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  1. Not forgetting him and Bliar telling lies about WMD and the death of Dr David Kelly That man did not commit suicide
  2. Dirty vile cunt of a bus driver spitting at the guy
  3. He really is a cunt of the highest order,imagine an ex Tory MP wearingi a Fuck Jeremy tshirt......shit would hit the fan Then i saw this wee article
  4. Normski

    Sadiq Khan

    Lying wee rat faced cunt
  5. A question for you 2 bints,if your ma wasn't frail and not close to death,why the fuck did you put her in a care home?
  6. Good on you Mak....that really is the problem too tho One brush tars all
  7. Normski

    Skoda Superb!

    That's a thousand bottles of Woodgate cider outta Lidl
  8. When you think of British comedians in the 70s and 80s they didn't give a shit about making jokes about religion and it was fucking hilarious Now it's almost non existent especially Islam People are frightened to fart incase it upsets Islam Some of the funniest jokes are about Jesus,Islam and Catholic priests I remember my auntie's Chrimbo card every yr,the whole inside of it was all about Jesus dying and what Chrimbo was really about Fuck that,it was about being off work and getting fat and pished Then i read earlier that people are frightened to criticise Islam incase we have another Charlie Hebdo......WHAAAATTTTTTTTT? So we fucking pander?........do we fuck.......no religion is above humour or criticism And this is a huge fucking problem in the UK
  9. Normski


    Questions need asking
  10. Nail on head Doug,pretty fucking sick when Birmingham families can't get a penny and this piece of shit does
  11. Normski

    Sadiq Khan

    Weird....... i can
  12. Normski

    Random Videos

    Playing for me
  13. Normski

    Sadiq Khan

    He's a wee rat
  14. Normski

    The Gender Thread

    There must be a right few AC Milan fans living in London
  15. Normski

    Donald Trump

    Wtf ....he tweeted this vid with his face super imposed onto Bill Pulman's face in a the scene from Independence Day
  16. Sexual assault?.......get da fuck outta here
  17. It doesn't make me drunk,just tiddly sometimes I suppose it depends how many large gins I've had 3/4 of bottle of wine to go with eating 3/4 of my world famous pizza On last beer now and will finish wine n pizza then it's on to gin
  18. I don't count units mate,i've been doing this for donkey's yrs and i still look 20 yrs younger
  19. Normski

    Random thought-

    This aged well
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