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  1. It's not a comedy sketch but an actual true vid
  2. Normski

    Racism Thread

    Here's dopey Diane the resident racist
  3. Normski

    Random Videos

    Stop using Windows 98 Dug
  4. What a fucking cunt she is,that's how Yank cops shoot people dead,listening to crazy fuckers like this
  5. It's time the world stood together and boycotted these cunts
  6. BIG NORM.........Everton were a helluva team then
  7. Its in gender thread
  8. There are loadsa Paddy jokes and fucking hilarious
  9. Normski

    The Gender Thread

    Just fuck off with your bizarre wanky gender neutral shite
  10. Get it watched mate,,,,,amazing action and fight scenes and a lot of double crossing
  11. I watched all 9 episodes,absolutely loved it Well worth watching and i look forward to what seems could be a 2nd series
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