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  1. Normski

    Kay Burley

    Nice to see how balanced her show is
  2. The Shinners and their selective justice,they shout from the rooftops over soldier F getting prosecuted yet cry like bitches over scum like this
  3. He wasn't very good at cleaning spunk stains
  4. Me n Bastion have travelled all round Europe to watch our wee country and i have to say,never once have i saw any trouble,in fact the fans have been a credit to the country......this made me smile
  5. Ahh for fucks sake,what next......Christmas? Multicultural' primary school BANS pupils from dressing up for Halloween party… because it's not 'inclusive' for ALL children https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7559253/amp/Edinburgh-primary-school-bans-children-dressing-Halloween-not-inclusive.html?__twitter_impression=true
  6. A womans poem - Before i lay me down to sleep i pray for a man who's not a creep, one who's handsome, smart & strong who loves to listen all night long, one who thinks before who he speaks one who'll call, not wait for weeks i pray he's rich & self employed & when i spend won't get annoyed, pull out my chair & hold my hand massage my feet & understand A mans poem - I pray for a deaf mute gymnast nymphomanaic with big tits & a fanny tighter than a mouses waistcoat. Who owns a pub, loves the taste of cum & occasionally takes it in the ass. This doesn't even rhyme but who gives a fuck! Poetry is for women!
  7. Normski


    Found great footage from 1953 that was colourised,also shows Ravenhill rugby ground
  8. Get our revenge on the Taffs,would be a good away game to go to
  9. Normski

    Caption This

    Bliar: Um,have you been drinking Jean Claude? Juncker: Givesh a kishh big boy
  10. Next week Bastion will be looking up my arse

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