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  1. Didn't you have a Charlie Hebdo avatar in SFF when you were banned and came back as another member just after that attack?
  2. Normski

    This or That!

    Chicken Michael Owen or Alan Shearer
  3. What happens if you are straight,your siamese twin is gay,you've only one arsehole and his well hung bf is on his way over?
  4. Normski

    This or That!

    Coke Handjob or blowjob
  5. Providing you get past Slovakia
  6. This thread is under fucking surveillance
  7. I personally know a lady from Saudi Hairy,who despises everything it stands for and had the fuck bate right outta her and you want her wiped out? So fucking surprised at you.....the one person i least expected
  8. Same can ve said of Labour Leadership
  9. Where's my fucking popcorn?
  10. People like to scaremonger We had Martina Bomber Anderson tell us it was reckless,dangerous and wrong The same cunt who had planned to bomb every fucking seaside town in England
  11. He woulda fitted into that film perfectly "Weekend at Bernies"
  12. Doesn't matter who it is.......main thing is ballbeg
  13. I loved NTNON too but it was a sketch show rather than sitcom
  14. You asked who he was........ballbeg mate
  15. It's a toughie between Only Fools and Horses,Friends,The Young Ones,Men Behaving Badly,Game On and Fawlty Towers
  16. Absolutely Shankly had charisma but don't think he warranted a knighthood Paiskey on the hand yeah
  17. Notts forest were stuck in the old 2nd division when Cloughie IMO done a better job
  18. Bill Shankly won 3 titles,2 FA Cups and a UEFA cup in 15 yrs as a manager,hardly deserving of a Knighthood I don't get the wankfest over him
  19. Not the pic i'm referring to,i mean the pic of him dead as a fucking doornail
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