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  1. Jusr had a butcher's.....i would love to see that place someday...brilliant
  2. Normski


    Wow MSM witnessing it now
  3. Vile evil cunt whoever done this
  4. using the other hand to rub cream in his sore balls
  5. Pretty lame tbh.....get your toungue outta her arse and wipe the shit off
  6. If you have a spare couple of hrs read over some of your posts
  7. Normski

    Defund The BBC

    Leaving this on their doorstep lol
  8. Got a wee buzz,went home had a glass of wine n fell asleep on sofa
  9. I love historical things whether it's buildings,monuments,pictures,etc and i don't think we have this type of thread.....so i'll start with this A restored and colourised photo of RAF Blenheim bombers making their way over County Antrim towards Aldergrove, 1941. Cracking pic
  10. 2020 has been the weirdest fucking year in my existence
  11. My blonde missus is gonna knock your ballix in
  12. Something my wee dude would do lol
  13. If you lot are a wee bunch of seamen then are you like spunk stains?
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