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  1. This is really snowballing......i hope all those fuckers turning a blind eye are sent down On the 20th of May, a girl from Barrow made an FB post about why she had gone missing the night before. She said she was taken to have sex with 3 men, & was beaten afterwards because she hadn't attended their parties (due to Covid-19) for 7 weeks. On the 21st of May, the Police in Barrow confirmed a 12 month peer-reviewed investigation into grooming gangs. They said there was no evidence to suggest Asian grooming gangs operated in Barrow, and said, "we are humble", not "complacent". Another girl made an FB post accusing the Police of lying. She claimed the police had picked her up from the premises of where the abuse happened, yet they basically told her family she was "nuts". She claimed that there are over 50 girls (who are victims) She also added a screenshot of her NRM (which deals with human trafficking) email, which said that there are "Conclusive Grounds" to accept she is a victim of modern slavery, and that the type of exploitation which had occurred was "Child Sexual Exploitation/Forced Criminality". The Mail and the Sun reported that the first girl was arrested and charged with perverting the course of justice, after breaking her bail conditions. The police have not yet said specifically what she was guilty of, or what the conditions were. Her sister made an FB post saying she had a curfew because she kept being taken out of Barrow and going missing for days. When she didn't come home on time, she says they called the police and the police found her and took her to the hospital... … She says they stayed with her, yet did not arrest her that day. She says they arrested her the day after following the FB post she made about what happened to her. She also attached screenshots of what looked to be Snapchat conversations between her sister and the abusers. It seems like the girl is now awaiting a court hearing. Her sister has set up a Facebook group with the aim of getting her justice. Of course, we don't know the full story yet. But here's the problem, Either, the girls are lying, the NRM is fake, the pictures of bruises, black eye, and stab marks are fake, and the messages are fake too... OR... The police are engaged in a major grooming gang cover-up. If this is the case, this is a HUGE scandal on the verge of bursting. OR... Their investigations & the peer-review is useless at protecting victims, but it's not an intentional cover-up. But for now, I suppose time will tell what will happen. I'm following the story closely, so if there is new info, I will try and add to the thread. There is now a Twitter account named @justiceforellie which is posting even more pictures of Snapchat messages. This one in particular is extremely distressing. "I will chop your hair then your throat"... @MaggieOliverUK has also tweeted about it. The local paper reported that the girl has been charged with making false rape allegations about 5 men, & in some of the cases falsifying evidence. They say she appeared in court on Thursday, & will be in custody until June 19 to appear at another court. But some locals are unhappy with the reporting, sharing screenshots of FB replies from a man who claimed he had the "paper in my pockets". They believe the paper is biased against the girl. The editor made a statement with threats of legal action. Someone created an open letter to the Independent Office for Police Conduct & the National Crime Agency, referencing Rochdale & Rotherham. Accompanied petition now sits at over 5000 signatures. Protest in Barrow at the cover up Good fucking on them
  2. Tbf i don't think he sees James Hewitt much anyway
  3. I have no doubt he regrets becoming a doormat
  4. I take my hat off to Maggie Oliver,she was a detective with GMP and obviously on a high salary and gave up her job on principle when she saw this unfold in front of her eyes It's just fucking incredible
  5. Can we fuck you cunt,hope you're nice and warm down there Marty Widow of human bomb man wanted to question Martin McGuinness Patsy Gillespie forced to drive IRA car bomb into British checkpoint The British army checkpoint at Buncrana Road, outside Derry, where a car bomb driven by Patsy Gillespie exploded, killing him and five soldiers. Photograph: George Jackson The widow of Patsy Gillespie, who died after he was strapped into a car and forced to drive an IRA car bomb into a British Army checkpoint, has said Martin McGuinness’s death has robbed her of the chance get to the truth. Five British soldiers were also killed in the October 1990 attack on the Coshquin checkpoint on the Derry/Donegal border after the 1,000lb car bomb exploded. Speaking to BBC Radio Foyle, Mr Gillespie’s widow Kathleen said she wanted to ask the former IRA