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  1. On top of Gordon Brown's actions When you read some of the shit these sick fuckers do i would pick out a large way offshore island and make them live there and fend for themselves,monitor the island But it will never happen so yeah chemical castration and life will maybe change their ways
  2. You're right mate it will never stop and yes it will thrive 27 arrested in Bradford yesterday It beggars belief no one has the swingers to stand up in parliament and talk about the elephant in the room I saw Lawrence Fox (actor) on Question Time a few months ago and fair fucks to him he brought it up and mentioned people are frightened to offend
  3. Normski


    Looks like a nice wee agreement between Britain and France,looks like the dinghy has all males aboard Just thinking of Boris taking back control of immigration Disturbing really
  4. Maggie Oliver is a police whistleblower on the cover up of child sex abuse so she's a reliable source posting this.....WTF Her pics are graphic enough for me not to post them on here but will be on Maggie's link
  5. He got life and served just 7 yrs Shudda been a noose
  6. Was the car industry not already suffering worldwide before this? Yep as a former aircraft builder i can see aerospace companies shedding shitloads of jobs
  7. Normski


    Border Force?......you mean taxi service
  8. Normski

    Random Videos

    Brilliant,some swingers.......wonder how he ended up in a wheelchair
  9. Recently we have heard and indeed even at PMQ's today that COVID19 is racist and now we learn the fucker is sizest
  10. Normski


    Another good example of illegals getting free medical treatment when they land on the beach then you read this How the fuck does this guy get a fucking bill? Served in the BA for 10 yrs inc tours of Iraq and Afghanistan,payed his taxes for 19 yrs
  11. That may well be but the thread is about religion
  12. Whilst this is good news and great work by Sarah Champion it really needs a full public inquiry into why Labour,police,and social workers turned a blind eye to this
  13. Look at the bottom of the statue on the left
  14. I think Unique is getting mixed up between race and religion
  15. Normski


    It makes your blood boil when you see illegals rocking up to a beach on the south coast in a dinghy then immediately given a roof over their heads and then you see this
  16. A priest in Lisnaskea had the wrong playlist lined up for his ending of mass hymn on Sunday. He mistakenly played the sash at the end of mass. Fr Jimmy apologises by saying “sorry I picked the wrong one, sorry about that, it’s a bit early for that isn’t it”.
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