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  1. I brought him with me..... lives in the car now.
  2. Ahh, the van has Gone mate, That was Oct 18
  3. Leeds are often on Super 6, I done well with them early on, always glad to see them as an option..... Until recently
  4. Rub their noses in it....... The amount of times I seen Bercow, BBC Bullshit, That Cunt with the EU hat outside Westminster, Lineker etc...... Celebrate like Fuck!
  5. What time is Mr Gervais arriving for the ceremony...... I'm about to finish making the roast..... Is it a late evening ko?
  6. Bastion

    The NEWS Today

    The Orange Man.....
  7. Bastion

    The NEWS Today

    To be fair Norm, I'd say thon boy has a way with the ladies.......
  8. Bastion

    The NEWS Today

    That's a wind up.....
  9. Bastion

    The NEWS Today

    Of course, but I answered the question you asked......
  10. I'll be disappointed if it's not this......
  11. I'm gonna be a treat for the nostrils......
  12. Bastion

    After Party

    That's very close Harold
  13. Bastion

    After Party

    Was hoping he'd tear Hairy a new Hairy Hole......
  14. Best way of removing old one also...... Genuinely, 10 mins removing glass, 10 mins replacing it again.... It's no biggie to be fair
  15. We bought one in December, have to wait until mid March for arrival..... Also, I will have to remove the window to get in in..... the Joy's......
  16. The DOC wont like this, I'm sure you can imagine the amount of fucks I will give..... The Scousers along with the Irish who settled in Glasgow brought that great Irish characteristic with them, A huge sense of Victimhood and lack of irony Fuck the BBC.
  17. Bastion

    After Party

    This is why I have a side arm..... Be prepared
  18. I believe The Capt kills all germs known to man........
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