leader why her husband had been considered a “legitimate target”. “Martin McGuinness was asked specifically why Patsy Gillespie was murdered, and his words were that he was a legitimate target of war. I wanted to know why. “I would have liked to have had a conversation with him, just to put that one question to him. I didn’t want to berate him or fight with him, I’ve gone past that stage of hatred and anger. “ I just wanted the opportunity to ask him that question. I’ll just have to learn to live with the fact that I didn’t get to speak to him. ‘No forgiveness’ “I’ve got five grandchildren now, but that’s five grandchildren that Patsy should have been here with. I don’t feel any better that Martin McGuinness is dead, I feel sad for his wife. Speaking of her marriage to Mr Gillespie, she said: “If she loved him as much as I loved Patsy, then I give her my condolences because I know what she’s missing.” Mr Gillespie, who was 42 when he died, had been a civilian cook at Fort George army base in Derry. He had previously been ordered to drive a vehicle containing a bomb to Fort George, but was able to stop at the gate and raise the alarm. The IRA held Mrs Gillespie and their children hostage in their home while Mr Gillespie was tied into a car containing the explosives and ordered to drive it to the permanent British army Speaking at the time, the then bishop of Derry, Dr Edward Daly, described the Coshquin attack and the manner of Mr Gillespie’s death as “the work of the devil”.
  6. How fucking disturbing is this shit? Why are they being protected?
  7. Unbelievably this wee girl has been arrested on fake rape allegations,did she beat the fuck outta herself?
  8. Well played Joe.....good answers Ps.....there's a thread dedicated to Wee Raheem about whether he is world class or not
  9. Drinking fine claret to accompany my pizza
  10. 100 % with ye on that All religious public preaching shound be banned,keep it confined to their places of worship We're in agreement about the god squad who come to protest that a match is played on a Sunday.....they can fuck right off I think we're also in agreement about religion dictating when bars are open and closed here at Easter.......they can fuck off too Imagine owning a busy bar and religion saying you're only this bar between 5 and 11pm on Good Friday Then closed by midnight on Saturday then i think 11pm on a Sunday.......fucking scandalous
  11. Again from Maggie Oliver who i've a lot of respect for........it's just fucking sickening......can some independant body come in here and grab the bull by the horns here because the police ain't worth a fuck in their investigations
  12. Or singer 50 cunt Slipknob RIM Fisters of Mercy Ice Pube Little Dix.... Scissor Fisters Tina Gurner Roy DiVision The Chemical Brothels Adam and the Anus Gimme yours
  13. I'm really angry! This morning a huge German Shepherd had a massive shit on my front lawn... To make matters worse, he brought his dog!
  14. Not sure but Herbie bad breath was up there He actually had steel knuckles(don't ask) and if you walked into his classroom it was like a mini Beirut,he got so frustrated with every class he used to punch the wall There were daily scuffles/fights between him and his pupils but looking back i admire him He took it but gave it good back Today he would probably get 10 yrs and a lifetime ban of going near schoolkids Bearing in mind too the troubles were at it's height and there were some crazy fuckers even at school........arise sir Herbie
  15. Normski

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    I bet BB does this on his boat
  16. Ok mate here is a Christian preacher being arrested for breach of the peace in England.....for preaching in public
  17. Would have to see her coupon first but looks good to finger her ass
  18. I'm already bored with my time machine, and I've only had it a year... Probably won't bother getting it!
  19. Limitation of use in UK That's a full PA system in use that would be heard for miles Should be confined to mosques It's noise pollution and has no place in the UK Just imagine a church leader belting out "The Lord's Prayer" in Pakistan.....he would be lynched in about 30 seconds LegalityEdit Limitation on calls to prayer by muezzins exist in countries including the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, France, the UK, Austria, Norway, and Belgium.[7] Some cities have independently banned or restricted the use of loudspeakers by mosques, including Lagos, Nigeria,[8] and some communities in the US state of Michigan.[9][10] [7][11] In November 2016, a proposal to prohibit the use of loudspeakers by religious institutions during rest hours was approved in Israel.[7]
  20. What the actual fuck? Where are the peelers to arrest him?
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