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  1. Cunt should be done for racial incitement
  2. Tbf to Jezza,you'll only find Cliftonville and Celtic fans in Bawnmore,i highly doubt a Crues fan would live in there
  3. Normski

    Hairy Bollocks

    To shave your bollocks?
  4. I don't think i could tolerate this once every 30 yrs Welcome James These 2 giants were walking across Europe above the clouds when one says to the other "I wonder where we are"? So the other giant feels down below the clouds and says "we're in Paris" "How do you know" says the other giant "Because i can feel the Eiffel Tower" says the giant After walking many more miles the giant again says "i wonder where we are" The other giant feels below the clouds and says" we're in London" The giant say's "how do you know"? The other giant says "i can feel To
  5. Normski

    Britain Today

    No brainer mate Someone posts racist messages on SM....ban the account.....end of Just imagine your house has been pulled apart by thieves and you arrive home,phone police and they tell you they are too busy
  6. Kelly Preston died of breast cancer 57 RIP.....John Travolta has had it rough....his 16 yr old son died a few yrs ago
  7. Normski

    Britain Today

    This is where i have a problem with Britain today,police are so stretched they refuse to attend scenes where "only" a burglary or drug dealing,etc has taken place,an actual real llfe crime yet have the resources to arrest a 12 yr old boy on disgusting racial messages to Wilf Zaha
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