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  1. BLM protests,provo funerals,thousands on the beaches were all against the rules I don't blame the pub owner's tbh
  2. Just stay away from this shithole
  3. Pubs here are getting around the meal rule by allowing punters to eat food from the chippy
  4. That came into my head....must be near 40 yrs since i was last there.....must get back to it In fact the school bus i went in probably resides there now
  5. New outbreaks? A mate's son was in a bar a few miles from here and says it was packed
  6. Yep let's encourage more stabbings
  7. A mate said 2 bombs went off today because of a trial of someone who murdered the PM One in the port and another at PM's residence Things should unfold
  8. Irish league predictor would be good too......get to work Bastion
  9. I only watch catchup (except iplayer which you need a licence to sign into) and netflix and streams for football.....fuck the BEEB Anyway what did you think of the museum?
  10. Jusr had a butcher's.....i would love to see that place someday...brilliant
  11. Normski


    Wow MSM witnessing it now
  12. Vile evil cunt whoever done this
  13. using the other hand to rub cream in his sore balls
  14. Pretty lame tbh.....get your toungue outta her arse and wipe the shit off
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