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  1. As i said Hairy,the thread is specifically about the opening post,nothing else
  2. I love my plum tomato,red onion and cheese on toast,the dog's dangly bits
  3. Normski

    Random Videos

    Sounds like Bastion's uncle Jim😂
  4. The opening post doesn't
  5. IMO,these dirty secret deals cunty bollox struck with mass murderers was NOT part of the Good Friday Agreement,therefore the GFA should be NULL AND VOID
  6. The thread is about what i posted,words that sound the same but have different spelling and meanings
  7. It's a meaningless petition anyway mate
  8. It was sent back through the postal system😂
  9. That cunt Bliar has a lot to answer for
  10. You do know the same person can vote as many times as they want and you do know there are signatures from North Korea,Congo,Nigeria,Vietnam amongst others?
  11. The media kept this quiet,surely the EU legally need agreement from all 27 members,who says these cunts aren't a dictatorship?
  12. Tbh SP, i don't find that weird as it's their lingo,equally,they probably find pavement and reception weird as fuck
  13. Imagine a scouser or City fan doing the exact same thing,there is no way on earth the FA would impose this on City or the scousers,they wouldn't dare have the balls
  14. Ffs Maurice you're a fucking journalist😂
  15. Normski

    The NEWS Today

    Peter Bearsley charged with racial abuse at Newcastle
  16. 3 are dead,the one alive is Michael Hayes who admitted on TV he was there Witness refused to name the provo leader and says no one will be charged because the government signed a dirty secret deal with them.....i assume that cunt Bliar
  17. Soooo an extension has been granted,now the government is considering allowing MP's to vote on SEVEN different Brexit options......absolute fucking shambles
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