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  1. Normski

    The NEWS Today

    A bit different to showing one off in a parade thats passed by the parades commission to a cunt waving one at police outside Buck House ffs
  2. Normski

    The NEWS Today

    So it's legal to carry a sword in public
  3. Normski

    The NEWS Today

    He didn't come quietly
  4. Normski

    The Gender Thread

    I think that's what he means
  5. Normski


    I used to build these curtain siders and that's the one reason why i would never buy them if i owned a delivery firm
  6. Normski

    The Gender Thread

    Cry me a fucking river,it's not urgent medical treatment.........also he looks like a corpse
  7. Shagging a girl with tattoos on her back is a bit like having a bathroom with a magazine in it... It gives you something to read while you're in the shitter!
  8. Sacked for telling the truth In the video, which appeared on the Youtube channel Filthy Fellas, the presenter described the city as a "s***hole" and stated that people who live there "don't know what a job is".
  9. Great decision by VAR to change a yellow to red for Aybangyang,nast fucking tackle
  10. There's that word again
  11. Not at all,your words were..." i rarely,if ever,use such terms" This is the third forum we have shared and many,many times you've called a person derogatory names,i think your fave is fuckwit but you have also used cunt amongst other names
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