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  1. Welcome to Short Strand in Belfast
  2. This has been replaced For these https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6878005/Virgin-Atlantic-replace-flying-lady-emblem-diverse-men-women-representing-modern-Britain.html
  3. Manufacturing PMI Figures: Eurozone’s index fell to 47.5 in March. (Germany falling to 44.1 worst since the crisis days of 2012). Meanwhile the UK’s own index has surged to 55.1. The UK could even consider giving the EU a trade deal, if they ask nicely? Labour says the UK must stay in a Customs Union align to the Single Market and commit to funding EU agencies. In other words, Remain? We would not be able to sign independent trade deals and would be bound by all EU Regulations and European Court decisions. 'Labour has vowed to ban the importation of foie gras'. 'Labour wants to Remain in the Customs Union'. While we are in the Customs Union, a future Labour Government would be powerless to use domestic legislation to block French farmers exporting foie gras to Britain. Article 143 of the Withdrawal Agreement leaves the UK liable for any future EU lending ie Eurozone bailouts etc. The UK will also be liable under Article 150 for capital projects approved by the EU Investment Bank.
  4. Utd had 44000 ticket applications for Barca away
  5. I await condemnation from the usual suspects
  6. When you put it another way,leave is a landslide victory
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