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  1. He's a cunt of the highest order Kept great company too #TerryChristianIsaCunt
  2. My wife walked in from work today and saw the dog licking marmite out of my arsehole. "Don't let him do that!" she screamed. "It's disgusting." "That's your opinion" I said. "This is his second jar, he absolutely loves the stuff!"
  3. I walked in on my sister last night masturbating with a carrot. Can you believe that? I was going to eat that later but now it'll just taste like carrots!
  4. Actually Co Down but absolute cunts
  5. I've just mushed up a load of Frosties and milk into a paste and used it to fill the gaps between my tiles... They're grrrrrrrout!
  6. Ironically a councillor was made to pay him £63k in damages after he made a provo reference about him Then the cunt wonders why he gets abuse Stoke should have sacked him
  7. Fuckin wankers Police stop over 200 vehicles entering Pembrokeshire DYFED-Powys Police officers have turned away more than 200 vehicles from Pembrokeshire as they work to prevent the spread of coronavirus in the county. ‘Pembrokeshire is currently closed to visitors’ is the message from the police as, despite the Prime Minister placing the UK under lockdown on Tuesday (March 24), some people continue to flout the rules and are still treating the area as a holiday destination. Sergeant Hamish Nichols, of Dyfed-Powys Police, said patrols conducted over the last two days had resulted in more than 200 reminders to the public about what currently counts as ‘essential travel’. https://www.westerntelegraph.co.uk/news/18341825.police-stop-200-vehicles-entering-pembrokeshire/
  8. Bored now. Just been turned down from that NHS volunteer scheme - they've got enough gynaecologists apparently... Just waiting to hear back from the breast clinic now!
  9. Now we have left the EU, shouldn't we be standing 6ft 7ins from people instead of 2 metres?
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