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  1. A mate of mine, his Ma and Da returned from Austria...... both showing signs of it...... both out and about..... What chance do you have......
  2. Surely next time one of these outbreaks occurs, we will isolate the country of origin faster, suspending flights and putting anyone returning in quarantine before getting the freedom to spread it........ It was handled badly from the start, were western governments scared of being labelled racist, in doing so, by leftist parties, globalists and media? Human rights eh......
  3. It actually is, Because some folk, for their own reasons feel it is a great to show their personal appreciation in public, in front of their neighbours, it should not for forced on others to think likewise...... I think it's a cringe fest also, even told a mate who works for them my feelings on it he said..... Cunt!...... its water of a ducks back....... as I never gave a fuck about the opinion of a sheep, or a self absorbed,appreciate me mentality! ....... Anyhoo, this cringefest aside..... NHS have been absolutely Brilliant, working on difficult conditions often without proper protection, for that, I salute you! Even more impressive is the volunteers coming out to help, Brilliant stuff, it makes you proud to know we have folk like this all around the country.
  4. Kevin Prince Boatang....... spelling?
  5. I'll raise a can of Nelson to them......
  6. Bit harsh, Just based on his nationality? Or you cant be arsed in General? He obviously found a forum, where we all remember Pre Premiership football, is it's a decent question/subject..... The Rebranded product certainly attacked Big sponsorship, Huge TV deals and an in flux of foreign players.....some would argue too much....... But is it better?
  7. Thought you boys dealt in Leagues and fathoms..........
  8. Bastion


    They actually filmed it here, I recognized roads they were on, one of them is about 3 miles away from me...... Why not hire local actors fs..... apart from that, the whole Irish part was hard to watch anyway...... But, to go back to the original post, The Brummy accents on PB's, sounded ok to my uncultered ears, no doubt you and Yhe Realist hear differently
  9. Mate of mine works in the local hospital, says its Brutal up there, really scary. He seen a 6 month old wean today hooked up to Breathing equipment...... Sad times for a lot of folk.
  10. She'll no give it to you if ye stay indoors to be fair......
  11. Bastion


    I'll be honest, I thought Sam Neill was from Belfast (NI) On a side note, did you ever hear the Irish accents on 'Sons of Anarchy ' Fucking Brutal.
  12. Very frustrating, this could go on for weeks, 2/3.....ok 6/7 weeks, folk will struggle with nothing coming in, But enough about me, as you say, theres a bigger picture we all need to address.
  13. I'm going to work in the morning, as I cant work from home...... If Boris wants the 5 million self employed to stay away from work, He'll have to compensate us. Cant see that happening, so, we will have self employed Taxi drivers out, taking old folk to shopping centres and hospital appointments, in the confines of an enclosed area..... trying to earn a few bob, as the self employed get screwed with benefits they dont ask for in normal times.......
  14. Yep, in OWC, we totally understand this.......
  15. 100 % The media went on about Caroline Flack being accused and outed before trial (by them btw) Salmond also, Ulster Rugby Players..... Law needs to protect the accused before trial.
  16. Which is the problem with these kind of cases...... Always a doubt, damage is done. Maybe for political reasons, maybe not.
  17. Ok, He is innocent..... or Not Guilty, the difference, I'm not sure Does this mean there are 9 female SNP members who will do anything for a Political agenda?
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