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  1. The absolute fucking state of bomber Anderson
  2. She's fucking deluded but i'd give her one
  3. Normski

    The Racism Thread

    Am i seeing this right?
  4. For a party that wants to lead Britain this is shocking
  5. Normski

    The NEWS Today

    How about the Labour Council who ordered the cheaper flammable cladding and who else rejected fitting sprinkler systems in high rises,be under fully investigation
  6. Never thought i'd ever like Piers Morgan
  7. Normski

    The CUNT Thread

    What a cunt of a person to write this no matter what your view is on Cameron
  8. Normski

    The NEWS Today

    Fucking disgusting Grenfell Tower fire: London Fire Brigade interviewed under caution by police
  9. Hmmmmmm....kept locked away for another 66 yrs On the front page of the Belfast Telegraph we hear about an "official clampdown" on documents relating to the infamous Kincora Boys' home in east Belfast. The paper claims that a classified file on the former home will remain locked in official archives until 2085. Nineteen files are held in the Public Records Office of NI but "closed to public scrutiny". Some remain at least partially shut, the paper says. However UUP MLA Mike Nesbitt warns that that secrecy simply leads to more questions. "The suspicion is they are hiding something," he says. "Is that legitimate? We can't make that judgement when we don't know what is in there," he adds. A spokesperson for the Department for Communities said the files were closed because they contain "sensitive personal data". "It is an extended closed period to protect the names and other personal details of victims and comply with data protection legislation," they added.
  10. A Man City fan just told me he is thinking of going on holiday as it is cheaper after the school holidays... I told him you can't beat the Canaries this time of year!
  11. This thread is more interesting than boring cricket

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