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  1. One thing i'll say is he very consistent at missing sitters and i mean fucking sitters,no player worthy of being World class would miss these Is he a good player? Yes Is he world class? No Is he in the same league as Bestie Cruyff Pele Maradona Platini Zidane Ronaldo Messi Fuck noooooo
  2. Yep as he's a lifelong City fan as opposed to someone who supports City,Bolton and Wimbledon Yes a far superior Liverpool team to the one he left
  3. He said wee Raheem was the best player at city He's not even 3rd best IMO
  4. Doesn't bother me,in fact it's a myth
  5. Normski

    Catarrh Cough

    I was snogging this bird yrs ago when i had a loada phlegm,next thing she stops,says OMG,tells me she swallowed my chewing gum Ummmmm.....it wasn't chewing gum
  6. Wee half bottle of claret before the pub
  7. I showed my mate in work,who is a Manc and a City fan for 47 yrs and ex season ticket holder,Trav's post that Sterling is the best player at City,therefore better than KDB and that he was world class......his reply "Is he off his fucking 'ead"?
  8. He's a good player yep,but as you say not world class KDB is a far superior player Wee Raheem isn't even 2nd best player at City
  9. Treat yourself sometime and have a look,might cheer you up
  10. You obvs don't look at funny pics
  11. I agree 100%,got roped in,probably got promised allsorts,was eager to show what he could do
  12. Aye Trav musta been on holiday in Outer Mongolia that weekend with no internet
  13. When he was top league scorer in the SPL for a pub team outscoring any Gers striker......a good shout imo
  14. He had been firebombing houses for "Mr Big",some vids were online of the threats and the house being attacked,fucking brutal To not only murder the child but dismember him is barbaric
  15. The biggest fixture in the EPL takes place on Sunday Interesting stat here Tin hat time! Liverpool’s front three have scored 38 goals combined in all competitions this season. For Rashford, Martial + Greenwood it is 39. And at a better mins/goal rate.
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