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    I was sent that....belter lol
  2. There are currently 2 VAR threads on the go in the last 24 hrs
  3. I'm surprised he didn't quit in the summer,the Salah tragedy hit him hard
  4. Aye mate,just getting his head showered
  5. Me n Bastion have had our seats at internationls for 15 yrs and the only time we get a seat us half time Anywhere we went in Europe away was always standing in seated stands
  6. Are you on them frog's legs again SP?
  7. If he hadn't have taken the posh way in saying rear instead of asshole,i might have
  8. Fuck away off SP ya prude
  9. Are you seriously starting separate threads on gossip? Everything that is wrong with the forum
  10. Michael O'neil has taken over Stoke,who won 4-2 on his debut as manager,i would like to wish him the very best He took us to our first finals in 30 yrs,it was the best footballing experience of my life,going to all 4 games An absolute gentleman who has a superb football brain,bigger clubs will snap him up,you heard it here first
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