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  1. A 75 year old lady says to her husband, "You know what, I think I'll go to the doctor and get a checkup." Her husband says, "Sure, thats a good idea dear." So she makes an appointment to see Dr. Levine, a gynecologist, and explains that she has not had a checkup in 25 years. Dr Levine tells her to get undressed and put on a gown so he can check everything out. The Doctor puts his hand under her gown, lifts her right breast and tells her to say, "99". She says "99". "I see nothing wrong there," says the Doctor. He then puts his hand under her gown, lifts her left breast and repeats, "Say 99". She says "99". Dr. Levine says everything seems ok with this one also. "We might as well check your other vitals, lay down on the table and put your feet in the stirrups." He puts on the rubber glove and some KY on the glove and is checking her private parts for any signs of lumps, etc. Once more he tells her, "Say 99" She says, "one, two, three....... ...".
  2. Fs mate it was straight at him Keeper needed shooting if he didn't save it
  3. Missed yet another sitter 8 yards out....then skyed one i think outta the stadium
  4. She's gurning that paps are stalking her in Canada and wants a court order What the fuck did she think was gonna happen?
  5. Aberdeen 19:45 Motherwell X Hibernian 19:45 Hamilton 1 Kilmarnock 19:45 Celtic X Livingston 19:45 St Johnstone 1 Rangers 19:45 St Mirren 1 Ross County 19:45 Hearts X
  6. Here's what happen to Iran's missiles launched at the US base.....nuts
  7. Normski

    The NEWS Today

    Aye that should sort it
  8. TBH aWatford player got away with a knee high dangerous tackle,shudda been red
  9. One thing i'll say is he very consistent at missing sitters and i mean fucking sitters,no player worthy of being World class would miss these Is he a good player? Yes Is he world class? No Is he in the same league as Bestie Cruyff Pele Maradona Platini Zidane Ronaldo Messi Fuck noooooo
  10. Yep as he's a lifelong City fan as opposed to someone who supports City,Bolton and Wimbledon Yes a far superior Liverpool team to the one he left
  11. He said wee Raheem was the best player at city He's not even 3rd best IMO
  12. Doesn't bother me,in fact it's a myth
  13. Normski

    Catarrh Cough

    I was snogging this bird yrs ago when i had a loada phlegm,next thing she stops,says OMG,tells me she swallowed my chewing gum Ummmmm.....it wasn't chewing gum
  14. Wee half bottle of claret before the pub
  15. I showed my mate in work,who is a Manc and a City fan for 47 yrs and ex season ticket holder,Trav's post that Sterling is the best player at City,therefore better than KDB and that he was world class......his reply "Is he off his fucking 'ead"?
  16. He's a good player yep,but as you say not world class KDB is a far superior player Wee Raheem isn't even 2nd best player at City
  17. Treat yourself sometime and have a look,might cheer you up
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