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  1. You must have bypassed the opening post fella @superally do you believe everything you see on the news? Well it seems the Rona gives the rich a bye ball Boris Johnson: ‘we'll see if we can make some sensible accommodations’ regarding 2,500 UEFA VIPs visiting London without having to quarantine for the Euros final. So “VIPs” get to bypass the rules but not us pondlife Rightyho
  2. I heard he pissed on them every night #SelfPissing
  3. Tory MP calling it out,the fallout from these killer lockdowns will be on a huge scale
  4. Are you dryer than a nun's fanny?
  5. So you need your bluetooth switched on then?
  6. No worries....i shall have a wee dig
  7. DUP are a fucking shambles
  8. Basically the whole country needs to say a big FUCK AFF.....ENOUGH
  9. I saw something ages ago on the World Bank website which indicated it Also led to believe the Bank of England are piloting it now
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