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  1. Khan is a cunt,London viral figures are going thru the roof and any fucking wonder,whole country on lockdown except London
  2. Normski

    Random thought-

    Her fanny must be mangled
  3. Laughing stock cunt,when there's an asteroid heading towards Earth we'll hear from Bruce fucking Willis on how to stop it
  4. There are 3 mote vids to it....defo needs a baseball bat.....up his hole
  5. Foster played for Brighton and Luton and was an old fashioned CH,he captained Brighton in the 83 cup final against Utd Robbo,for me,in 45 yrs of watching English football has been the best central MF player,the complete MFer Currie from what i remember was a superb player
  6. Got a good bit done today along with powerhosing More of the same tomorrow weather permitting
  7. Just watched 3rd episode It seems her and OJ Simpson have something in common
  8. Might have a shady secret Also her sanctuary wasn't the best
  9. Only on 2nd episode but it's eye opening
  10. Compulsive viewing The main guy Joe Exotic is a fucking nutjob Everyone has plenty of time on their hands to check it out
  11. Worthing owner in a nutshell 'If we are not allowed to win our league, why should Liverpool be allowed to win theirs? And if teams are promoted and relegated higher up the scale, why has a line been drawn at our level when money is even tighter, every penny counts and everyone is living on a shoestring?'
  12. There is a big difference between dying of it and dying with it I know it's a serious worldwide situation but how many of these deaths were other reasons but the person was carrying it?
  13. Dug's post was quite clearly a joke that even Stevie Wonder would have laughed whereas yours was not
  14. Here's a thougt,Worthing are in a similar situation to L'pool,basically already pissed their league have been told their league is already null and void,finito They are gutted but no one gives 2 fucks about them And can we stop talking about the fucking Grealish story in here Completely irrelevant and already talked about in relevant thread
  15. Fuck all to do with animals.....man made imo China are now back to work in full production selling respirators and other medical products to the rest of the world who are in dire need.......funny that
  16. More like Bobby Grant outta Brookside h
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