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  1. Maybe different one but same thing.....DEMANDS.......Good first post btw
  2. Can't believe you swallowed that one dug
  3. Normski

    The NEWS Today

    It makes you fucking sick Family of four-year-old girl killed by hit and run driver are not allowed to read out parts of their victim statement in court in case it upsets her killer Violet-Grace's father, Glenn Youens, spoke out after a Merseyside MP said that his daughter's killer won the right to have parts of her parents' victim impact statement changed to spare his feelings at sentencing. While tending his daughter's grave Mr Youens said: 'We were not allowed to show our emotions in court or to read the statement in full because it would be too upsetting for him to hear it. Violet-Grace was only four-and-a-half years old when she was killed. 'A lot of people don't realise the victim's family is not being put first. It's as if we're the ones who have done something wrong.' 'We wanted McAteer to know from us what he did to Violet-Grace, but we weren't allowed to because it wasn't fair on him. 'No-one I know feels justice has been served or that he's had anything like enough time in prison. 'I'm having to clean my daughter's headstone while he's counting the days till he gets home.' On the day of the crash McAteer drove the stolen Fiesta ST3, which had cloned number plates, at 80mph in a 30mph area of St Helens. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7240453/amp/Family-girl-four-killed-hit-run-not-allowed-read-parts-victim-statement-court.html?__twitter_impression=true
  4. Times were bad mate,used to hang the bog roll out to dry after everybody used the same 6 sheets,youngest bro wasn't happy as he was last Make one and show me it
  5. Were they told to bury this by government? These cunts need questioned
  6. Normski

    Climate Change

    A good article..... But the sad truth is that, in his twilight years, a new figure has emerged, a new light has been cast on the Attenborough legacy. He recently made a Corbynesque appearance at Glastonbury, tottering out from backstage to deliver a short, sharp lecture on climate change, the sad fate of polar bears, and the naughtiness of plastic. The Glastonbury audience listened carefully, of course. Sir David lavished praise on the audience for not buying any of the plastic that was not available to buy this year, and the audience roared with approval. It was an ecologically conscious version of ‘what a great crowd you are’, including a tactful failure to mention the several hundred tonnes of discarded trash that the Glasto crowd leaves behind each year. In a recent appearance before parliament’s Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee, he compared changing attitudes to plastic to changing attitudes to slavery. He also complained that air travel was ‘extraordinarily cheap’. He called for prices to be hiked, conceding that this would hit the poor hardest. At the same time, he admitted that he himself travels by air ‘frequently’. The best way to ‘restrict’ air travel would be ‘economically’, he argued. So a man who has clocked up more air miles than the average African dictator is deeply concerned that your once-a-year package holiday to Spain is destroying the planet. If Attenborough had his way, a certain class of people (by coincidence, his class) would be allowed to jet around the world enjoying themselves, while others would be restricted from doing so.
  7. Normski

    The Gender Thread

    God help the child
  8. Couldn't afford them.....went for the cheaper option
  9. Sat many a day making these outta cardboard,stung the arse of ya
  10. The criminal frauster wants an EU army
  11. Normski

    The NEWS Today

    Supposedly the Pride March was the target
  12. Normski

    The CUNT Thread

    The employee is a cunt but you can't boycott a whole company because of it There are examples of other shops helping dogs

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