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  1. There we have it,Shinner president Mary Lou saying IRA campaign was justified and she would have taken up arms

    Absolutely fucking incredible

    She was in her leafy Dublin suburb whilst this was going on and today her ilk brainwash young people into voting for these cunts

    I will never accept these fuckers



  2. 26 minutes ago, sployal said:

    In my honest opinion mate, this a no goer, if things have been going on behind fellow members backs (such as deleted comments, posts going missing) then it's shameful and you and the moderators of our forum are responsable.

    I will go on to say our forum is not full of 'hate speech, racist remarks' far from it, and the 'mass arguments with insults flying everywhere' are few and far between, i don't know who got this into your head mate but i don't agree with your post.




    I never asked for it to be removed but are you saying Hairy calling me a motherfucker is a good look for the forum?

  3. 21 minutes ago, boro_boy said:

    Since I started My Football Forum back in 2002 I've been a strong fan of freedom of speech and this is still the case to this day!

    Over the past few months members have reported that posts have been deleted "going missing" or edited by members of staff.

    Some have been edited to stop further arguments amongst member of the forum during heated debated. This will continue to preserve the forums health and to prevent topics from going into further and further turmoil when members have disagreements. When a post is deleted or edited by a member of staff, the member will be informed as to why this has happened and for this not to happen again.

    Censorship needs to happen on some subjects, I don't want the forum full of hate speech, racist remarks as this is illegal in the UK and its not what I want the forums to be full of as this would potentially stop new members joining. 

    We have to keep topics on topic, yes they do evolve over time but we have to stop topics from turning into mass arguments with insults flying everywhere. We are a very relaxed forum, a lot of insults and name calling is just brushed aside without any warnings being issued to members.

    From this post onward, please think about what your typing to one another and if your in a heated exchange with another member, take a few mins away from the forum before replying and calm down!!! Then reply, but think "would I say this to their face?" in real life?

    Does this mean i won't be called a bog arab anymore?

  4. 2 minutes ago, Harold said:

    No surprise....I wasn't aware but....no surprise mate. I wonder why ?......'Let's not upset' !!!

    Tbh the Scottish schoolkid,15, suffered a more brutal racist murder from a Pakistani gang than Stephen Lawrence but a lotta people prob don't even know who he is,he's just another statistic

  5. 1 minute ago, Harold said:

    Ye know, there some players who have the skill to supplement the arrogance.....Cantona was one of them. A tremendous player.

    I'd like to thank Howard Wilkinson for ringing Fergie to enquire about Dennis Irwin,after Fergie picked himself up off the floor laughing his ballix off he then asked about Eric,the rest is history

    £1.2m was the fee......what a bargain

  6. 5 hours ago, Hairy Scot said:

    I think this is scandalous.
    These men, despite serving for 10 years in the British Armed Forces, are being denied rights which migrants apparently get by default.



    Hairy,you replied to this in another thread😂

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