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  1. That was my thoughts too Bizarre from mags
  2. I could relate to that if the virus came from Africa or Middle East as we have witnessed Europe being flooded with unchecked economic migrants but it's from China
  3. I put this vid on at the time,the useless WPC scarpered across the road,the other footage was from 2 blokes who helped the peeler and stuck the boot into the cunt The jury cleared him of possessing an offensive weapon That only tells me one thing,they were told to clear him
  4. Why would they give a fuck?....they paid themselves a handsome £45m bonus 2 wks ago
  5. Normski

    The Gender Thread

    Well said Piers......had enough of this ballbaggery
  6. Just remember sheepy mate,Bastion shit on him from a great height,he's the forum slut
  7. Normski

    The NEWS Today

    Wife: "have you got everything,we're gonna be late?" Husband: "i have a feeling i've forgotten something" Wife: "have you got your grenade?" Husband: "fuck how could i even forget that" Wife: "you dozy cunt"
  8. Welcome mate What has been your fave away ground?
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