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  1. Vile cunts and compare their sentence below........they need the noose
  2. Only another 62 days to go level with Bobby Sands
  3. Saturday 23rd November Celtic 15:00 Livingston 1 Hibernian 15:00 Motherwell x Kilmarnock 15:00 Heart of Midlothian x St Mirren 15:00 Ross County 2 Sunday 24th November Hamilton Academical “ 12:15 Rangers 2 St Johnstone 15:00 Aberdeen 2 St Mirren 19:45 Hibernian x
  4. Dug who is it you're gonna go bugger
  5. If they were Twitter screenshots the vids wouldn't play fella I searched for something like this with no results fella
  6. Of course Open door policy Terrorist friends invited to number 10 Magic money trees Free but not free broadband Emptyhead in charge of fucking National security Garden tax......and the list is endless
  7. It's not a joke but reality
  8. 45th anniversary.....fucking shameful how the families have been treated over this,we had 2 cunts on camera tell us they were involved yet nothing done.......APPEASEMENT TO TERRORISTS
  9. Normski

    The NEWS Today

    I'm surprised.......not
  10. If a woman is uncomfortable watching you wank, she: (a) Has intimacy issues (b) Is frigid (c) Needs to sit somewhere else on the bus!
  11. Now this will be good viewing
  12. Normski

    Racism Thread

    Isn't that....um.....blatant racism?
  13. Gonna take a wild guess here and say somebody has spunked over her
  14. And then there's their garden tax.......
  15. Nah i think it will be trimmed or possibly a landing strip
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