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  1. Normski

    The Racism Thread

    Wee Mo at it again......
  2. Normski

    Random Videos

    Shudda hid in the wardrobe
  3. Some fucking turnaround and he's wearing the same jumper
  4. The Nations league has truly fucked my head.....bizarre
  5. The old chestnut played every time this situation arises,disgusting
  6. Now when ya say a bender?..............
  7. Normski


    Bring Rangers and Celtic taps with ye,if you're going ingo a republican area stick the Celtic tap on and if you venture into a prod area put the Gers tap on
  8. Some cunt decided to go around the Arndale stabbing people
  9. Norn Iron were 9 mins from beating Holland which would have meant needing a point at home to them to qualify for the Euros We were 3 mins away from getting a draw which meant 3 points at home to them got us to the Euros The lucky bastards scored 2 in injury time CUNTS
  10. Normski

    Climate Change

    he made a cunt of her
  11. Q: Why did cavemen drag their women by the hair? A: Because they found out by dragging them by their legs that their fanny would fill up with mud.
  12. Normski

    Climate Change

    Soooo ya get 400 smackers a week to be a cunt and i bet the cunt funding this,his name begins and ends in S
  13. Normski

    The Racism Thread

    Well said Piers,people love playing the race card
  14. Normski

    Britain 2019

    Imagina being an unarmed peeler......scary thought
  15. Jesus,Brexit will stop foreign spunk coming here,there are plenty of wankers in the UK ffs No-deal Brexit could hit people trying to conceive babies by delaying flow of foreign sperm https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/brexit-sperm-semen-no-deal-ivf-import-technical-notice-health-a8505146.html

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