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  1. Too many wankers in the UK...... We have become weak.
  2. Load of oul shite ffs........
  3. You really believe this would be allowed?
  4. I like it also, even let the wife put it in kitchen window...... Simply because it kind of steals a rainbow back for everyone and its not being used as a political tool.
  5. Both my Ma and Da had it, my grandparents looked after my sister and I..... Media probably dont mention it, as no doubt HK Flu is racist......fs
  6. Is it a wee stream or a Pond RD?
  7. Think it's to cool down before the week is out Hopefully
  8. Did he actually say that? We have plenty like that here, fucking Rats.
  9. Melted today...... I feel your pain.
  10. Keep it on what Topic? It was started to have a go at a member of the forum...... which didnt get a response, so it was bumped two weeks later after being ignored by all..... Then bumped again..... that's 3 posts to get a response, then, when it gets a response...... the member who started the thread ignores the thread, despite being quoted and asked questions about the thread...... To be clear, what actually is this topic?.....
  11. Fuck knows....... I love surprised though.....
  12. It means Superally has fuck all to answer in this child's death Ffs, move on from this shit.
  13. I had a Madness t-shirt when I was 12......
  14. A few years back, they built a wee enclave of social housing in Ards...... cracking wee houses, great location...... so what did they do???? They decided to move The Troublesome South East Antrim UDA in with their families..... taking them from the area they came from to throw them among the good folk of Ards..... They have their Paramilitary regalia on the walls of these houses. .... classy as fuck. So you're 100% correct, good folk looking for a start in life can easily end up in the midst of an area dominated by Paramilitaries.
  15. Bastion


    Just seen your t...... This better not be a badly spelt Peterhead.....lol
  16. Took a wee dander down to the shops here..... good job as it turned out, cars and folk everywhere.... Didn't even go as far as the beach, no doubt packed out.
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