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  1. It's not Crick's cartoon but seemed to like it a lot
  2. He's free to tweet what he wants but considering 11 people have died on Everest this week with the latest being a Brit yesterday,this is in very bad taste IMO
  3. Only here would you see a convicted terrorist at a terrorist funeral with masked terrorists whilst a member of the Policing Board
  4. I think Simon got his R's mixed up with his C's
  5. Here's the Eurosceptic Jezza labelling the Brexit Party as far right
  6. Should be in cunt thread mate
  7. A Party member of the racist Brexit Party,well said Elizabeth
  8. Absolute fuckers,imagine Diane Abbott or Soubry getting this,the BP are worrying the left,change is coming fast
  9. Normski

    The CUNT Thread

    The owner is a cunt and the vet is a fucking cunt and should be struck off,that wee dog is a spit of mine,disgusting
  10. OTT but love the first 2,ate saw third,he loved it and wide open for a fourth
  11. I would put Celtic on a par with all those politicians and authorities who failed the young girls of Rotherham,Telford and other cities in the UK,both knew it happened,both allowed it to happen,both buried their heads in the fucking sand
  12. BREAKING NEWS Theresa May has resigned from the Conservative Party, joined Extinction Rebellion and glued her tits to the front door at Number 10.
  13. Boris Johnson has said he will vote for Theresa May’s Brexit deal after reaching the "sad conclusion" that it is the only way to ensure the UK actually leaves the European Union. Boris Johnson arrives at the Houses of Parliament on Wednesday Credit: PA Images The ex-Foreign Secretary said he will find it “very painful” to back the Withdrawal Agreement at the third attempt today, but said Brexit risked being watered down further or lost altogether if MPs reject it again. Mr Johnson has mounted a series of excoriating attacks on Mrs May’s deal since taking up a role as a columnist at the Daily Telegraph, and last September prompted controversy by comparing it to a “suicide vest around the British constitution”. https://www.politicshome.com/news/uk/political-parties/conservative-party/news/102877/boris-johnson-reaches-sad-conclusion-he
  14. Nope,Boris went the same way as the Mogg
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