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  1. It's like my uncle who had alzeimers,i told him the same joke every 10 mins........laughed his ballix off all day
  2. Immigration thread You replied " out fucking rageous
  3. There we have it,Shinner president Mary Lou saying IRA campaign was justified and she would have taken up arms Absolutely fucking incredible She was in her leafy Dublin suburb whilst this was going on and today her ilk brainwash young people into voting for these cunts I will never accept these fuckers
  4. Aerial pic of New Delhi I'm sure the sewage system is in fine working order there
  5. I never asked for it to be removed but are you saying Hairy calling me a motherfucker is a good look for the forum?
  6. Tbh i refused to warch the news the last 2 months as it was depressing as fuck I've saw bits and pieces about Cummings on Twitter and Boris backing him Seemingly Boris just done a presser and made a cunt of himself,anyone see it? I have no opinion as i haven't saw it and i binned the News
  7. If this was my street i would have my fucking karcher powerwasher on full whack
  8. I text my wife today. "I had a bad accident at work. I fell from a great height. Sarah kindly rushed me to the hospital. The Drs examined me, they x-rayed my legs & say I may never walk again and be in a wheelchair for the rest of my life." She text back, "Who the fuck is Sarah?"
  9. Does this mean i won't be called a bog arab anymore?
  10. Yes absolutely fucking horrendous......a sickening account of what he endured
  11. Tbh the Scottish schoolkid,15, suffered a more brutal racist murder from a Pakistani gang than Stephen Lawrence but a lotta people prob don't even know who he is,he's just another statistic
  12. The irony of the media,any wonder tabloid sales are down by millions
  13. Thompson Twits Lousemartins Dean Fartin Fuzzcocks
  14. I'd like to thank Howard Wilkinson for ringing Fergie to enquire about Dennis Irwin,after Fergie picked himself up off the floor laughing his ballix off he then asked about Eric,the rest is history £1.2m was the fee......what a bargain
  15. Hairy,you replied to this in another thread
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