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  1. On the rumour mill,if this deal is signed off then there will be people taking to the streets
  2. So Bojo has fucked my country up the arse despite saying on video there would be no border in the Irish Sea or a Norn Iron backstop Norn Iron trade with mainland GB is £11bn,with south of the border is £2bn yet a border in Irish Sea Also not one mention about fishing rights,they haven't changed Brexit my fucking hole FUCK YOU BORIS YOU LYING CUNT
  3. Normski

    Racism Thread

    From an ex black fireman
  4. Aye in racism thread Fs keep up Edie Yeates
  5. Aye hard to believe Hairy was hacked Funnily enough when celebs on Twitter make a cunt of themselves whilst drunk,they post next day that they were hacked
  6. It flies in the face of the GFA ...fact A border down the Irish sea goes against it In the Agreement it states if there are any constitutional changes then it has to be with the consent of the people In its white paper on Brexit, the United Kingdom government reiterated its commitment to the Belfast Agreement. With regard to Northern Ireland's status, it said that the UK Government's "clearly-stated preference is to retain Northern Ireland's current constitutional position: as part of the UK
  7. I have heard remainer cunts tell us far and wide that the Good Friday Agreement must be respected and protected,well a border down the Irish Sea tears it a new arsehole,the GFA is null and void,dead in the water
  8. Going by 2 threads i just read it seems so and he posted as a guest Ffs Hairy have you turned into a mahoosive snowflake?
  9. Normski

    Racism Thread

    Utterly fucking disgusting
  10. Normski

    Kay Burley

    Irritating cunt
  11. We will be in UK customs territoty BUT aligned to EU customs rules
  12. Great endorsement of our fans
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