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  1. WTAF....looks like Madame Tussauds has been raided😯
  2. For the last 17 days i have stuck to the same lunch (all raw) and continue it today Sweet pepper Red onion Jalapenos Cheese Tomatoes Carrot Spinach
  3. Every team has been offered £310m reportedly Personally it sickens me If it happens i will no longer give a fuck about Manchester Utd FC Only their history,which no one will take away I am old school....the guy that wants the League cup or FA Cup over fourth place
  4. Had my wee dude out last week,walked past this fenced in garden that had a wee Westie barking his head aff thru the slats and my wee dude's tail like a helicopters rotor Since then everytime we have walked past he's straight up to fence the wee tail near taking aff😆
  5. Just saw the other thread locked needlessly Personally i think RD is a great poster especially on football and more so on Utd,love his honest indepth views on Utd and it deserves a place here His downside is being hot headed and too quick on the keyboard and taking things to heart too quick I told him in a PM he needs to chill and not take things to heart which he agreed and also think Caz fucked his head I honestly believe we need the dude back,get him back admin
  6. Clippedity is on the nlower to the waiter.....the waiter is on furlough right now
  7. 😄 go ahead creepy woke Joe Would you buck her?
  8. Let me think the maths News|Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador Mexico murder rate hits record high in 2019 Official data shows an average of 95 murders each day last year, as violence continues to rise in the country A record high of nearly 35,000 people were murdered in Mexico in 2019, according to official data, as President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador struggled to rein in violent crime in his first year in office. A report released by the Secretariat of Public Security on Monday showed there were a total 34,582 murders last year, a 2.5 percent increa
  9. Mate...look beyond your nose,i actually am fucking astounded If Saville was still alive he would have his own personal seat in the Oval office
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