume those kids are Scousers.....不
  11. Aye, I know, I'll be doing a bit of reading soon, so it will charge then... 不
  12. Here's a few members who understand.....
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